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Struggling Paper Sculptures

Come to Ambach & Rice gallery in Los Angeles from now till December 28, 2011 to see some incredibly interesting paper sculptures that look like something out of a crazy carnival. Prisoners of Conscience is a wild sculptural installation by Armenian artist Karen Sargsyan inspired by political prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky. It's fascinating how this artist is…


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Amazing Drinking Straw Sculptures

Easily some of the most intriguing works we witnessed at last week's Scope Art Fair in Miami were the undulating sculptures made out of ordinary plastic drinking straws. Patrajadas Contemporary in Philadelphia, which represents Korean artist SangSik Hong, showed off three of his amazing pieces. Equally impressive are his large scale installations that seem to shockingly… Continue

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Surreal Porcelain Sculptures

As her inspiration, Kate MacDowell looks at professional wildlife photos, scientific diagrams and even snapshots of roadkill. She also buys plastic animal toys with realistic anatomy. This is all to create some of the most interesting and bizarre porcelain sculptures we've ever seen. First, why does she choose to work with this interesting medium?

"I first started experimenting with… Continue

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Incredible E-Waste Sculptures

"Ever wondered what happens to obsolete walkmans and out-of date video tapes? To blunt saw blades and to dead cell phones. To ancient floppy discs and fused light bulbs? What happens to what we generally call ‘scrap’? Just because they have out-lived their use, do they deserve to be forgotten away in attics, thrown into bins? Or, just piled up in one corner of a scrap yard?" - Haribaabu… Continue

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Impressive Wooden Sculptures

Prosthetic Suit for Stephen Hawking

If you head to the Power of Making exhibit inside the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, you'll get a chance to see some exquisitely crafted objects including Michael T. Rea's Prosthetic Suit for Stephen Hawking. (The… Continue

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Isaac Cordal's Lost Cement Sculptures

Artist Isaac Cordal recently reached out to us to tell us about his latest installation. Called Follow the Leaders, the scenes took place in a semi-abandoned space in Milan, Italy. It's a "reflection about how our leaders take us to dead ends," he says. "This is a group of… Continue

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Emotion-Filled Steel Wire Sculptures

Corpus Callosum

Self-taught artist, illustrator and designer Gavin Worth first became interested in wire sculpting after seeing an exhibit on Alexander Calder at the SFMoMA. Since then, he's created his own set of amazing pieces that are both beautiful and moving.

"By bending… Continue

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Damien Hirst Unveils Two Strange, Mythical Sculptures

If you're interested in seeing some actual Damien Hirst sculptures, you're in luck. Two new Hirst works will be shown for The Beyond Limits sculpture exhibition at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire,… Continue

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Amazing Wood-Chip Animal Sculptures

Come a bit closer. Without reading our title, can you guess what these animal sculptures are made of? Artist Sergey Bobkov, 54, made the above life-sized owl chick from cutting chips from the Siberian cedar for an exhibition of his works in a local school at Kozhany, southwest of Krasnoyarsk, on September 5, 2011. Bobkov, who received a patent on manufacturing… Continue

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Perspective Illusion Cartoon Sculptures

British artist James Hopkins makes us, simultaneously, smile and scratch our heads with his seemingly ordinary cartoon sculptures. His acrylic plastic characters, called Perspective Sculptures, are all part of a crazy illusion that unveils itself when the works are viewed from a different perspective.

It's all part of Hopkins' plan or the way his art works. "The majority of my practice is concerned with the role of judgment in connection to the… Continue

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The Incredible Making of Climbing Sculptures

Groups are engaged in activities that require cooperation and teamwork to achieve goals. What better way to bring this important idea to life than with some incredible art?

After writing about Bill Starke's incredible climbing sculptures, I knew I… Continue

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Sculptures Popping Out of Paintings

Oh, to have been in Tokyo in June! Shintaro Ohata just finished up a solo exhibition at the Yukari Art Contemprary in Tokyo, Japan. This Hiroshima, Japan-born artist is known for his ability to show us everyday life in a cinematic way. He captures light in his paintings, showering the world, as we know it, with carefully placed strokes of it. "Every ordinary scenery in our daily lives, such as the rising sun, the beauty of a sunset or a glittering road paved with…


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Whimsical Wireframe Sculptures

Who wouldn't love to bump into sculptures like this? Bright orange and blue umbrellas, a red light bulb, a huge hammer, and a white gate are all currently on show at Roche Court's New Art Centre in Wiltshire, UK. These 3D sculptures by Michael Craig-Martin are meant to look as though they're "great drawings against the sky." Does anyone else feel like they'd be trapped in an alternate…

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Massive Steel Sculptures Surround Palace of Versailles

Visit the Palace of Versailles from June 1st through November 1st, 2011 and you'll get to see some fantastic contemporary sculptures surrounding the French landmark. The past few years we saw Takashi Murakami, Xavier Veihan and Jeff Koons display their works around the palace and this year they've invited artist Bernar Venet to display his stunning steel sculptures. The Palace of Versailles chose… Continue

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Mesmerizing Pixel Sculptures

Is your mind playing tricks on you? Are you trapped inside a video game? Texas-based Shawn Smith is a modern-day sculptor who likes to explore "the slippery intersection between the digital world and reality." Over the past few years, he's been taking small pieces of wood, plastic, and metal and arranging them together to form objects in nature. "I am very interested in how intertwined humans… Continue

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Dramatic 3D Paper Sculptures

By now, we've seen all kinds of paper sculptures; mind-melting ones by Jen Stark, massive white paper ones by Jeff Nishinaka, and even beautifully layered ones by… Continue

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Paul Frank's Spectacularly Silly Soft Sculptures

Who wouldn't love to see one of Paul Frank's wacky characters sitting on their desk, staring at them in the face? Frank is an artist best known for his colorful clothing line which is often adorned with the face of Julius the Monkey, one of Frank's best-known creations.

Since November 2005, Frank has not been affiliated with Paul Frank Industries (you can read the long and bitter story… Continue

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Exquisitely Detailed Suspended Sculptures

Chances are you've already seen Claire Morgan's incredibly detailed suspended sculptures somewhere around the web. If they didn't stop you in your tracks, then we invite you take a good, long look at them again. Though she uses common materials like lead, nylon, acrylic, she also spends countless hours arranging thousands of pieces of everything from fruits and leaves to dandelion seeds and… Continue

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Awesome Skateboard Deck Sculptures

The wait is finally over! As fans of Haroshi's recycled skateboard deck art, we've been waiting with bated breath to see more of his incredible pieces which are now currently on display at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. Although some were… Continue

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3D Cartoon Sculptures (14 pics)

Have you ever daydreamed about living in a cartoon universe? You know, where you're high-fiving Bugs Bunny, giving some pyrotechnic pointers to Yosemite Sam or scheming up an ingenious idea with Bart Simpson? Then, you must see the work of Luke O'Sullivan. The Boston-based artist applies screen-printed drawings on wood and steel to create sculptures that look like they belong on your Saturday… Continue

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