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Revealing Photos of New York City from the 70s and 80s

New York City was the urban culture capital of the 70s and 80s, setting trends and leaving an impression on the world. While the Big Apple has maintained its creative influence, a lot has changed over the years. Taking a look back at photos by documentary photographers from three to four decades ago, one can see a clear difference, especially in the NYC subway.



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Subway Cars Tossed into Sea (10 pics + interview)

It's a spectacular and almost surreal sight - discarded subway cars getting tossed into the sea. Over a course of two and a half years, Stephen Mallon took photos of New York City's subway cars as they found a new home and a renewed purpose. Called Next Stop Atlantic, the series sheds light on how these modern-day machines take on their next challenge - being artificial reefs for… Continue

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Symbolic Subway Maps (6 total)

Korean design studio Zero Per Zero reimagines subway maps by infusing them with symbolic meaning. Conceived as a new way of projecting an identity of a city onto its transport map, City Railway Systems retains its functional use while capturing the character of a city.

Taking inspiration from a city's history, each map is unique. What a nice way to… Continue

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Incredible Subway Art (13 pics)

Dutch design group Million Dollar Design won a competition to give a 30-year-old Amsterdam subway car a face-lift. Taking a worn-out grey background as a canvas, they transformed an old subway car into an incredible underwater world! Mermaids, sea turtles, eels, and octopuses are only a few creatures seen in this colorful fantasy.

Since the subway car has two compartments, the design group painted one predominantly green, giving the…


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Urban Street Art: Subway Shark

Street artist Kapo created this fierce looking shark on a subway entrance in Madrid, Spain. Love how the 3D effect makes it look like the beast is coming out of water.

Edit: The subway entrance is some sort of ventilation and the artist is e1000ink.

via streetsy

photo via… Continue

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Beautiful Subway Stations Around the World (8 Stations)

T-Centralen Metro Station - Stockholm, Sweden [link]

When I think about magnificent, modern architecture, the first thought that crosses my mind is buildings. My hope is that after looking at this set, you'll be stunned and amazed at the vast amount of beauty and… Continue

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