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Wedding Photography Inspired by Paintings and Film Noir

Call it daring, dark, dramatic and even haunting. Just don't call it unoriginal. This is the work of Rocco Ancora.

Popular Photography just released its list of their Top 10 Wedding Photographers of 2011 and it included the talented Melbourne, Australia-based photographer. Pop…

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19 More Amazing Paintings, Not Photos

Easily one of the most popular posts on theMET to date is 19 Amazing Paintings, Not Photos. Over 200,000 people have visited this one page alone and just when we think it has reached its full potential, and breathed its last breathe, it comes raging back.

Now that it's almost…


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Creative Art Project: Grass Roots Square (4 pics)

Recently, Korean contemporary artist Do-Ho Suh won the international competition to create a public, outdoor art project for the Norwegian Government Building Complex. A simple, planted tree will stand in the area, called Grass Roots Square. Between, and partly replacing the paving stones, Suh will place hundreds if not thousands of 8-10 cm high human figures in…


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Homeless Not Hopeless - Above

Street artist Above has been working hard on his Homeless Not Hopeless project to raise awareness of homeless people in his new hometown Portland in Oregon. Oregon is one of the states with the highest proportion of homeless in the United States and is amongst the states with the highest unemployment rate as well. Instead of ignoring these people, like a… Continue

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Make Love Not War - Steven Meisel (13 photos)

American fashion photographer Steven Meisel stirred up some controversy for this awesome photoshoot he did for Italian Vogue awhile back. His "Make Love Not War" series depicts sweaty, dirty soldiers in the middle of a war-zone interacting with models in a very “heated fashion." Critics say that Steven's images glamorize the war in Iraq, but I think they should just chill… Continue

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You may be surprised that this is my pick of the week. Thing is, Coraline is getting rave reviews with critics saying the animation is just plain jaw-dropping and the movie is nothing short of magical. Based on Neil Gaiman’s international best-selling book, Coraline is the first 3D, high-definition stop-motion animated feature which features spectacular CG effects. A young girl… Continue

Added by Eugene on February 6, 2009 at 7:30am — 3 Comments

Hot or Not? The New Bond Girl - Olga Kurylenko (10 photos)

Olga Kurylenko, born November 14, 1979, is a Ukrainian model and actress. While I can dig the Eastern European look, I'm not completely sold on the new Bond girl. Help me out, do you think she is hot or not?…


Added by Eugene on November 8, 2008 at 9:22am — 4 Comments

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