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Top 6 Sites that Celebrate Street Art

In today's tips for a connected lifestyle, we bring you the top six sites that celebrate a type of art we've all grown to love. Though street art has been around for ages, it's only been within the past decade or so that it's been thought of as a highly regarded form of art. British street artist Banky released Exit Through the Gift Shop which scored an Oscar… Continue

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Miniature People in Shocking Scenes

Hazardous Material

What kind of misery and chaos have the miniature people gotten themselves into? San Diego-based artist Enomeks has that answer. He's come upon four different yet very dramatic scenes. A hazmat team has been deployed to check out some foreign, fuming material. Banksy has struck again! Someone's been smuggling illegal goods while another man seems to… Continue

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Pole Position Street Illusion

What a trip! MINI worked with ad agency DraftFCB in Zurich to create a guerilla poster that made you feel as though you were about to embark on a race. Set during the morning rush hour, the illusion gave the message: Speed yourself up! By asking drivers to go from zero to the maximum legal speed in no time, the ad challenges you to find adventure in the mundane. The picture montage was… Continue

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Getting Lost in Europe

Late last year, Canada-based photographer Todd Korol had an epiphany. He realized that he just wasn't going to Europe enough. The photographer felt as though that there's so much of Europe to discover that he decided that once a year, he would travel there and simply take photos from morning till night. Korol would allow himself to get lost in European cities, letting himself by surprised by the next… Continue

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Story Behind that Yarn Street Art

A few days ago, we put up a few shots of some intriguing street art made of yarn and stencil. We found out that it took six hours to create but, other than that, there wasn't much more information about it. What did it mean? How exactly was it made?

We got in touch with the person behind… Continue

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Swoon's Street Art Comes Alive

As part of Levi's involvement at MOCA's Art in the Streets show, they're pairing three of the exhibit’s artists with renowned filmmakers to create a series of film shorts called Meet the Artists. Why? To bring these artists' work to life. These films will be made… Continue

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Angry Bird Spotted in the City!

Street art and pop culture collide again! Street artist OaKoAk just put up this awesome, new piece he calls Angry Bird in the City. If you're not familiar with OaKoAk's pop culture-inspired work, go here and… Continue

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Hyper-Realistic Street Scenes

After being completely amazed by Alan Wolfson's hyper-realistic Canal Street scene, I knew I had to get in touch with him. Though the Q&A section on his website is quite thorough, I still had some lingering questions. Wolfson was… Continue

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It's Coming: MOCA's Major Graffiti and Street Art Show

Are you as excited about this show as us? Soon, the Museum of Contemporary Art will present Art in the Streets and in doing so will be the FIRST major U.S. museum to examine the history of street art and graffiti. Running from April 17 through August 8, we'll learn how an underground form of expression that begin in the 1970s became what it is today...a major art movement!

Art… Continue

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Silhouette Street Art (10 pieces)

Kenny Random is a Padova, Italy-based street artist who creates silhouette-style men that looks like they're living inside city walls! Don't think that they're unhappy. Rather, they seems quite content, even enjoying their urban surroundings. As Random says about them, "My characters communicate in silence. And I prefer not to add words."

Not much is known about street artist Kenny Random… Continue

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Clever and Cute Street Art (12 pieces)

Banksy makes us think with his satirical street art. TED prize winner JR inspires us with his soulful portraits. But it's only OakoAk who can make us laugh with his cute and clever pieces. Lately, the French street artist has been on a tear, turning park benches, stoops and dilapidated walls into wonderful and unexpected places for art. We love his take on… Continue

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Storytelling Word on the Street (8 photos)

Imagine starting a photo series over 30 years ago. Then, imagine the patience it requires in finding an authentic and powerful moment. That is the abbreviated story of Richard Nagler, a man who spent days finding poignant words in isolation then waited for a lone individual to pass by. It couldn't just be any person, however, that stranger had to breathe life into that word, creating a story out of… Continue

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Beautiful Watercolor Street Scenes (12 pieces)

While we can all appreciate today's digital art movement, there's something about watercolor paintings that strikes a chord within us, making us yearn for simpler times. Poland-based artist Grzegorz Wróbel is an architectural designer and artist who paints both traditional and modern architecture in his stunning street scenes. Love how he paints shadows and light and how he brings into focus… Continue

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This is Tokyo (11 photos)

Marseille, France-based freelance photographer Eric Rocco (or Hinto Hinto) recently wrote to me to tell me about his Tokyo street photography. As I was looking through his photos I couldn't help but feel like I was right there with him - staring blankly at one of a million drink machines, peering through the floor to ceiling windows, or walking past a stranger who seemed weary, tired and… Continue

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Mischevious Street Art Characters (19 total)

Most people would never look twice at an old, decrepit wall but then again artist Richard Vermaak isn't like most people. He sees these eroded surfaces as his blank canvas and that inspires him with ideas. His mini Dia De Los Muertos-looking characters, called Skelewags, spring to life, finding ways to get into some hilarious trouble.

"This started out with the search for interesting… Continue

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Homeless Street Art (10 pieces)

Street artist Michael Aaron Williams purposely puts up his homeless street people in places where others will find them. He doesn't glue them up, rather, he simply tapes them to the walls so that anyone who passes by might want to stop, take them off the wall, and bring them home. And if no one does? "They will cease to exist," Williams says. "They will be…


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Shocking Google Street View Photos (20 total)

Google Street View has been grabbing headlines these days because Google recently admitted that their cars had inadvertently collected personal data from unprotected Wi-Fi networks.The FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief even said that these cars "collected passwords,… Continue

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Intricately Layered Street Scenes (14 photos)

I recently came across 30-year-old French photographer Fontas Nicolas' work and was instantly taken aback. His series, called Transparence, takes multiple street scenes in Japan and California (San Francisco, and Los Angeles) and weaves them together in a way that's completely mesmerizing. You almost have to spend a few minutes looking into each one to appreciate… Continue

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Secret Street Stories (20 photos)

While one can appreciate Greg Schmigel's street photos for their sharpness and clarity, when you find out that they were all taken on an iPhone, it makes it all the more incredible. Schmigel has a way of seeing things most of us might miss. In fact, he can find a complicated story etched in someone's face, catching that moment before it's too late. One of my favorite… Continue

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Authentic and Ironic Street Stories (15 photos)

If there's one type of photography that can be called authentic and ironic, it would be street photography. Depicting human behavior in a way that makes us laugh takes both a watchful eye and a great sense of timing. One photographer who does this well is Dorset UK-based Paul Russell. His photos have appeared in The Guardian, The Independent and BBC's own… Continue

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