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I Believe I Can Fly by Slinkachu

Have you ever felt like a little person who was about to take flight in a big world? Miniature mastermind artist Slinkachu created a piece at New York's Brooklyn Bridge Park that symbolizes just that. Holding a bird feather with each hand, the miniature man braces himself for what's sure to be an…


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Grandpa Gettin' His Game On

Our favorite miniature artist, Slinkachu, is back with a brand new hilarious scene. This time, a feisty old man is seen using a tiny dolly to carry his drug of choice, a humongous Viagra pill. Clearly, the little grandpa has a fun night ahead of him.…


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Life in the Miniature Lane (8 pieces)

London-based artist Slinkachu continues to come out with more fun and clever miniature dioramas. Over the past couple weeks, Alice and I recently featured some of his latest works. In addition… Continue

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The Last Resort by Slinkachu (3 pics)

Slinkachu is at it again! This time he brings us this funny and creative piece titled "The Last Resort." The piece is the first of many in a new body of work he is preparing for his second solo show at London's Andipa Gallery in March.

Slinkachu's blog

via [… Continue

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Marlboro Red Exhibit - Slinkachu (3 pics)

Slinkachu takes us on another fun ride with this latest piece from his ongoing project, "Little People, a Tiny Street Art Project." Titled "Relics," an old couple is seen checking out a Marlboro Red exhibit.…


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Chicken Tikka Disasta - Slinkachu (2 pics)

UK-based artist Slinkachu recently released images of his latest installation: Chicken Tikka Disasta. This new piece is part of a larger effort to raise funds for the people of Bhopal who are still suffering the effects of the world’s worst industrial disaster - the chemical gas…


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Little People Livin' the High Life - Slinkachu (3 photos)

Apparently life is good in the miniature world. "The High Life" is the latest creation by one of our favorite artists, Slinkachu. The piece was shot on the streets of Italy, "near the local fly-tipping area and dog pound - the high life indeed!" The image is available in a…


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Little People in the Big City (16 pics)


The Little People Project by London-based Slinkachu is one of my all-time favorite art installations. After remodeling and painting miniature model train set characters, he places them on the street and takes photographs of them in funny and interesting predicaments.

"The street-based side of my work plays with the notion of…


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Little People by Slinkachu

This Ain't Food!

From the same artist as the Inner City Snail, comes Little People.

Life As We Know It

Bad… Continue

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