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Rise of a Talented Teenage Photographer

Just 17 and five months into taking up photography, Nicholas Max is already starting to gain a strong following. He has an artistic way of shooting that's inspired by other ingenues, like Brian Oldham, and there's a freshness to his images that could only come with young age.

We get… Continue

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Top 6 Sites to Make You a Better Photographer

When one of your main tasks is to find and write about beautiful photography, you can't help but be inspired by all the incredible talent out there. Just like anyone who's viewing our posts (hello out there!), we're compelled to sharpen our own skills, to really understand what it takes to get that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Intel asked us to put together 5… Continue

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Could You Be the Photographer of the Year? (12 photos)

Do you have what it takes to be the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year? While our own photo contest is still going on, I wanted to let you know of another that you can enter. Digital Camera Photographer of the Year is… Continue

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Creativity from a Self-Taught Teenage Photographer (10 photos)

17-year-old Brian Oldham was always interested in art but he never found a creative outlet that fit. One day, as he was stumbling around, he ran into Rosie Hardy's Flickr stream and it was at that moment that he found his calling. "I wanted to be able to create something that could tell a story and speak to people like her work does," he says. The next day, he started his 365 day… Continue

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Interview: Brian Parillo - L.A. Architecture

Ever since I laid eyes on Brian Parillo's black and white shots, I've never thought of L.A. architecture quite the same. Capturing shots at incredibly abstract angles, he conveys a powerful sense of drama through his carefully-crafted cinematic approach. I recently got in contact with Brian and had… Continue

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Meet Pip: The Modern Music Photographer (12 photos)

At just 22-years-old, London-based photographer Pip has already worked with some of the biggest and best music labels around. They include Atlantic Records, Mercury Records, Columbia/Sony BMG, and Universal Music among others. What makes his work stand out from the crowd is that he finds an artistic way to capture his musicians' personalities. You can tell that he puts a lot of thought into each… Continue

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Interview with Rukes, a Top DJ Photographer

If you've ever dreamed about living the rock star life, you'll get pretty close to it by being a concert photographer. I wrote about Rukes' incredible Deadmau5 concert photos last week and since then have gotten in touch with him. Here, he shares with us what led him into the… Continue

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Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2010 Shortlist (25 photos)

PhotoRadar just released their shortlist for Digital Photographer of the Year 2010. Split into ten distinct categories, this contest really showcases a diverse range of photography skills. With categories such as landscape, travel and wildlife, they're sure to inspire you not just as a photographer but as a world traveler and explorer. Of course, my favorite is… Continue

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Fashion & Beauty Photographer Yulia Gorbachenko (9 pics)

"Color, flare, and beauty are my addictions. My heart serves as guide – it never fails. My inspiration is unpredictable but its beauty precise. I see it, touch it, feel it, smell it; I find it everywhere." Yulia Gorbachenko…


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Bell Feehan Photographer

Bell Feehan Photographer ... read more

pictures © Bill Feehan

Bill is from Chicago, Illinois

"These photos were taken at an exhibit I attended in Atlanta, Georgia back in June called "Allure Of The Automobile" at The High Museum of… Continue

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Victoria "Torii" Ashipala

When i saw Victoria's pictures i was really impressed by the quality and the spirit of her work. She finds ways to make her pictures talk to us. Victoria is just nineteen years old.

"My name is Victoria 'Torii' Ashipala. I live in Windhoek, Namibia in Africa. I love photography and it's… Continue

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Beauty, Fashion, Dance by Klaus Kampert

Klaus Kampert works for leading advertising agencies and companies but also indulges in artistic photography.

Many of his images, especially nudes and ballet-dancers have been printed in international publications and are very asked for among collectors.…


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Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2009 Shortlist

Philosopher - Christian Oeser, Austria

Sorting through over 100,000 entries, the judges from The Digital Camera Photographer of the Year competition had a tough task at hand. How do you select the most captivating and creative pictures from such a large pool? Split into 10 categories including People and Portraits, Landscapes, World in Motion, Digital Vision and more, the photos…


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Beautiful Moments - Photographer Philip Newton (10 Photos)

I accidentally stumbled across the photographs of Philip Newton today. Newton was first inspired when he started looking at Life magazines. Twenty years later, he's still taking pictures, traveling the world as a fashion, sport, travel, child and portrait photographer. Reading his bio… Continue

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Bringing Costumes to Life - Fashion Photographer Baldovino Barani: London (5 photos)

Of French and Italian descent, Baldovino Barani is a fashion photographer who currently resides in London. You can really see the hard work put into his photos. I love the way he brings costumes to life and the bright, bold colors he uses in his shots. Definitely check out his website for more stunning photos.…


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