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My Experience Hiking on Top of Alaska's Exit Glacier

Hiking on top of a glacier is an otherworldly experience that I'll never forget.

Before I departed on my trip, I watched this fascinating documentary called Chasing Ice. It's based on National Geographic photographer James Balog’s mission to gather undeniable evidence of climate change. Using time-lapse cameras, his videos…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight #11 - Superheroes by Andy Awesome

With so much creativity generated everyday, we've had the fortune of sharing countless works of art here on My Modern Met. Now, we're also pleased to offer prints and canvases featuring the work of many of today's finest contemporary artists through My Modern Shop. As part of our ongoing series of…


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10 Quick and Easy DIY Projects Found on Pinterest

Surround a Candle with Cinnamon Sticks

There's something special about designing and creating objects or experiences with your own bare hands. The internet has made DIY projects easy to find, especially with sites like Pinterest. Today, on…


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Top 7 DIY YouTube Channels to Perfect Your Skills

In an age of mass media and the rapid emergence of the internet, we thrive on information at a heightened pace. Everyone is looking to be a bigger and better version of themselves by absorbing as much as they can. Some of the best resources for improving yourself, swelling your proficiency, and expanding your skill set can be found on YouTube, an excellent…


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My Modern Met's Call for Interns Ends Friday

Last week, we told you that we're growing our company and that we're hiring a few, key interns here at My Modern Met. We asked you to submit your resumes and, boy, did we receive an amazing response! Because we have so many qualified candidates to choose from, we'll be closing our call for applicants this… Continue

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My Modern Met Featured on Flipboard!

If you have an iPad, you've probably already heard of Flipboard. Apple named it the 2010 iPad App of the Year and TIME listed it as one of the top 50 innovations in 2010. Flipboard lets you quickly flip through all of your favorite websites or your personal streams on Twitter or Facebook… Continue

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Mouse Finds Love at My Modern Met

Boy, do we love our illustrators! After we wrote the post Fred Blunt's Fantastically Funny Love Story, we received a wonderfully warm message that we just had to share (with his permission, of course).

"Thanks so much for your piece on The Crush!," Blunt wrote. "Really nice,… Continue

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My Photo Booth Marriage Proposal

Being that I consider everyone here at My Modern Met like part of my family, I wanted to share with you all a very special moment of my life. Last Thursday, I proposed to my girlfriend of three years inside a photo booth at Ace Hotel, Palm Springs.

After racking my brain for months, I finally decided to propose this way because I could A) Surprise my girlfriend B) Capture her real…

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Self-Portraits with My (Blank)

Self-portrait with my mother

Italy-based Anna Di Prospero is a photographer who first grabbed our attention with the unique way she interacted with city scenes. Dramatic and beautiful, it was almost as if she was trying to convey inanimate objects' feelings.

The… Continue

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3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed: TED

Remember the plane that crash-landed onto the Hudson river? Ric Elias sure does. He had a front-row seat to it all...

In this inspirational TED talk, Elias tells us what went through his mind as Flight 1549 was going down. By sharing his experience, Elias challenges us to question our perspective on life.

TED website

via [… Continue

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Guess, What's My Name?

As part of his 'Make Something Cool Every Day' project, illustrator David Schwen recently created this simple yet fun series. (You may remember Schwen as the mastermind behind those pop-culture referencing illustrations we featured last month.)

"The My Name Is series started out when I… Continue

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My Modern Met's Art of Photography Contest ($1000 Grand Prize + More)

Sponsored by YPOC

My Modern Met’s Art of Photography Contest, presented by YPOC, is your chance to show us the artistic side of your photography. Photographers of all skill levels are encouraged to enter. Also, this contest is open to both US and international entrants. Submit your best… Continue

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Introducing Myself to theMET

I wanted to introduce myself to theMET community. I just joined today and am already fascinated by the enthusiasm and creativity of all of the great posts of art, photography and design and the encouraging comments.

Drawing and painting are my favorite pastimes but I get inspiration for my projects from other artists and creative thinkers, which is why I think I will really… Continue

Added by Stephanie Trow on January 17, 2011 at 1:30pm — 3 Comments

Center of My World (15 photos)

Depending on how you feel on a particular day, the world can appear very big or very small. The type of environment you place yourselves in can play a huge factor.

In this poetic series titled "The Center of My World," Switzerland-based photographer Jonas Fornerod puts himself far and center into the distance. By doing so, he appears tiny in comparison to the dramatic setting that… Continue

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Visualizing My Modern Met's Daily Audience

Neatorma showed us this cool way to visualize just how many of you fine folks visit us each day. Lately, our traffic has been massive thanks to one superhero grandma. That means, if all of our visitors decided to meet, we would… Continue

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My Modern Met's Top 10 in October

What an October! Thank you, everyone, for making it one of the coolest months yet. 1.3 million of you came in to check out everything from an amazing dead tree to the cutest kids possibly ever to have existed. Here's a wrap-up of our top ten most visited posts in October for anyone who missed out on all the action. (Click the pictures to read the inspiring… Continue

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My Modern Met's Featured on Flipboard!

Good morning! To start off the week, I'd love to share a good piece of news with you. Our website, My Modern Met, was just featured on the Flipboard iPad app as a pick of the week! What a thrill and an honor.

As you may recall,… Continue

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Win Trips of a Lifetime by JustLuxe and My Modern Met

Paris? Greece? St. Lucia? Which destination would you choose for your trip of a lifetime? My Modern Met and JustLuxe, an affluent lifestyle site have teamed up to help you win the ultimate getaway. Five prizes are still up for grabs including the ultimate Hawaiian vacation. The grand prize winner will enjoy four… Continue

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My Modern Met Meets Swissmiss and GOOD Magazine

I had the incredible privilege of meeting one of my all-time favorite designers and bloggers today, Tina Roth Eisenberg, otherwise known as Swissmiss. Tina calls herself the "Swiss designer gone NYC" and she's been running these off-line events called CreativeMornings for over two years now in New York.… Continue

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Alone with My Thoughts (15 photos)

As a person who's always seeking a bit of solitude, I was instantly drawn to these photos. They're by a young girl named Lauren who swears she doesn't use Photoshop. In fact, the only editing she's done is change the contrast, saturation and sharpness.

Each photo is beautiful by itself but put them together and a pattern emerges. They're of young girls caught… Continue

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