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Struggling Paper Sculptures

Come to Ambach & Rice gallery in Los Angeles from now till December 28, 2011 to see some incredibly interesting paper sculptures that look like something out of a crazy carnival. Prisoners of Conscience is a wild sculptural installation by Armenian artist Karen Sargsyan inspired by political prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky. It's fascinating how this artist is…


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Floating Paper City

Using nothing but paper, glue, glitter and wire, Japanese artist Katsumi Hayakawa created this curious sculpture called Floating City. Recently shown at 2011 Very Fun Park (an urban contemporary art exhibition) the paper piece is made up of cubes of varying heights that, from afar, look like modular components of a city. You can just tell that a lot of time and effort went into constructing…


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Everyday Items Made from Old Paper


You may want to think twice before you throw away your old Thomas Guides, vintage postcards, children's books and pattern packets. Perhaps you can turn them into works of art! That's what Jennifer Collier does - she takes these old, discarded paper products and turns them into incredible replicas of everyday items like typewriters, cameras,… Continue

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Van Gogh's Starry Night Made of Rolled Paper

Widely recognized as artist Vincent van Gogh's most celebrated work of art, The Starry Night is a breathtaking painting that's currently part of the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection.

As MOMA states: Rooted in imagination and memory, The Starry Night embodies an… Continue

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Beautiful Hand-Cut Paper Silhouettes

Using just a single sheet of back paper, Boston-based artist Joe Bagley creates silhouettes that are undeniably beautiful. Whether it's a couple stealing a quick kiss or a single swallow soaring through the air, Bagley's designs are all original and each is cut by hand. He even proudly states, "No lasers, dies, or prints!"

"The intricacies of my work reflect my desire to push the physical… Continue

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Dramatic 3D Paper Sculptures

By now, we've seen all kinds of paper sculptures; mind-melting ones by Jen Stark, massive white paper ones by Jeff Nishinaka, and even beautifully layered ones by… Continue

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Enormous Paper Cut Art (7 pics)

While we've seen our share of paper cut art, we've never seen anything as grandiose as this. Tomoko Shioyasu takes huge sheets of synthetic paper and carefully and repeatedly cuts away at it. Using utility knives and soldering irons, she meticulously chisels the paper until she creates intricately carved patterns or swirling designs.

Look closely and you'll notice a natural rhythm… Continue

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A Cat's Wild Imagination (3 pics)

Inspired by Jan von Holleben's Dreams of Flying project and the Oren Lavie's Her Morning Elegance music video, business student and ballet dancer Theresa Knudson decided to… Continue

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Beautifully Layered Paper Sculptures (8 pieces)

Self-taught Korean artist Cheong-ah Hwang creates beautiful and intricate works of art that are made entirely out of paper. In order to gain exposure and fund a project to make low-cost prints of her Little Red Riding Hood layered paper sculpture, she joined Kickstarter. She ended up raising $570 which far exceeded her goal of… Continue

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Sony's Revolutionary Electronic Paper (3 pics)

Is this young girl just looking at an old calendar? Not exactly. She's actually checking out Sony's never before seen prototype of its flexible electronic paper display technology. Showcased at the 2010 Dealer Convention, the electronic paper gives us a glimpse into the future because it uses plastic substate, a new technology that allows it to be bent and rolled up… Continue

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Amazing White Paper Sculptures (12 total)

While most of us will look at white paper and think about school or work, Jeff Nishinaka thinks about something entirely different. Nishinaka sees a world of possibilities or art in the making. Using nothing more than white paper, glue and a sharp knife, he creates unbelievably intricate sculptures of everything from landmarks to wildlife. Taking months to create… Continue

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Sweet Paper Collages by Hollie Chastain (7 total)

Something We Shouldn't Be Doing

Today I became enchanted by Hollie Chastain's beautiful paper collages. Influenced by nature and fairy tales, Hollie creates magical stories filled with sweet imagery. Inspired by random old junk in an antique shops, damaged text books and brightly colored chipping paint on abandoned walls, Hollie finds beauty in…


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Pretty Paper Princesses - Zoe Bradley (5 total)

Would you believe me if I told you that the Cinderella story was true? In this modern update to the classic fairy tale, Zoe Bradley is the Fairy Godmother who turns paper into beautiful ball gowns. How would one know it's a Zoe Bradley dress? Her signature style is seen in those pleats!…


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Incredible Paper Cut Creations - Patrick Gannon (12 total)

Words of Carrion Comfort

How incredibly beautiful are these paper cut creations? Made entirely of cut and torn paper (and often wood) in his studio in Tokyo, Patrick Gannon's artwork is a collision of American and Japanese pop-culture, mythology and mysterious creatures amid a landscape of jagged edges and gorgeous textures.

Here's how… Continue

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