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Towering Sculptures of Monsters Made of Straw

Each year in rural parts of Japan, heaps and heaps of straw left behind from harvesting rice are put to artistic use in the creation of giant straw sculptures. The farming communities, most notably those in Kagawa Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture, hold a Straw Art Festival that invites visitors to playfully view and engage with the colossal assemblages.

Made in the likeness of towering…


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Japan's Newest Hairstyle Craze: "Ripe Tomato"

Teens around the world have been known to experiment with their look, from clothes and makeup to piercings and tattoos, but Japanese youths today have upped the ante with eccentric hairstyles including one in particular that resembles a freshly picked tomato. While the hairdo may not yet be a craze adopted by the majority of teens, it is certainly a spectacle to be revered…


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Spectacular Cherry Blossom Murals Made with Hand Prints

In Onahama, Japan, following the Great East Japan Earthquake, a project known as Okurie emerged that involves painting murals onto buildings that are scheduled to be demolished. Nearly two years later, artist Yosuke Tan, aka untangle, paid a visit to one site of an Okurie at Iwaki Sogo High School where recent graduates…


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Phenomenal Photos of Japan's Recent Volcano Eruption

German photographer Martin Rietze caught a series of spectacularly breathtaking shots of a volcano, shrouded in flying lava and electrifying lightning, erupting in southern Kyushu, Japan. Rietze's photography displays Sakurajima Volcano's energetic eruption with unexpected vigor. The images present a phenomenal juxtaposition of a rain of fire and flashes of…


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Beautiful Japanese Gold Leaf Paintings

It's hard to believe that Tokyo-born, Oklahoma-based artist Juuri has been practicing her hand at fine art painting for just a little over a year. In that time, she has grasped not only the art of painting, but her own style of visual presentation. Juuri accurately defines her own art, saying, "My work portrays the delicate beauty of the female face enveloped by traditional…


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Truly Unique Starbucks in Japan

While most Starbucks coffee shops follow a template for their architectural style, this Starbucks in Japan features a custom-made design. Architects at Kengo Kuma and Associates set out to form a unique looking cafe for the well-known brand, while maintaining its identity and complementing its surroundings. Located in Fukuoko Prefecture, on the path to…


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Japan's Regal Dancing Monkeys

Photographer Hiroshi Watanabe's series entitled Suo Sarumawashi is populated with portraits of many present-day Japanese macaque monkeys festively adorned in costumes. Today, many people dress up their pets for their own amusement, because a tiny pup parading about in human clothing…


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