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Mind-Bending Blue Chair Illusion

I need to go to Japan to see this! Peek inside the windows of the Issey Miyake store in Tokyo, and you'll think you're looking at a room full of blue chairs. But that's where you'd be wrong! The white floor only has blue chair backs popping out of the floor, the rest of the chair, the seats and legs, have been painted on the ground!

Japanese architect Yoichi… Continue

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Mind Your Step

We've seen optical illusions painted on the street before, usually through photographs. But this video takes the experience to a whole new level. When viewed at a certain angle,… Continue

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Interactive Optical Illusion Ads (6 pics)

Who said math and art don't mix? Former NASA employee Kurt Wenner uses chalk and complex calculations from his old job to bring floors and walls to life.

"I use a piece of string to measure fixed points between the viewing location and the painting," says Wenner. "This lets me calculate exactly how the perspective should be. It takes me around five to…


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Insane Optical Illusion Painting

If you're into optical illusions, this painting by Patrick Hughes is a doozy. As the camera pans different angles of the piece, walls seem to fly out, while secret hallways appear. "Paradoxymoron" is currently being shown in the basement of the British Library in London.

Patrick Hughes' website

via… Continue

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Tree in Jars Illusion (6 pics)

I love the originality of this installation by New York-based artist Naoko Ito. After sawing a tree branch into small pieces, she places the individual pieces into different sized jars. Once complete, she stacks up all the jars to recreate the orignal form of the branch, giving us the illusion that it's still in one piece.…


Added by Eugene on January 17, 2010 at 12:30am — 4 Comments


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