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Designing the Life You Love

When was the last time you stopped what you were doing and really thought about where your life was going? Or maybe even better, where you want it to go next? That's the idea behind Alyse Birsel's Design the Life You Love. It's a recipe with not just ingredients like paper and pencil but also things… Continue

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Mouse Finds Love at My Modern Met

Boy, do we love our illustrators! After we wrote the post Fred Blunt's Fantastically Funny Love Story, we received a wonderfully warm message that we just had to share (with his permission, of course).

"Thanks so much for your piece on The Crush!," Blunt wrote. "Really nice,… Continue

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A Fantastically Funny Love Story

If you've been looking for a story that will not only inspire you but will also make you laugh out loud, then let us introduce you to UK-based illustrator Fred Blunt. His whimsical illustrations have that retro Hanna-Barbera feel to them that will remind you of your favorite childhood cartoons…


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A Love Story...In Milk

Protecting our planet is one of the most pressing issues of our time. This creative video by Catsnake spreads awareness, not by forcing it down our throats, but by entertaining us with a thought-provoking story. I hope you'll want a happy ending for us, too.


Made by Catsnake ( on commission from Friends of the… Continue

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Story Behind the Sweet Love Story (4 pics)

Remember Sarah and David? They're the creative couple who shared their sweet and funny love story with their wedding guests. A friend of Sarah's, who just happens to be an architectural designer in Los Angeles and an "urban savvy, a bloggo, and attuned to the culture" gal, came across our post and told the… Continue

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A Sweet Love Story

Met member and friend Jenni sent me a link to this cute love story that's on the website Right off the bat, you know that this couple has a great sense of humor. On their wedding site, Sarah and David put up this sweet story about their courtship. See below for the full shabang.…


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Pic of the Day: Falling in Love

Now this is a creative engagement shot! When undergraduate student Jeremy Blanchard was asked to take engagement photos of his friends, he decided to do something a little different. Instead of taking a boring old photo of two lovebirds wrapped in each other's arms, he made his friends look like ghostly figures walking toward each other, symbolizing them "falling" in love.

"I'm a… Continue

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Burning Love (5 pics)

Chicago-based architectural designer and multimedia artist Pei-San Ng has an interesting hobby. "I love making models out of sticks," she says. "With limited resources, Nathan (her husband) suggested using matches instead of balsa. Thus began my matches series. With every piece finished, came an urge to burn it."

Made up of about 2,500 match sticks and taking a… Continue

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Beard Love 6 oz Stainless Steel Flask

A perfect gift for the man drunk on facial hair, this 6oz Stainless Steel Flask has a traditional screw on cap, extra glossy varnish for durability, and comes in several colorways ranging from ‘blush’ to ‘curry’. With a body measuring at 4.5″ x 3.58″ inches, it’s small enough for any groom to sneak in and big enough to get buzzed before tying the knot.

via [… Continue

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10 Stop Motion Videos We Love

Why do we love stop motion? As Slashfilm's put it, "In the day and age of everything being whipped up in CGI, it’s really a testament to see people work in a medium that requires hours of tedious work on films that can take an extremely long time to produce." Not only does stop motion take an enormous amount of patience, it's unique and interesting, proving that with… Continue

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Danny and Annie: A Love Story

It's incredible stories like this that make you realize what true love is. Using animation and the voiceovers of a very sweet couple, StoryCorps takes us on an amazing journey through their twenty-seven-year romance. Danny Perasa and his wife, Annie remember their life together from their first date to Danny’s final days with terminal cancer.

As StoryCrops says, "these remarkable Brooklynites personify the eloquence, grace, and poetry that can be found in the… Continue

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Peace vs. Love by Banksy

Banksy recently put up this piece, and it really struck a chord with me. It reminds me of how much unnecessary hate and violence there is in this world. A poignant reminder of just how polarized our world is, even when it appears that, on the surface, we have similar interests.…


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Cover Song: Love The Way You Lie

Gorgeous vocals, amazing rapping, awesome beatboxing and beautiful piano playing come together to make one of the best collaboration cover songs we've heard in a long time. Here's Love The Way You Lie, originally by Eminem and Rihanna.

Thanks, Gofaster, for the… Continue

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Everyday Objects Looking for Love

We Were Made For Each Other

Terry Border is back with a new set of hilarious photos where he makes everyday objects come alive! This time they're on the hunt for romance, looking for love in the unlikeliest of places. As always, Border makes us laugh with his clever creations.

We caught up with him recently to get to know the artist a bit more. Now that we've posted on…


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You've Got to Love London

During the final days studying abroad, Alex Silver took 7,757 individual photographs and created this time lapse-video as a tribute to London.

Music: You've Got the Love by Florence and the Machine

via… Continue

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Young Love (12 photos)

Wow, now this is just about the cutest photoshoot I've ever seen! Called Young Love, it stars the sweet, young couple Gracie (age 3) and Zeke (age 4). Photos were taken by Joy of Wildflowers Photography, or Gracie's mom.

Check out all of the charming details that make this photoshoot so special like…


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French Summer Love (14 pics)

Gorgeously shot by photographer André Paul Pinces, this sweet love story was created as a lookboook for clothing line dace's Spring 2010 collection. Stylish and chic, it tells the story of a young, modern woman preparing to fall in a French summer love.…


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Splash of Lust

Love this painting by Brooklyn-based art student Becki Wilson aka Glitter Being. Through various brush techniques and the use of bright neon colors, Wilson creates this beautiful work of art that can safely be described as "a hot mess."

via… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Tough Love (3 pics)

A sweet collaborative piece by Resto, Roa, and Santos spotted in Doel, Belgium. The mural on the other side of the building is pretty cool, too!



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Robot Love (6 photos)

Who knew robots could be so romantic? In this adorable set by UK-based photographer Gemma Booth, a beautiful woman and her robot companion go on an adventurous date, filled with sightseeing, flowers, and a little cuddling.…


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