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NYC Street Signs that Address Modern Day Etiquette

Rather than simply complain about the pet peeves he was noticing on the streets of Manhattan, graphic designer Jay Shells decided to take a proactive (and somewhat humorous) approach by creating some new streets signs under the guise of the "Metropolitan Etiquette Authority." The social issues addressed are directly related to people walking while distracted by their cell phones,… Continue

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Sahara Desert Street Art For Change

Street artist M-E-S-A traveled to the Sahara desert to live with Saharawi families in a refugee camp. During his stay, he learned about the incredible history of the Saharawi people, who have lived in exile for more than 36 years, fighting a peaceful way with art projects, such as Artifariti 2011, a student meeting, shown here.

"The Sahara, under hard conditions of life, living…


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Banksy Attacks London!

Just a couple days ago, we featured some new work by the world's most famous street artist, Banksy. Turns out, he actually went on a tear and put up a few more pieces in London. It's astounding that we still don't know Banksy's true identity considering the fact that he's using the walls of a major…


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Street Artist Recreates Real Crime Scenes

It's really refreshing to see a government use street art for a good cause. Street artist Otis Frizzell captured moments from three real-life New Zealand Police stories, stenciling each one on a wall near the sites where the events unfolded. The campaign, by M&C Saatchi Auckland, encourages young Kiwis who want to make a difference to consider becoming a cop. The New Zealand police… Continue

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Fine Art in the Streets

SmugOne is a super talented artist that uses blank walls on the street as his canvas. After scouring the Internet for information about him, it's clear he wants to keep a low profile. This may prove quite challenging, however, given the high quality of his murals. I have a strong feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of him and his work in the near future.…


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Medusa with Gasoline Pump Dreadlocks

One of the most controversial and politically opinionated street artists, BLU gives us a piece of his mind about the oil industry. The huge mural, created for the Cityleaks Urban Art Festival in Cologne, Germany, features a hand reaching down and grabbing Medusa by her wretched gasoline pump… Continue

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Tragic Accident Gives Street Artist New Perspective

When French artist Michael Beerens turned 23, a serious motorcycle accident put him in the hospital for six months. During his recovery, he had time to think about his life and passion for graffiti. He realized that grafitti was a pure ego trip and decided to switch his style to painting illustrations of animals.

"I have been fascinated by animals since by childhood. I discovered the… Continue

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Street Art Protest for Ai Weiwei

Following the arrest of Ai Weiwei, a person using the alias Cpak Ming projected a “flash stencil” of the disappeared Chinese artist onto the side of the People’s Liberation Army barracks in Admiralty, Hong Kong. Next to Ai's Weiwei's face were the words: "Who's Afraid of Ai Weiwei?"

The flash graffiti, which… Continue

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Revolutionary Tunisian Street Art

As the history books will state, after more than two decades of authoritarian rule, the people of Tunisia had enough and collectively revolted. Successfully overthrowing the government, they now find themselves in the process of establishing a democratic society.

Algerian French street artist ZOO Project wanted to be at the epicenter of the historic movement. To celebrate the… Continue

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Inspirational South African Street Art

One of the most exciting aspects of street art is that it can be found anywhere in the world. Freddy Sam aka Ricky-Lee Gordon is a street artist based out of Cape Town, South Africa. He is the founder of the Write on Africa initiative, which aims to create artwork in Africa for inspiration, social change, and urban… Continue

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Urban Street Art: ROA Tears Up Mexico (11 pieces)

Street artist ROA recently went on a tear in Mexico, after being invited by Gonzalo Alvarez of Mamutt Arte. "I love to integrate the native animals of the country I visit," he says, referring to the armadillo, buzzards, raccoon, anteater, and fighting cock he gave his hosts in Mexico City, and a tiny town in the north called Jamaica. Part naturalist and part social activist, ROA shines his… Continue

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Urban Street Art: New Works by Phlegm (8 pics)

UK-based street artist Phlegm has been putting up some awesome works lately. As usual, many of his larger-than-life characters originate from his comics.

"I love to get run down urban spaces and factories and play with the space," says Phlegm. "It’s such an immediate way to get… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Dead Fish (3 pics)

This latest piece by ROA caught my eye. Taking a break from his usual paintings of birds and critters, ROA focuses his attention to fish. Completed in Salton Sea, California, the spooky piece seems to match the mood of its location...

via [… Continue

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Beautiful Brush-Less Portraits (12 pieces)

One look at David Walker's beautiful brush-less portraits, and you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you he only started painting three years ago. For two of those years, he only painted in black, white, and pink because it was cheaper and allowed him to concentrate on his subjects more. Then, he came across a box of random colored paint that had been buried in the studio and he started… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Burqa Man Loves Paris (3 pics + video)

Street artist Above shot us an email about his new work in Paris. As you can see, "A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words" is centered around the controversial burqa ban in France, that we discussed earlier in the forum.

Above says: "I sat for a while considering if I should describe… Continue

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ROA's Curving Wall (6 pics)

It almost seems like ROA hasn't taken off any time this year. Of course, we couldn't be happier because we admire his street art so much. This time, he takes on an unusual canvas, a curving wall in Santander, Spain. ROA fills the large scale mural with his trademark animals and fossils, who appear to be sleeping. Always incredibly detailed and powerful, Roa's art… Continue

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New Street Art in Spain (2 murals)

Spain doesn't have a shortage of awesome street artists. In fact, they have two of the best. Here are a couple of amazing wall murals that were recently completed by Liqen and Skount.


As part of the Desordes Festival, Liqen planned on painting a black hole, but in the end it… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Tough Love (3 pics)

A sweet collaborative piece by Resto, Roa, and Santos spotted in Doel, Belgium. The mural on the other side of the building is pretty cool, too!



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Urban Street Art: Subway Shark

Street artist Kapo created this fierce looking shark on a subway entrance in Madrid, Spain. Love how the 3D effect makes it look like the beast is coming out of water.

Edit: The subway entrance is some sort of ventilation and the artist is e1000ink.

via streetsy

photo via… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Lady Justice in Johannesburg

Inspired by Lady Justice, this beautiful piece by Faith47 was seen on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. The imagery and bold words speak loudly about Faith47’s concern on crumbling worldwide justice.

Photo By Rowan Pybus

Faith47's website

via… Continue

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