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Giant Crocodile Mural Wraps Around Entire Building

Sheffield-based street artist Phlegm is back with a new jaw-dropping mural he created for the All Rights Destroyed Festival in Oslo, Norway. Although It's difficult to understand what was going through Phlegm's mind as he was…


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Phlegm's Savage Serpent Rips Through Sheffield

UK-based street artist Phlegm is back, yet again, with another large-scale wall mural. Phlegm unveiled this latest public art work across three brick walls in Sheffield. The artist maintains his comic book style in this grandiose display of what appears to be a giant aquatic serpent-like…


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Phlegm's Castle Inside a Castle

If you've been a reader of My Modern Met for awhile now, this artist's comic book style should look very familiar to you. It's from none other than the UK-based street artist Phlegm. Never seeming to slow down, he recently created another piece in his signature style spotted in Sheffield England.

Phlegm doesn't work solely in England, though. He has created murals in…


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Calibrating the Telescope

Street artist Phlegm has been on overdrive the last couple of years. Here's a new, highly-detailed piece that ranks up there with some of his best work. The UK-based street artist took three days to complete the stretched-out wall, which is located on an old nuclear fallout shelter in Zagreb,… Continue

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Bringing the High Seas to Land

What's a long and slinky boat doing on a wall? It could only be the work of Phlegm! His last piece took him to the Walk & Talk festival in the Archipelago of the Azores, situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. The magnificent mural took only four days to complete.

Perhaps this boat belongs on the… Continue

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Giant Squid Canal Boat

Wait. Is that a giant squid? This time, UK street artist and comic extraordinaire Phlegm leaves his mark not on city walls, but on a canal boat! His work is, quite literally, going places. The boat is still in operation and floats around England, showcasing Phlegm’s nicely illustrated giant squid. Whimsical and… Continue

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Shrines and Caskets

Sheffield, UK-based artist and comic extraordinaire Phlegm hits up the streets again! This time, he gives us a slightly more macabre chapter of his wall comics: Shrines and Caskets. Though it has a dark twist, his work is still just as mesmerizing as his comical astronomer we featured earlier this… Continue

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The Comical Astronomer

Sheffield-based street artist Phlegm is at it again! His new city center piece looks as if it could have been taken from the pages of his comics. Spring Sun is reminiscent of his comic book-inspired street art which we've featured on theMET or his… Continue

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Russian Fighter Jet Art (6 pics)

UK-based cartoonist, illustrator, and street artist Phlegm recently tagged up an old, rusty Russian military jet fighter in Wales. The Sukhoi Su-17 jet fighter proves to be a stunning canvas. An archer, equipped with a bow and arrow, protects the nose, while a telescope is seen looking out from the tailpiece. …


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Urban Street Art: New Works by Phlegm (8 pics)

UK-based street artist Phlegm has been putting up some awesome works lately. As usual, many of his larger-than-life characters originate from his comics.

"I love to get run down urban spaces and factories and play with the space," says Phlegm. "It’s such an immediate way to get… Continue

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Comic Book-Inspired Street Art (15 pieces)

Sheffield-based Phlegm is best known for his self-published comics and highly creative street art. Many of his larger-than-life characters originate from his comics.

"I started out as a cartoonist but the graffiti side of things has really taken over the past three years," says Phlegm. "I think it’s because my style has been so effected by what i draw for… Continue

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