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Incredibly Peaceful Landscapes

“Because starting my day watching the sunrise while I stand alone on a quiet beach is magical, inspiring, uplifting, and really healthy for my soul.” - Jennifer Squires Ross

Ontario, Canada-based photographer Jennifer Squires Ross just wrote to us to tell us about a new…


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Underwater Photos that Resemble Baroque Paintings

With all of her effects created in-camera using the refraction of light and movement in different depths of water, Christy Lee Rogers creates pictures that look like Baroque paintings without the help of Photoshop. Her obsession with water as a medium coupled with her dedication to photography as an artistic medium, makes her work truly stand… Continue

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Beauty in a Statue

Andy Warhol Monument (Union Square, NYC)

Whenever I see a statue or a sculpture, particularly those of people, I look for the perfect angle to make them come alive. I'm lucky to live at a place that's perfect for this, New York City. Here are some shots from my series entitled Statues in the Sky.

General Tecumsah… Continue

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Fascinating Photos on Animal Domestication

National Geographic recently put out a thought-provoking article titled Animal Domestication.

Here's one of my favorite excerpts:

A growing body of evidence shows that historically, domesticated animals likely played a large part in their own taming, habituating themselves to humans before we took an active role in the process. "My working hypothesis,"… Continue

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Amazing Hand-Colored Photographs of Old Japan


These amazing hand-colored photographs of old Japan give us a history lesson about what life was like in the late 1800's to early 1900's. As an isolationist country opening its doors to the outside world for the first time in more than 200 years, a truly astounding transformation took place and, as fate would have it, photography had just been… Continue

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10 Excellent Supermoon Photos

First photo credit: NASA

Photographers (and even NASA) came out in full force last night to experience the largest full moon in more than 18 years (or since 1993). The "supermoon" occurs when the Moon is at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit (perigee). It's when the Earth, Moon and Sun are all in a line, with Moon in its nearest approach to… Continue

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6 New Underwater Sculpture Museum Photos

British sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor just sent us new photos of the underwater museum in the National Marine Park of Cancun. In November, his installation, called The Silent Evolution, opened to the public and became the largest underwater artificial art attraction in the world.

We watched as he… Continue

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Quirky Photos That Look Like Paintings (10 photos)

By isolating subjects in a studio against solid colors, Toronto-based photographer Andrew B. Myers makes us think twice about what we're exactly looking at. Most of the time we're amazed at paintings that appear like photos but when was the last time you saw the reverse?

Myers achieves… Continue

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Ridiculously Beautiful Photos of New Zealand (15 photos)

Andrew Smith takes some ridiculously beautiful photos of New Zealand! You may remember Smith as the one who took us on a trip through Italy, giving us a small but memorable tour through the canals of Venice, inside the awe-inspiring Vatican museum and around the gorgeous Amalfi Coast.

While Andrew… Continue

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2010 in Photos - The Big Picture

As 2010 comes to a close, we take a close-up look at the action-packed year in review. In this three-part series by The Big Picture , each photo tells its own tale, weaving together an incredible story...…


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15 Incredible Shots of Natural Disasters

Nature's wrath is unmerciful, and to say she's extremely powerful would be a major understatement. Understanding the capability of what she can do is hard to visualize, but with the help of some very skilled photographers, who took these shots at the perfect moment, we can come close. Here, then, are 15 amazing shots that will renew your respect for Mother Nature.

via [the big picture], […


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Simulating Life on Mars (18 total)

Inspired by a commission received from NASA, Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea is an unbelievably captivating series by artists Richard Selesnick and Nicholas Kahn that explores what life could be like on the red planet. Shot in three separate locations - Provincetown, Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Pyramid Lake in northern Nevada and Petrified Sand Dunes near Cedar… Continue

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Dreaming of Italy (10 photos)

New Zealand-based photographer and designer Andrew Smith of Cuba Gallery recently took a trip to Europe and came back with some exquisite shots. Using his Nikon D3 camera, Smith carefully composes his photos and then uses Adobe Lightroom 3 in post-production to take them to the next level. His photos throughout Italy are quite amazing in that they're able to transport… Continue

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25 Bone-Chilling Photos of Abandoned Places

Top of the grand stairwell, Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital, 2008

Though insane asylums, prisons and hospitals wouldn't necessarily be the first places that come to mind when you're thinking about beautiful places to shoot, you might find photographers Ian Ference and Katherine Westerhout there. These two have made it their mission to find beauty in the decrepit,… Continue

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Hyper-Detailed Photos by Jean Francois Rauzier (14 pics)

Combining art, photography and technology, French photographer Jean Francois Rauzier creates hyperphotos that will blow you away. Each collage is composed of between 600 and 3,400 individual close-up images, each taken one by one, using a telephoto lens over a period of one to two hours. Once the entire scene is captured, Rauzier stitches them together using Photoshop, working obsessively until the viewer can't discern where one image begins and one… Continue

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Gravity Defying Photography (25 photos)

It seems strange to me that we've never covered Li Wei's photography here on theMET. His incredibly creative photos represent everything we love to write about - they're unique, fun, imaginitive and well-executed. More performance art than just photography, Li Wei's work incorporates everything from mirrors to metal wires, items a modern-day magician might even use.… Continue

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NASA Releases Incredible Photos on Flickr (14 photos)

John Glenn Enters the Friendship 7 Capsule, 1962

NASA joined Flickr Commons today, releasing 180 historic photos in three incredible sets; Building NASA, Launch/Takeoff and NASA Center Namesakes. The photos span the US space agency's 50+ year history. You'll not only get to see the key figureheads behind NASA, you'll also see some of the most iconic… Continue

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25 Most Haunting Photos from Hurricane Katrina

It's been over five years since the Gulf Coast was hit with Hurricane Katrina but after seeing these photos, the haunting feelings still remain. Ogden Museum in New Orleans is now displaying 53 of the most memorable photos from the days and weeks following the storm in their new exhibit, Telling Their Stories: The Lingering Legacy of the Hurricane Katrina… Continue

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22 Incredibly Interesting Animal Photos

Netherlands based freelance photographer Edgar Thissen takes animal photos that are incredibly interesting. His tack sharp portraits often focus squarely on the eyes, giving us a clear look into the windows of their souls. With crisp detail, he shows us just how beautiful all living creatures on this earth can be, reminding us how we share it with a hearty host of… Continue

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22 Incredible Photos of Faraway Places


Chances are you already know Steve McCurry as the man who took one of the most iconic photos of our time. It was of a 12-year-old Afghan refugee girl who's piercing green eyes told us her harrowing story. The image itself was named "the most recognized photograph" in the history of the National Geographic…


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