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Tragedy of Lance Armstrong Expressed Through Street Art

For many years Lance Armstrong was hailed as a hero, a survivor of cancer who went on to win the Tour de France seven times. His reign as a champion was not without controversy. Accusations of doping seemed to follow him wherever he went and the cyclist denied the claims vehemently, often calling his accusers names and even going as far as suing them successfully.

Just last week, in…


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Street Art Symbolizing Mexico's Strong Family Bonds

Street artist Liqen was invited by the “Collectivo Tomate” to paint a mural in Xanenetla, a neighborhood with lots of rich history in the Mexican city of Puebla. As corn is a staple food in this country, he wanted to express the idea of how strong the family is there, making each…


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Simpsons Nuclear Street Art in Chernobyl

French Street artist Combo recently ventured to Chernobyl, a place where not many people have visited in the past decade, to put up this mural of America's beloved animated family. The Simpsons seem to be having a great time in the mural, picnicking on a grassy mound, all while the Homer's nuclear power plant is seen menacingly in the background.

The photo of the mural is striking,…


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Hanksy's Apollo 13 Space Shuttle Spoof

Spoofing one of Banksy's most recent pieces, Hanksy hilariously transforms Banky's Biplane (below) into the legendary Apollo 13 Space Shuttle. Spotted on the streets of Chicago, Tom Hanks looks like he's having the time of his life. Just take one look at his hilarious facial…


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Banksy's Biplane Heart Trail

We haven't seen much of Banksy in 2011, so it's nice to see a new, quality piece coming from him. Spotted recently in Liverpool, a little, puttering biplane is seen leaving a large, heart-shaped smoke trail. Also worth noting is this dark yet…


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If Reality TV Shows Were Actually About Real Life...

We all know that reality TV shows depict the furthest thing from real life. Street collective TrustoCorp decided to do something about the madness by installing their custom billboards in a couple of New York City phone booths. The new shows that they're now promoting are The Real Housewives of Baghdad and The Real World North Korea.…


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