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20,000 LED Lights Illuminate Japanese Rice Paddies

Japan's agriculturally significant Shiroyone Senmaida terraced rice fields offer a beautiful sight to be seen, especially at nightfall as its landscape is illuminated by a world record-breaking 20,000 pink LED lights that line over 2,000 small rice paddies. The vibrant pop of color against the natural, fertile earth offers a sharp contrast that echoes the beauty of the sunlit land at…


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Photographer Lights Up Graffiti with LED Photons

Photo enthusiast Jayson Hay combines his love of graffiti and his passion for light painting in this awesome series he cleverly calls Photon Vandalism. Though he simply states it as "Killing the night with light," the series is much more complicated than that. His set…


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Spectacular Fireflies on the Water Light Exhibit

Artist Yayoi Kusama is a master when it comes to bringing out a childlike wonderment in audiences, leaving them slack-jawed as they take in their enchanting surroundings. The Japanese visionary has a distinct style that doesn't go unnoticed, especially in recent years, with the employment of polka dots, mirrors, water, and an array of LED light fixtures. There's a surge of…


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Interactive Light and Sound Installation Plays Like a Guitar

Resonate, an interactive sound and light installation, entertained audiences in Frankfurt, Germany at the opening party for this year's biennial festival of lighting culture known as Luminale 2012. The responsive structure is the combined efforts of students studying master programs — "Interior Design - Spatial…


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100,000 LED Lights Illuminate a Japanese River

Tokyo Hotaru Festival 2012 took place recently, releasing 100,000 blue LED lights to float in the Sumida River. The bulbs rolled along the waves of the river bank, mimicking hotaru (the Japanese word for "fireflies"), for the festival that celebrates the Japanese tradition of watching fireflies float along a watercourse. The spectacular event lit up the waterway with a sparkling sapphire…


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Interactive Jellyfish Swarm

The ancient Japanese paper-folding art form, known as origami, is fused with modern sensory technology in this interactive light installation called Jelly Swarm. Vancouver-based Tangible Interaction has collaborated with origami expert Joseph Wu to conceive and produce the interactive display that features 94 paper-crafted jellyfish, which they refer to as "jellies."

Each jelly is…


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Amazing Interactive Audi Exhibit Uses 2000 LEDs

We're in Miami this week to report on Art Basel! While here, we were able to attend a few different press preview events including Design Miami and Art Miami. Easily one of the highlights of Design Miami was seeing this incredible exhibit put on by their exclusive car sponsor, Audi.

Audi teamed up with Danish architect Bjarke Ingels to bring a "digital street" to life. Called…


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One-of-a-Kind LED Chandelier

Don't ask me why but I think I need this LED chandelier. Designed by Jason Krugman, in collaboration with Sam Baron for Fabrica, United Colors of Benetton's Communications Research Center in Treviso, Italy, the Treble Chandelier is a one-of-a-kind piece of art made of acrylic and more than 3,000 hand-soldered sharp-focus LEDs.

It was first exhibited in Fabrica's exhibition, Next… Continue

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Door Handle Acts as Emergency Flashlight

Ready for a door handle that can do more? While the LEDoorHandle is pretty nifty in and of itself for its built-in light sensor that can detect when to turn on the night light, that's not the coolest part. Found on Freshome, this handle actually detaches from the handle from the base to… Continue

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Solar Powered LED Flower Sculpture (5 pics)

Gul Two Solar Powered LED Kinetic Sculpture, id&@le concepts' new stainless steel glowing kinetic sculpture by Alessandro De Ambrogio and Carlos Basanta. Once night falls, the kinetic sculpture erupts in a brilliant LED display that lights up the night with… Continue

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LED Galaxy Dress

The Galaxy Dress is the center piece of the “Fast Forward: Inventing the Future” exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

via Funky… Continue

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Clever Design: Gesture-Controlled LED Lamp

Designer Hong-Kue Lee conceptualized this gesture-controlled LED lamp that allows users to determine how much light they’ll need. To use, simply swipe a finger or span your palm above a sensor on the body of the lamp. Love the sleek style and eco-friendly function!



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Blu - The Best Electronic Cigarette on Market

Today I was surfing the net and found Blu Cigarette, an electronic cigarette brand?!

I don't smoke and I have no objections of people smoking, but if there is something that can fulfill smokers needs at the same time does not bother non-smokers, I would definitely check it out. Plus there are options of flavor (don't get me wrong, if you are a non-smoker, please stay that… Continue

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LED Torn Lighting Concept

Torn Lights by Billy May are designed to elegantly blend into your room.

The idea behind the design was to muddle the barrier between the room and its contents, creating the illusion that light comes from the room itself.

[via… Continue

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The Future of Music is Now: Tenori-On On and On

The Tenori-On is a revolutionary digital musical instrument developed by media artist Toshio Iwai and Yahama. It was introduced to the U.S. market in April 2008.

The intriguing handheld device is sort of a Lite Brite for music, with 256 LED push-buttons for sequencing music and adjusting tones. A short tap creates a ripple of light; while a more prolonged push… Continue

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What Will They Think of Next? The LightDrops LED Umbrella.

The LightDrops LED umbrella, designed by Sang-Kyun Park, is powered by the energy of falling rain drops. The heavier the rain, the brighter the light to help you see your way.

If you must know - as water pours over the surface, potential energy from raindrops slamming onto the conductive membrane called PDVF transforms into electrical energy powering embedded LEDs sending your umbrella ablaze with light. Happy?…


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Alice Shouldn't Have Followed The Rabbit - Rabbit Wonderland: Shanghai eArts Festival 2008

Shanghai has gone completely berserk with bright lights and flashing bunnies. "Rabbit Wonderland" is series of innovative outdoor LED interactive sculptures meant to bring color, laughter and warmth to the streets of Shanghai during the 2008 Shanghai eArts Festival presented by Super Nature Design and W+K Shanghai. The iconic rabbit is seen as a symbol of peace in… Continue

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Bringing Your Shadows to Life: Dobpler Interactive Led System

Just about one of the coolest uses of LED is this wall in a Norway pedestrian tunnel that was lights up when you walk by. It was made for by Stig Skjelvik and Snøhetta architects in collaboration with Prototyper AS and Rasmus Hildonen for the European Capitol of Culture 2008 event. Called the Dobpler, it is an interactive LED display wall that is activated by… Continue

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