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New in the Shop: Elegant Portraits of Siamese Fighting Fish

Bangkok, Thailand-based photographer Visarute Angkatavanich captures the stunning movements of siamese fighting fish as they dance in the water. The photographer manages to snap brilliant shots of their quick, elegant movements as their bodies and flowing fins take action. Each portrait celebrates the creature's unique sense of motion and diverse coloring.

It brings us great pleasure to announce that we've…


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New in the Shop: Janne Parviainen's Lively Streaks of Light

Helsinki-based artistic photographer Janne Parviainen gives life to light through his incredible light paintings, which are all created entirely in-camera. Without the use of any digital manipulation, Parviainen manages to transform streaks of multicolored lights into three-dimensional, figurative subjects. His long exposure images, which can take anywhere from ten minutes to hours on end, heighten the scene with energy, adding…


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New in the Shop: John Wilhelm's Clever Photo Manipulations

Switzerland-based photographer John Wilhelm uses photography as a way to express his wild imagination. Rather than simply capturing what's out in the wild and presenting his in-camera shots, he takes his time shooting various animals and landscapes and proceeds to merge them in creative ways. He heightens each photograph by allowing them to sync in with one another, producing some truly surreal…


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New in the Shop: Artistic Photos of Poland by Michał Koralewski

Polish photographer Michał Koralewski has been capturing artistic renditions of Poland's landscape, architecture, and changing seasons. By sectioning off a single frame, the creative photographer is able to exhibit the visual differences of a single setting throughout the seasons. Koralewski juxtaposes summer and winter, revealing the transformative variance. He even sticks to one season, showing how different a…


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New in the Shop: Michael Aldo's Surreal Dreams

Indonesian photographer Mikael Aldo visualizes the depths of his imagination through his photography. The young fine art photographer's images are both surreal and raw at the same time, offering the viewer an extraordinary blend of 'unbelievable' and 'absolutely relatable.' Each emotionally-charged photo signifies a pure feelings that range from self-doubt to apathy and extreme passion.



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New in the Shop: Funny Illustrations of Iconic Baldies

London-based Brazilian illustrator, designer, and art director Mr. Peruca has created a fun set of illustrations dubbed Notorious Baldies. The series features the hairless manes of various iconic characters from all corners of pop culture. Presented like a visual game, faces are hidden but it's easy to identify and distinguish the wise, green head of Yoda from the shaved crown of Walter White, cleverly topped…


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New in the Shop: Jaco Haasbroek's Hilarious Illustrations

Cape Town, South Africa-based illustrator and designer Jaco Haasbroek shares his wonderful sense of humor through his comical illustrations. Each of the artist's creations feature adorable little characters that offer a new way of seeing the world. Full of whimsy and witty puns, Haasbroek's art presents a dose of comedy that creatively plays with language just enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

It brings us great…


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New in the Shop: Jonathan Lucas' Incredible World of Parkour

London-based photographer Jonathan Lucas captures incredible images of parkour athletes who swiftly and artistically move through their urban environments. The active acrobats' movements coupled with Lucas' keen eye for composition and light make for some truly breathtaking shots. The photographer also has a collection of scenic landscape images, both with and without the agile free runners, that are refreshing glimpses of…


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New in the Shop: Beautiful Portraits of Milan Residents Merged with Architecture

Italian photographer Francesco Paleari merges portrait and landscape photography for his series titled Profili di Milano (Profiles of Milan). The beautiful black and white images present a myriad of Milanese architecture and landscapes within the silhouetted profiles of the city's residents. Each portrait is both dramatic and serene, offering a unique look at a historically and artistically rich city…


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New in the Shop: Adorable Portraits of Shelter Animals

Tuscan, Arizona-based photographer Michael Kloth has been working with shelter animals, particularly cats and dogs, in an effort to help the adorable little companions get adopted. The self-proclaimed lifelong animal lover's Shelter Cats and Shelter Puppies series have each featured numerous kittens and puppies at his local shelters looking for a loving family to take them in. Kloth has said, "It is my hope that I…


