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Cyclist Captures New York Through the Eyes of a Bicycle

New York Through the Eyes of a Road Bicycle is a photo project by designer and photography enthusiast Tim Sklyarov that explores the city that never sleeps from the point of view of an urban cyclist. Everything from the iconic flashing lights of Times Square and bustling streets of the city to the less touristy avenues populated with street signs and…


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Banksy's Top 10 Most Creative and Controversial NYC Works

10) October 16th (All city - McDonalds)

For the whole month of October, Banksy took over the streets of New York City with his Better Out Than In project, leaving his mark in different areas every single day. Though some of his graffiti has been painted over and his installations taken down, we're lucky enough to live…


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Revealing Photos of New York City from the 70s and 80s

New York City was the urban culture capital of the 70s and 80s, setting trends and leaving an impression on the world. While the Big Apple has maintained its creative influence, a lot has changed over the years. Taking a look back at photos by documentary photographers from three to four decades ago, one can see a clear difference, especially in the NYC subway.



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New Banksy Project Set to Exhibit on Streets of NY

Banksy is back with a brand new street project in New York called Better Out Than In. The elusive street artist plans to exhibit an entire art show on the streets of New York for the entire month of October, treating the city that never sleeps like a giant museum. He has just revealed his first piece in lower Manhattan featuring two kids, seemingly from an era that predates child labor…


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Stunning Black and White Photography of Global Architecture

Frankfurt, Germany-based photographer Maik Lipp (aka usrdck) has traveled the world, taking some truly stunning images of architecture from each visited city. From New York and Barcelona to Singapore and Hong Kong, Lipp has managed to capture the architectural essence of each city in black and white, from various…


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Interactive Photo Series Compares NYC's Past and Present

New York City is constantly evolving and growing, making it difficult to document every change that has occurred, but NYC Grid is taking a stab at it. Run by Paul Sahner the ambitious website seeks to map the entire city "street by street and block by block" through photos. In addition to simply capturing present-day neighborhoods, though, the site also gives a peek of what specific areas…


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Wonderfully Diverse Humans of New York

New York City is populated with millions of people that each serve as an essential piece of the city's eclectic pie. The Big Apple's offering of unique and diverse individuals is arguably unmatched. We always hear about what a melting pot this immense metropolis is with its endless supply of quirky characters and the ongoing photo series known as Humans of New…


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Incredible MetroCard Collages of New York City

New York City is filled with commuters, so on any given day you're bound to find discarded MetroCards, the people's ticket to public transportation, in the subway and even in the city streets. Most pedestrians wouldn't think twice about these yellow and blue cards that litter the urban setting, but New York-based artist Nina Boesch not only notices them, but she utilizes their…


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Liu Bolin and JR's Camouflaging Collaboration

Did you catch the man concealed in that giant street mural? French street artist JR and expert camouflage artist Liu Bolin have recently joined forces in New York City to produce this massive multilayered art project. The three-step undertaking began with the construction and assembly of JR's large-scale mural of Bolin. The street artist wheatpasted the image to the wall in the Nolita…


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Multi-Textured Paintings of New York

Painting is difficult enough, but artist Daniel Castan adds the challenge of using quick drying acrylic paints while working from memory. The French painter first began his craft at 40 years old with his initial intentions being to simply have fun. His "fun" exposed a natural artistic talent for recreating cityscapes in an unconventional way.

By adding a resin to his…


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Seeing New York Through Reflections

Photojournalist Jonathan Auch takes pictures around the world, but it's his images of New York that have really resonated with me. I recognize each of these moments the photographer has captured. The faces may be different, but all native New Yorkers have experienced these moments that we often take for granted. Coming out of a subway station, walking down a busy urban street, being…


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