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Noma Bar's Art-Making Machine and New Prints

Oh, to be in London this month! The London Design Festival will be kicking off on September 17 and will feature some exciting new works from one of our favorite graphic artists, Israel-born Noma Bar. His masterful use of negative space never ceases to amaze us. Bar's playful, minimalist… Continue

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More 2011 International Photography Award Winners

Advertising: Finalist, 1st Category winner Sinsong Xi

After showing you a collection of professional shots from the 2011 International Photography Awards, we thought it would only be right to show you the… Continue

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Pop Culture Caricatures

It's been awhile since we we wrote about Stanley Chow's cool and funny caricatures so we thought it was about time to show you some of his newer work. The Manchester, England-based illustrator has been very busy, creating everyone from Clark Kent in a telephone booth to good 'ol Leonardo DiCaprio in one of our all-time favorite movies, Inception. You can read our interview… Continue

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Where Science, Art and Photography Intersect - Part 2

My Hand with Glow-in-the-Dark Paint, 2010

Going on from now till June 11 at the Michael Mazzeo Gallery in New York is an exciting exhibition from one of our most beloved artists, Caleb Charland. Back in July 2010, we wrote about how Charland makes us believe in magic through his…

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Hyper-Realistic Street Scenes

After being completely amazed by Alan Wolfson's hyper-realistic Canal Street scene, I knew I had to get in touch with him. Though the Q&A section on his website is quite thorough, I still had some lingering questions. Wolfson was… Continue

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New Banksy's and More at MOCA's Art in the Streets

Banksy's Stained Window

Today, we witnessed history being made. As the very first major U.S. museum exhibition of graffiti and street art, MOCA presented the media preview of Art in the Streets, an epic visual feast you must experience for yourself! Tracing the…


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More Magnificent Map Collages (6 pieces + interview)

Bunk, 2005, Inlaid maps on panel

We were so blown away by Matthew Cusick's meticulously detailed map art that we had to get in touch the artist for an interview. What do maps mean to him? How long does one of these pieces take? How does he decide on what to create next?… Continue

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More Whimsical Book Paintings by Mike Stilkey (7 pieces)

Over the years, we've featured the wonderfully whimsical work of Mike Stilkey a few times (see here and here) and now the artist is back with some fresh new pieces. His new, solo show, called… Continue

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Clever and Cute Street Art (12 pieces)

Banksy makes us think with his satirical street art. TED prize winner JR inspires us with his soulful portraits. But it's only OakoAk who can make us laugh with his cute and clever pieces. Lately, the French street artist has been on a tear, turning park benches, stoops and dilapidated walls into wonderful and unexpected places for art. We love his take on… Continue

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More Clever Works by Slinkachu (3 total)

Fantastic Voyage

With the Last Resort installation he started the year off with a bang and now London-based street artist Slinkachu is back with more incredibly clever works for 2011. Watch as a green shoelace turns into a Loch Ness-style monster, a half eaten chicken… Continue

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More Incredible Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin (11 pics)

It's safe to say that Liu Bolin is a modern-day magician. In 2007, his advanced camouflage art exploded onto the art scene as we were all left speechless, scratching our heads at how body paint could seamlessly blend a person into their background. With a team of two assistants, Bolin paints onto his clothes and then spends hours positioning himself in front of backdrops until he's virtually… Continue

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19 More Amazing Paintings, Not Photos

Easily one of the most popular posts on theMET to date is 19 Amazing Paintings, Not Photos. Over 200,000 people have visited this one page alone and just when we think it has reached its full potential, and breathed its last breathe, it comes raging back.

Now that it's almost…


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More Hauntingly Beautiful Work by CRAWW (6 pieces)


Influenced by pretty things in dark places and nasty things masquerading in beauty, Craww is a natural born artist with roots in the graphic design world. He recently took our breath away with his hauntingly beautiful work and we're still left speechless after viewing his new…


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