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Illuminated Dripping Light Drop

Created to make us think about the way we use our natural resources, like water, the Light Drop designed by Wever & Ducre is a wall-mounted lighting installation that's not only interesting to look at but also pretty clever. The faucet-like taps control the dimming of the LED lights, so the more you twist on the tap, the brighter your room becomes. A pretty nifty way to light up your…


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Forever Light Sculpture

Tim Noble and Sue Webster created this gorgeous light sculpture called Forever back in 1996 when they were commissioned by a public arts organization to illuminate London's gray, urban surroundings. Inextricably linked to their earlier trips to Las Vegas, the sculpture is constructed using large carnival lights. While the word 'Forever' can mean several different things, it signifies…


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Surreal Light Illustrations

We've been huge fans of Yau Hoong Tang ever since we laid eyes on his clever negative space illustrations. Recently, he put together a set of surreal light illustrations that are equally, if not more inspiring, for their thoughtful execution.

"Light is responsible for the sense of sight," he… Continue

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Super-Sized Light Paintings

You've just got to love it when a person says right off the bat, "Dozens of people told me I should patent or make a business selling Light Scythes. I'm not really into that (but it's open source, so feel free to make your own)!"

Now that we've got that out of the way, just what is a Light Scythe? It's an application for creating programmable LED strips. With what looks like a gigantic… Continue

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Light Bulb Shattering Innovators

Adam Taylor is an award-winning photographer who's just as comfortable shooting beautiful landscapes as he is creating incredibly interesting portraits. (We recently featured Taylor's work in Contemplative Landscapes.)

In this set, called New Frontiers, Taylor portrays today's innovators… Continue

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Light Art Created Using Microsoft Kinect

While most people see Microsoft Kinect as a way to get their "dance" on, artist and photographer Audrey Penven saw it as way to create something surreal and otherworldly. After learning that Kinect could project a pattern of infrared dots known as "structured light," she enlisted the help of some friends. First, her roommate Mike modified his camera with an infrared filter. Then, artist and animator… Continue

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KAWS' Signature Light Bulbs (6 pics)

Brooklyn-based artist KAWS recently teamed up with the Standard Hotel to release some limited edition filament light bulbs. 1,000 sets of 3 bulbs - red, purple and green filaments are adorned with KAWS signature XX mark and are available right now. Talk about a recognizable brand.

“Just changing a small thing, like a filament, can turn a light bulb from a standard everyday thing to… Continue

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Secret Light Graffiti World (15 photos)

If you're like me, you believe that a secret world exists. It's a wonderfully whimsical place where mysterious shadows come alive, where monsters invade our memories, and where… Continue

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Epic Halloween Light Show

Forget Christmas. What better time to put on a light show than during Halloween? Just make sure it's to an epic song like Thriller. Can't believe how well synchronized this is. Fantastic.

via [The… Continue

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Static Electricity Powered Light Show

Travis Britton, Creative Director at Cutwater, a San Francisco-based ad company, just sent over this hilarious video of the Static Wizard. He's basically a guy who's body is charged with enough static electricity to power a light show. Ridiculous? Sure. But the song is catchy and the concept, creative. The video was recently released via Never Hide Films.

What did you… Continue

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Awesome Light Painting Animation

Sure we've all seen our share of light painting...but have you seen light painting animation? In this short clip, Sam and Niko show off some precise weapon and grenade animation. You can even check out how they made this video, here. As they say, all you need is some flashlight and some friends!

"Enough… Continue

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