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New in the Shop: Beautifully Scenic Photos of Trains

Welsh photographers Robin and Talieson Coombes are a father and son duo that share a passion for photographing active railways. Their images reveal beautiful, almost cinematic shots of trains that continue to chug forward through scenic routes like antique machinery that have persevered over the years. The photographers say, "The steam locomotive has a particular appeal as it is almost a living, breathing machine and…


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New in the Shop: Justin Barber's Hilarious Truth and Lies Posters

Atlanta-based graphic designer Justin Barber's Truth and Lies series tells it like it is, while poking fun at the little white lies we all tell each other and ourselves. Whether it's a stretch of the truth or a little lie to save others from a harsh dose of honesty, we're all guilty of taking part in these tiny truths…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Jose Ramon Irusta's Magical Spanish Landscapes

Self-taught photographer Jose Ramon Irusta captures the beautifully magical quality of Spain's coastal landscapes. Through his photography, Irusta is able to preserve the scenic view of Spain's spectacular water flows and seascapes. He tells us, "Water is an element of great artistic plasticity, free of any temporal binding. It is able to catch an ephemeral moment and yet, like no other element, can transmit the…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Christoph Schaller's Delicate Young Beauty

German photographer Christoph Schaller captures the delicate beauty of a fragile, young woman on the beach. He manages to turn her vulnerability into an appealing, almost seductive, mode of beauty. Like her open-air environment, the anonymous young woman exudes a refreshingly youthful sense of freedom. Her solitude could have easily translated into loneliness, but…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Heiko Waechter's Captivating Street Photography

Germany-born, Australia-based photographer Heiko Waechter captures the subtle moments of city life that often go unnoticed or forgotten. His growing collection of images seem to freeze time, allowing viewers to calmly take in the details of each scene, despite how simple they may seem. Each photo tells a story, rich with imaginative exposition that has led up to this point in time. Viewers are welcome to reinvent the…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Solongo Monkhooroi's Fairy Tale Illustrations

Mongolian artist Solongo Monkhooroi combines Western pop culture and Eastern traditional art to create wonderfully imaginative illustrations. Growing up amidst the beautiful natural landscapes of Mongolia and then moving to the United States to pursue her career in illustration, Monkhooroi has clearly been influenced by the various forms of art from each region.

In addition to visual art, Monkhooroi draws…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Caleb Charland's Spooky Skull Camera

Maine-based artist Caleb Charland has honed his skills in experimental photography over the years, without the aid of Photoshop, to create his spectacular visual effects. Instead, the experienced photographer relies on a more analog approach, utilizing the power of multiple exposures. There's a scientific element to his work that allows viewers to see objects differently.

Charland's image titled Skull…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Terence Chang's Dreamy Nightscapes

San Francisco-based software engineer and photographer Terence Chang shoots stunning long exposure shots of cityscapes at night. He captures images of San Francisco and Sausalito beautifully blanketed in fog as well as spectacular photos featuring streaks of light of traffic on the ground and in the air. The photographer says of his captured locations, "The scene shifts minute by minute, and is never the same…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Sarah Ann Loreth's Vivid Dreams

New Hampshire-based fine art photographer Sarah Ann Loreth has been inspiring her creative peers with her surreal images, sparking a surge of imagination into the photography world. The self-taught photographer allows viewers to escape reality with her into an alternate universe filled with enchanting surrealism and haunting beauty. Loreth brilliantly plays with opposing elements, combining them…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Sergey Larenkov's Ghosts of World War II

Former sea pilot-turned-photographer Sergey Larenkov uses his photo manipulation skills to create a collection of intriguing images that merge the past and present. The 41-year-old Russian photographer initially began the project as a hobby, taking an interest in the idea of occupying a space that historical figures and events took place.

Using old, archived photos as his portal to the…


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