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Massive Street Art Characters

Mixed media street artist Amose creates incredibly unique characters massive in size and magnificent in style. The 32-year-old artist from Lille, France incorporates interesting, geometric shapes and long lines to make these unique murals. Recently, he created the piece, above, for the Infart Festival, an urban art… Continue

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Soul-Searching Alien Street Art

French street artist Iemza creates the most captivating, soul-searching, alien-looking street art in the world. I'd love to see the reaction of a random person passing by who sees Iemza's work for the very first time. I imagine they would be amazed yet freaked out at the exact same time. These photos were, once… Continue

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Herakut in Tel Aviv

If I gave up my arms could you teach me how to be happy?

As of late, German collaborative duo Herakut has been on a tear! After putting up a couple of terrific murals in Los… Continue

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Urban Poetry

Rather than writing down his thoughts in a notebook, like the average person, Robert Montgomery chooses to take a slightly more unconventional approach. The London-based artist hijacks large billboards and back-lit bus stops to share urban poetry with the world around him. Montgomery also builds his own illuminated signs. Clearly, he has a lot to say...…


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Pop Culture-Inspired Street Art (15 pieces)

French street artist OakoAk sees the world through a very creative set of eyes. Inspired by pop culture icons and current social issues, he creates fantastically fun works in the unlikeliest of places...…


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10 Street Artists You Should Know

1.) Above

With unpredictable weather conditions and improvised workspaces, street art isn't that easy to do. In fact, it's extremely difficult, and that's precisely why these artists deserve so much respect.

Over the last couple of years, we've featured many great street artists here at theMET. All of them have different… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Unframed by JR (6 pieces)

JR is best known for taking photographs and pasting them on huge structures all over the world. His pieces are often a reflection of the town they're completed in.

The world-renowned street artist went in a new direction with his latest project, he titles "Unframed." Instead of using his own photos, he uses images from other photographers and pastes them… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Street Tiger

By German street artist Nikolaj Arndt .

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Urban Street Art: Dark Funk

Street artist Probs created this neon wall mural as a tribute to Daft Punk and their involvement in the upcoming Tron2 movie. The piece was completed in London at the International Meeting of Styles event, which featured over 50 aerosol artists from across the world for a day of color and creativity.

image via:… Continue

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Escape from Hell

For some reason, this piece by street artist Andison reminds me of a Rorschach inkblot test. I can just imagine the doctor asking, "What do you see in this one?"

I'm actually quite in love with how the dripping paint accentuates the raw emotion in this piece, seen on the streets of Quito,… Continue

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Transformative Street Art by Roa (10 pics)

1) Berlin

I think it's fair to say that street artist Roa is on top of his game. What really separates him from the rest of the field is the way he adds different layers into a piece, giving his viewers multiples perspectives of the biology behind his animal subjects. It's almost like he gives us x-ray vision. Collected here are three… Continue

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Amazing 3D Street Art in Moscow (10 pics)

German artists Marion Ruthardt and Gregor Vosika created these amazing street art pieces for Nike's "I Run" campaign in Russia. Completed at four different parks in Moscow, the detailed murals give off the optical illusion that runners must overcome challenging obstacles in their path to get to the other side of the road.

The frightening obstacles include:… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Skount + Laguna in Spain (2 pics)

Here's a cool collaborative piece by street artists Skount + Laguna, seen in Zaragoza, Spain. Particularly love the layers of colors toward the bottom of the piece.

via… Continue

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Comic Book-Inspired Street Art (15 pieces)

Sheffield-based Phlegm is best known for his self-published comics and highly creative street art. Many of his larger-than-life characters originate from his comics.

"I started out as a cartoonist but the graffiti side of things has really taken over the past three years," says Phlegm. "I think it’s because my style has been so effected by what i draw for… Continue

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Raw Emotion by Liliwenn (8 Street Art Pieces)

After seeing her full collection of work, I can wholeheartedly say that Liliwenn is currently one of the best street artists in the world. Her use of color is excellent, and you can really feel the heartfelt emotion in her pieces.

Regarding the brilliant piece above, Liliwenn says, "Claudiney was a child from Sâo Paulo streets. Unfortunately, he lost his life far too young..."

She adds on her Facebook fan page: "I am addict.. my… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Jeremy Fish & Sam Flores in Guadalajara

Two popular modern artists, Sam Flores and Jeremy Fish, collaborated on a street mural in Gudalajara, Mexico. It's cool to see the styles of both artists infused into one piece, especially since we usually see their work in galleries, not on city walls.…


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Urban Street Art: Ivy Hair (2 pics)

Here's a lovely site-specific piece titled "Tara" by Toronto-based street artist Dan Bergeron aka Fauxreel. It's the latest addition to his "Face of the City" series, which features "portrait-based works that combines the abrasive charm of the distressed…


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Intricate Street Art Enriched in Mexican Culture

When I first laid eyes on these beautiful murals by street artist Neuzz aka Miguel Mejía, I was really impressed with how his work is so enriched in Mexican culture. If you look closely, it's hard not to blown away by the amount of detail he puts into them. In particular, his use of color and contrast is incredible.

A graphic designer, painter, and…


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Urban Street Art: Mathematics by Phil Lumbang (2 pics)

After a cool collaborative piece with Becca, which we saw yesterday, Phil Lumbang is back, this time with a solo piece. "Mathematics" answers the question: What happens when a black and white bear get together? Looks like the answer is a cute panda bear. It was spotted by the other…


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Urban Street Art: Beauty and the Cute Bear

This collaborative piece by Phil Lumbang and Becca would fall under the "cute" category of street art. The scene is almost reminiscent of something you'd see in a children's book. It was seen in Los Angeles, on Mateo + 7th.

via… Continue

Added by Eugene on July 19, 2010 at 11:00am — 2 Comments


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