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Streams of Sand by Evelina Pentcheva

Streams of Sand is a one day project by Evelina Pentcheva that was shot at the Oceano Dunes in California. “Anibal Diaz is my soulmate, every shot that we create together is a truly heart opening experience. We are like two kids in Wonderland, always excited and happy to leap into the fabric of the senses and the mood of the moment. It’s a blessing,” she…


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Long Exposure Photos of Big Rigs Resting at Night

New Jersey photographer Michael Massaia has long suffered from insomnia, but has used his many restless nights to capture these images in his new series Seeing the Black Dog. Referencing the phenomenon of a phantom black dog running along the highway that many trucks experience from driving for long hours at night, the project focuses on the moment these huge vehicles and their drivers…


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Mesmerizing Three Dimensional Bubble Landscapes

Alexandre Bordereau combines his passion for graphic design, photo-manipulation, and photography to create some truly unique and imaginative images. We've featured the self-taught photographer's work before, and now he has reemerged with his latest series entitled…


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National Geographic's 2011 Photography Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Splashing by Shikhei Goh

Back in November, we wrote a post about the amazing entries in National Geographic's 2011 photography contest. After more than 20,000 photographs from over 130 countries were…


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Vintage Dust Bowl-Inspired Photography

Rather than create a traditionally beautiful, whimsical or fanciful series, photographer Ashley Lebedev decided to reach back into history and pay homage to a difficult time - the Dust Bowl. "To elaborate," she says, "through my entire career I've made it such a habit to be sure to get 'the shot' and pick the most beautiful shot of the roll but with 'Dustbowl' it's… Continue

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Beautiful Ballerina Photography

Cast in a soft blue color, this photo series by A. Borisov Studio is beautiful, stunning and cinematic. The Moscow, Russia-based team uses light to help tell their story - making their ballerinas appear happy and hopeful or shockingly distressed. All in all, we're left feeling as though we've given a rare look inside a world full of fierce emotion, one that challenges a… Continue

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More 2011 International Photography Award Winners

Advertising: Finalist, 1st Category winner Sinsong Xi

After showing you a collection of professional shots from the 2011 International Photography Awards, we thought it would only be right to show you the… Continue

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Curiously Cute Animal Photography

Vancouver, Canada-based photographer Jon Bertelli takes some of the most curiously cute animal photography we've seen in a long time. Whether it's of a patient cat precariously perched on a bicycle seat plotting his next move or it's of a baby giraffe seemingly stretching his neck out to be in the shot, each one will make you smile for its sweet storytelling ways. …


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Investment Banker Turned Photojournalist

Marcus Bleasdale's dedication to his work has influenced policy makers all around the world. His photos have been used in the US Senate, US House of Representatives, United Nations and the house of Parliament in the UK. What's even more amazing is that these images come from a man who changed his rich lifestyle banker career to that of a not so lavish photojournalist.

As… Continue

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Extreme Climbing Photography

Colorado-based commercial and editorial photographer David Clifford has shot some of the best climbers in the world. As Photo Editor at Rock & Ice Magazine, he's been able to create long lasting relationships with these adrenaline junkies, those who are so passionate about climbing that they, quite literally, push themselves to the edge.

Though Clifford's awesome adventure photos speak for themselves, you've… Continue

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Getting Lost in Europe

Late last year, Canada-based photographer Todd Korol had an epiphany. He realized that he just wasn't going to Europe enough. The photographer felt as though that there's so much of Europe to discover that he decided that once a year, he would travel there and simply take photos from morning till night. Korol would allow himself to get lost in European cities, letting himself by surprised by the next… Continue

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Raw Wildlife Photography

Michael Poliza isn't one of those photographers who was born into the trade. In fact, as a teenager, he was a well-known actor in Germany who appeared in more than 100 television shows and films. Later, Poliza would become a successful businessman, working in the IT sector. It was only during his third career that he found his true calling as a photographer. That was only five years… Continue

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Stunning Scaffolding Photography

While we can understand photography based on majestic mountains, beautiful sunsets or even… Continue

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Voyeuristic Fashion Photography

A few days ago, we launched YPOC's Visual Storytellers contest where we asked you to show us a story through a personal piece. To give you another example of what we're looking for, here's one provocative series by Andreas Kock called Stalker. This was originally created as a fashion editorial.… Continue

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Youthful Photography with a Hint of Magic

About two years ago, Simon Filip joined Flickr and started to see inspiration around him everywhere. He became actively involved with the community and began learning from others. He found that photography could "capture memories and create stories." The 19-year-old's style has been described as dreamy and magical. Take a look at his photos and you'll definitely feel that there's a youthful… Continue

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Magical Engagement and Wedding Photography

Thad and Sarah Lawrence showed us that with a little help from Photoshop, one could capture the trials and tribulations of love and marriage in ways we could have never imagined. Renaissance Studio, a modern vintage photography studio based in Ontario, Canada, takes this idea one step further by… Continue

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Manual Photography Cheat Sheet

Wow, how pretty is this? Whether you're a beginner photographer or just someone who likes to reminded of the basics, we think you'll appreciate this Manual Photography Cheat Sheet by Miguel Yatco. Why did he create it?

"Well, the main reason I made this infographic was so that I could help… Continue

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Dazzling Surf Photography Off Spanish Coast

30-year-old longboarder and photographer Elmo Hernandez recently reached out to us to show his beautiful surf photos. Combining his two passions, he's created a dazzling set of images all taken on the north coast of Spain (mostly in Asturias).

"I've been taking pictures since 2007, when I owned a little compact camera, but I definitely fell in love with photography when I bought my… Continue

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Wedding Photography Inspired by Paintings and Film Noir

Call it daring, dark, dramatic and even haunting. Just don't call it unoriginal. This is the work of Rocco Ancora.

Popular Photography just released its list of their Top 10 Wedding Photographers of 2011 and it included the talented Melbourne, Australia-based photographer. Pop…

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Magical Nighttime Photography

"I'm curious and like to explore with my camera," says Ben Canales. "The night skies captivate me."

The Portland, Oregon-based photographer has a love and passion for the stars. Growing up between three major cities in the Northeast of the US, Canales hardly saw any of them at night. Then, a few years ago, he left the East Coast cities for the darker, less poluted night skies on the… Continue

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