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Church Made of Guns and Ammo

A shockingly cool piece of art we spotted at Art Miami's VIP opening night was this church made of guns and gun parts by American artist Al Farrow. Called Skull of Santa Guerro III, this new work stood out because of its interesting use of materials. Farrow is known to make models of churches, temples and mosques from bullets and gun parts to highlight the relationship between war…


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Pixelated Beagle Made of 221K Sprinkles

For a fine arts project at his university, Joel Brochu was tasked with using the pointillism technique, invented by post-Impressionist painter Georges Seurat, where small dots of pure color are repeatedly applied to a canvas until it forms an image. The original project called on him to recreate a piece of furniture. Using 22 different shades of paint to form a chair, he completed…


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Steve Jobs Portrait Made with 3,500 Apples

As part of a land art contest held in Quebec, Canada, ten artists from around all around North America came together to create some stunning art. One of the standouts was this incredible portrait of Steve Jobs made entirely out of apples. After learning about his passing, artist… Continue

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School Supplies Made of Fabric

Take one look at these embroidered pieces and tell me you don't get nostalgic for school. Megan Whitmarsh is a fine artist living and working in Los Angeles who's made replicas of some of our most classic back-to-school items. Known primarily for her idiosyncratic hand embroidery, Whitmarsh makes us smile with these wonderfully whimsical pieces.…


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Mystical Illustrations Made with Metallic Gel Pens

Dream Weaver

Using just metallic gel pens on the black, reverse side of an illustration board, Filipino artist John Paul "Lakan" Olivares creates incredibly detailed drawings that have a spiritual undertone. While in his earlier works, his pieces were based on the traditional, indigenous cultures of the Philippines, his later work focused more on the… Continue

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Everyday Items Made from Old Paper


You may want to think twice before you throw away your old Thomas Guides, vintage postcards, children's books and pattern packets. Perhaps you can turn them into works of art! That's what Jennifer Collier does - she takes these old, discarded paper products and turns them into incredible replicas of everyday items like typewriters, cameras,… Continue

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Van Gogh's Starry Night Made of Rolled Paper

Widely recognized as artist Vincent van Gogh's most celebrated work of art, The Starry Night is a breathtaking painting that's currently part of the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection.

As MOMA states: Rooted in imagination and memory, The Starry Night embodies an… Continue

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Abstract Art Made of Everyday Objects

Twenty Dollars

As a commercial photographer, William Castellana's challenge is to make an object stand out for its texture, its reflective quality or its overall design. Having created some stellar work for New York Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine, you could say that he's not only achieved his goals, he's also at the top of his game.

Ask Castellana…


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Pic of the Day: Match Made in Heaven

Talk about a Picture of the Day! Look closely and you won't just see the International Space Station, you'll see the first image ever of a space shuttle docked to it! Released on June 7, 2011 by NASA, this sweet portrait shows a match made in heaven!

NASA calls the Endeavour space shuttle, "the vehicle that helped build the complex during the last decade."

NASA:… Continue

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Striking Nails Sculpture

After we featured the unbelievable nail art by Marcus Levine, we were surprised and delighted that he found our post to tell us about his striking new piece. His first public commission, Hung Out to Dry is made up of a stainless steel shaped panel which has 28,000 nails protruding from it! The… Continue

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Light Art Created Using Microsoft Kinect

While most people see Microsoft Kinect as a way to get their "dance" on, artist and photographer Audrey Penven saw it as way to create something surreal and otherworldly. After learning that Kinect could project a pattern of infrared dots known as "structured light," she enlisted the help of some friends. First, her roommate Mike modified his camera with an infrared filter. Then, artist and animator… Continue

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Massive Mineral Rocks Made of Mylar (3 photos)

Tara Donovan: Untitled (Mylar), 2011

Going on now at Pace Gallery in New York is an art installation of epic proportions. Brooklyn, New York-based Tara Donovan has created a beautiful 11-foot-tall sculpture that looks like it could be from another planet. What she's actually done is fold an incredible amount of thin polyester film or mylar into beautiful balls. Mylar is… Continue

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Abstract Art Made from Ordinary Objects (7 total)


Photographer and filmmaker Armand Dijcks loves to push boundaries. Even as a child he would take his toys apart to build new, more exciting ones or use the original toys in ways unintended by the manufacturer. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that in 2009, when Dijcks bought a Canon 5D Mark II, he looked to do something besides shoot plain photos or… Continue

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Celebrity Portraits Made from Thousands of Circles (6 pieces)

Though Ben Heine is well-known for his very clever series Pencil Vs Camera, many might not know about his Digital Circlism set. Heine's created a new technique whereby digital circles are selectively placed onto a black background. Using a sharp round brush in Photoshop CS4, he makes these circles of… Continue

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StumbleUpon's Top 50 Most Popular Sites: We're In!

StumbleUpon just created a Best of SU 2010 list where they chose 50 of the most popular sites submitted to StumbleUpon this year out of over 20 million new pages. It "reflects some of the most interesting (and in some cases, unusual) issues, trends, ideas, photos and videos of the year." (To… Continue

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Rainbow Thread Art (8 pics)

Though we can appreciate Gabriel Dawe's beautiful thread art by just looking at these pictures, we're certain that these photos will never quite do them justice. In fact, we can imagine ourselves walking around these rainbow prisms and just getting lost. I asked Dawe to tell us what he hoped others got out of his artwork including what they represent.

"Conceptually, these…


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Sick Spider Web Installation Made of Packaging Tape (6 pics)

Imagine Spiderman going completely insane and losing control of his web shooters and then look at this crazy art installation by Viennese/Croatian design collective For Use/Numen. Using nothing but nearly 100 pounds of packaging tape, For Use/Numen transforms abandoned attics, galleries and stock exchange buildings into a spider's cocoon paradise. The coolest part…


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Don't Tell Ashton: World's First Artwork Made by Twitterers

A creative idea with a catchy name..what's not to love? Don't Tell Ashton is the world's first artwork made by Twitter users. All you have to do to be a part of this movement is to tweet about it and you'll get your profile pic inside the frame. The more followers you have, the bigger your picture. So how does the name play in? Well, Ashton Kutcher is the only one… Continue

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