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Giant Human Chia Pets

The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall were created over a period from the mid-18th century up to the beginning of the 20th century. The gardens were neglected after the First World War and buried for almost a century. Overgrown with plants, broken trees, and hidden under blackberry brambles, it was only recently restored in the 1990s.

The botanical gardens have since turned into one of the… Continue

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Human Castles in the Sky

Every two years in the city of Tarragona, Spain, "castellers" gather to see who can build the highest, most intricate human castles. This uniquely Catalan tradition requires astonishing strength, finesse, balance - and most of all - courage.

via [laughing squid], [the next… Continue

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Animals Who Think They're Human (15 photos)

In this day and age, there are some crazy people who'll do anything they can to look like animals. But, does it ever go the other way around? Do animals try to fool us and attempt to pose as humans? You may think that this suggestion is far out, but don't make any hasty conclusions until after you've seen these photos...…


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Human Dragons (8 photos)

Paris-based photographer Thomas Ciszewski summons our inner pyromaniacs and creates human dragons in this set he titles "Hot Spot." The contrast between fire and the dark background is striking. One has to wonder how hot the scenes get and what type of flammable liquid they're spewing out. Ciszewski currently works as a creative director at a digital agency in… Continue

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Seemingly Impossible Human Installations

French artist Philippe Ramette believes nothing should ever be fake. His impossible, gravity-defying poses might look like classic Photoshop, but look a little closer and you'll see evidence that it's not. "You see a tension in my hands, my red face is far from serene as the blood rushes to it, my suit is ruffled," said Ramette.

In France, Ramett's bizarre…


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Art Made from Real Human Bones (12 pieces)

Francois Robert spent hundreds of hours arranging the real bones of a single human skeleton into a series of striking iconic shapes, each five or six feet wide. He titled the beautiful yet eerily haunting series, 'Stop the Violence.'"

"In the mid-90’s, during an auction… Continue

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Incredibox - The Human Beat-Box

If you have some free time, create your own beat with this amusing human beat-box application. Mix and match different sounds and effects to make the perfect song! Simply drag and drop a sound icon on a character, or click the character to stop the current loop.…


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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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