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Top 10 Modern Gifts to Give Mom for Christmas

It's that time of year again! The holidays are fast-approaching and we all need to get our gift lists in order. There are so many different types of people in our lives and even more gift ideas to choose from. It can be difficult to decide on what to get someone, especially if that someone is a hardworking mother. Flowers and kitchen appliances are outdated and gift cards can feel a…


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8 Websites That Inspire You to Live Healthy

There are tons of websites out there focused on health and fitness regimens. Most of the time, they're listing things you should be doing to get the perfect body, but there's more to being healthy than superficial appeal. Being healthy is about stimulating the mind, body, and soul. Today, we've rounded up some of the most inspirational sites that will motivate you to become a…


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10 Amazing Paper Artists You Should Know

One of the easiest materials to get your hands on is paper, yet, ironically, it is also one of the most difficult to work with. Paper is fragile and the slightest bend can leave a sheet with an unwanted crinkle in it. That's why it takes true masters of their craft to produce stunning work. While many attempt to manipulate the material, few succeed in captivating audiences with not only…


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Top 10 Creative Sports Photographers

Photography is a medium that many artists have adopted, but that's not to say that it's an easy practice. Some of the best photographers out there have honed in on their craft, snapping some amazing shots in this fast-paced world and even in the roughest climates. This is especially true of sports photographers. The action doesn't wait for setting up the camera and finding the right light.…


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7 Most Inspiring 365 Day Photo Projects

Photography is an art that, like any creative endeavor, takes practice to master. There's no better way to learn than through experience, which is why many photographers take on the 365 Day photo challenge. The year-long project requires its participants to present a picture to account for everyday for 365 days straight. While many complete the project, there are a few who display a truly…


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Top 10 Illustrators' Online Portfolios Worth Exploring

There are countless creative minds out there that express themselves in a variety of ways. We're lucky enough to view a lot of their artistry online and share it here on My Modern Met. With so many aspiring and inspiring artists putting their work on the internet to be discovered and enjoyed, it can be incredibly time-consuming to sift through the numerous portfolios.…


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Top 6 Inspiring Artists to Follow on deviantART

Here on My Modern Met, we know the importance of sharing art. Talented artists blow us away on a daily basis and that's only made possible by their decision to contribute to the art world. One great site for discovering and sharing art, whether you're looking to showcase or simply browse, is deviantART. The site provides an online community for all forms of visual art creators and…


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Top 8 Sites that Showcase the Best Surreal Art

There is arguably no style of art more eclectic, thought-provoking, and inspiring than surrealism. Since its rise, nearly a century ago, the art form that puts peculiarities and uncommon juxtapositions on the forefront has expanded to various forms of art including paintings, illustrations, sculptures, and photography. It has even branched out into the realm of street and pop art,…


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7 Best Gadgets for the Aspiring Photographer

Whether you're already calling yourself a photographer or just looking to step into the steadily growing field of photography, there's always room for improvement. The right lens and the latest technology can help you take your photography from average to amazing. You can enhance the quality and efficiency of your work simply by incorporating a few handy gadgets. This week on Intel's…


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6 Must-Read eBooks to Spark Creativity

Where does creativity come from? Some people are just born with it, right? It turns out that there are many who say otherwise and have plenty of advice on how to cultivate and hone one's creativity. Whether you're a natural innovator or not, it can be difficult to maintain a constant flow of new ideas, so, we can always use a few tips on how to jump-start the artistic side of our brain to…


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Top 7 Digital Artists to Follow on Behance

Some might argue that the art world is dying with the rapid expansion of the internet and the quickly developing and ever-changing world of technology, but others could easily retaliate by pointing out the digital advents that encourage and celebrate creativity. The art world, in fact, is flourishing. The world, in general, breeds artists everyday and the digital age we live in awards…


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8 Fantastic Sites to Help Keep Your Kids Creative

Creativity starts from a very young age. In this technology-driven age, it can be very easy for youths to stifle their creative growth by wasting their time on mind-numbing websites that inspires little to no brain activity. Luckily, there are a number of sites for your little ones to keep their minds as open and active as possible, allowing their…


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Top 10 Inspirational Sites for Eco-Friendly Design

There has really never been a better time to be conscious of your environment. Of course, that shouldn't mean having to sacrifice style for sustainability. There are several sites out there that can help you lead an energy-efficient lifestyle without abandoning your penchant for great design. In our next…


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Top 10 Sites and Apps to Discover Fresh New Music

Like art, music resonates with global audiences, offering media that transcends language barriers. With so many genres and artists emerging on the music scene, it can be difficult to hone in on music worth listening to, which is why having an extensive array of media outlets providing insight can come in handy. In our next…


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10 Fun Apps + Games to Stimulate Your Creativity

Nowadays, there are endless alternatives to quenching that artistic thirst that lies deep within many of us. With countless apps and games right in the palm of our hands, it's far more convenient to spark artistic inspiration all while having fun. In our next…


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8 Highly Effective Ways to Promote Your Personal Blog

The internet provides easy access for people to connect and share their passion with the world through a personal blog. Almost everyone has some form of a presence on the internet these days and many people have blogs. With so many individuals expressing themselves through their writing on the web, it can be hard to be heard over the crowd. Fortunately,…


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Top 7 Sites to Find Art & Cultural Events in Your City

As we know here on My Modern Met, there is an abundance of art available and ready to be experienced, all across the globe. It's absolutely fascinating to discover the thought-provoking and inspiring works of diligent artists through the wonders of the internet, but sometimes you need to go out and experience creative works in person. What better venues are…


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Top 10 Most Influential People to Follow on Twitter

Information travels quicker today than ever and that is due, in part, to the growing popularity of Twitter. The social networking platform connects people across the world and allows everyone to share their thoughts, 140 characters at a time, with a wide audience. With hundreds of millions of Twitter accounts out there, it can be hard to have one voice heard…


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Top 6 YouTube Channels Focused on Video Game Strategy

There's a sense of accomplishment attained when one has completed a creative project like a painting or a sculpture. For video gamers, there's a similar sense of achievement in winning a game. Although there isn't necessarily a physical object to show for your efforts, it's hard to deny the victorious emotions felt. Just as a painter has a brush, a gamer…


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Top 8 Gifts for the Modern Mother

We should be grateful for our mother everyday of the year but there's one day in particular when we really need to show it and that day is fast-approaching. So what do you get the best mom in the world for Mother's Day? In this fast-paced digital age where everything is just a click away, flowers simply don't cut it. Show your love for your mother this year by…


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