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Dramatic LEGO Recreations of Star Wars and Indiana Jones

Helsinki-based Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, aka Avanaut, captures cinematic shots of LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones toys. The photographer uses his creative eye and skilled hand to snap shots of the mini figurines against real-life backdrops, resulting in dramatic portraits of these…


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Hilarious Look at the Everyday Life of Wookiees

Portland, Oregon-based photographer Mako Miyamoto (aka neon werewolf) playfully explores the everyday lives of Wookiees. The funny images feature the giant, hairy beasts as they kick back, relax, and have some fun. Each episode in his growing collection presents a different adventure, from the mundane and ordinary to the less…


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New "Vadering" Photo Meme Lifts People Up with The Force

If you're a fan of Star Wars, you should be familiar with Darth Vader's signature stranglehold move. Well, it's no longer an attack reserved for the movies as the internet has adopted the gravity-defying strike and is incorporating it into a developing meme known as Vadering. It only requires two participants—one nonchalantly extending a hand and the other leaping into the air…


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Amazing LEGO Star Wars Sculpture Re-Imagines M. C. Escher's Relativity

The Star Wars films are iconic and widely celebrated by fans spanning across generations since the original's theatrical release in 1977. They have truly passed the test of time. Similarly, M. C. Escher's famous lithograph print Relativity, from 1953, is widely recognized by the public. Both works have even seen their fair share of recreations, but…


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Pop Culture Figurines Beg on the Streets

Copywriter-turned-photographer Marcos Minuchin takes your average action figure and reworks it to cleverly mimic and comment on life in his ongoing project known as The Secret Life of Toys. In the series titled Recession Army, Minuchin uses classic comic book and Star Wars characters to pose as out-of-work veterans. We've seen the work…


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