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Surreal Light Illustrations

We've been huge fans of Yau Hoong Tang ever since we laid eyes on his clever negative space illustrations. Recently, he put together a set of surreal light illustrations that are equally, if not more inspiring, for their thoughtful execution.

"Light is responsible for the sense of sight," he… Continue

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Surreal Moving Away Portraits

Right now, over on Eye Buy Art's front page, an interesting series by photographer Adam Rankin is being featured. It's a sad and somewhat surreal set of portraits taken in the weeks leading up to the sale of Rankin's family home.

"In each portrait, the subject floats above and through a shared memory, heading towards something new… Continue

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Miniature People Stuck in Surreal Oil Paintings

Coffee and Donuts

Laguna Beach, California-based artist Scott Moore loves sharing his creative process. Visit his online gallery, click into one of his images, and you'll see this sentence below each one: "If you would like to see the step-by-step process Scott used to design and paint this image,… Continue

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New Surreal Hyper-Realistic Painting

A little over a week ago, artist Jeremy Geddes released a new hyper-realistic oil paining that's "the first of a very loosely connected series." Called A Perfect Vacuum, this piece is definitely a departure from his floating spacemen series but it has that same surreal feeling that runs throughout his work. Check it out in more detail below.…


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Sweetly Surreal

Let Phoenix, Arizona-based Rachael Koscica whisk you away to another world with her beautifully surreal photos. Though she's only been shooting for the past five years, Koscica has the ability to create scenes that seem grounded in reality...almost. Her free flowing imagination could only come from someone who sees the world a sweet and whimsical way.

Koscica's first publication… Continue

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Surreal Adventures

Sergey Ryzhov invites us to join him on a surreal adventure through his magnificent digital paintings! The Moscow, Russia-based artist uses selective coloring to really enhance his pieces, creating a stark contrast between his subject and background. What an incredible imagination. …


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Surreal Stories in Self-Portraits

What a smashing start to his 365 day project! Shawn Van Daele of Renaissance Studios sent us a wonderful email this morning to let us know about his highly creative self-portraits. The Milton, Ontario, Canada-based photographer creates images that stand out from the crowd not just because of their surreal nature but because you feel as though they each tell a unique and interesting story.

When… Continue

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Subway Cars Tossed into Sea (10 pics + interview)

It's a spectacular and almost surreal sight - discarded subway cars getting tossed into the sea. Over a course of two and a half years, Stephen Mallon took photos of New York City's subway cars as they found a new home and a renewed purpose. Called Next Stop Atlantic, the series sheds light on how these modern-day machines take on their next challenge - being artificial reefs for… Continue

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Masters of Surreal Storytelling (12 photos)

Let husband and wife team Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison transport you to another time and place with their stunningly surreal photos. With degrees in Fine Arts, the duo construct mind-bending scenes and then ask you, the viewer, to imagine yourself in them. Robert is the main character in each of these photos, he wears a black suit to represent the archetype of the modern man.

Their highly… Continue

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Surreal Land Art (11 photos)

As a theater major, Barry Underwood was used to building sets. How that experience would play out later in his life wasn't clear to him until one day, he saw photos by American photographer Robert Frank. Instead of documenting what he saw, Frank was known for creating narratives out of constructed images. A light bulb moment went off in Underwood's head. "It showed me that you could apply an image… Continue

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Jacub Gagnon's Surreal Spotlight (interview + 12 pieces)

Toronto-based artist Jacub Gagnon is known for his whimsical and clever paintings. His characters are often enveloped in darkness, save for a beam of light that brightly shines upon them. Recently he's painted string that attaches from animals to objects. These strings are meant to make connections and create relationships that would normally not exist.

"My paintings have little do to with… Continue

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New Surreal Ads for Alexander McQueen (2 photos)

I just cant' get enough of these new ads by the Alexander McQueen fashion line. Surrounded by beautiful butterflies, models Sasha Pivovarova and Lindsey Wixson look they're caught up in a surreal dream, dont' they?

It was only last year that we lost the very talented British fashion designer. It's nice to see the fashion house carry on McQueen's dramatic vision.…


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H&M's Surreal Projection Mapping

A little present arrived in my inbox this morning from MUSE, the digital agency who helped Samsung bring their 3D LED TV's to life. (Watch it if you haven't seen it already, it's still one of our all-time faves.) This time, they worked with H&M.…


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Sweet Surreal Photo Manipulations (12 photos)

Budapest, Hungary-based Sarolta Bán is a 28-year-old photographer whose surreal photos have a surprisingly sweet side to them. In fact, though there's always an air of mystery that surrounds them, her photos read like individual stories filled with hope.

It's hard to believe that Bán only started down this creative path about three years ago. As she tells us, "I learned digital processing…


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Shockingly Surreal Self-Portraits (10 photos)

Born in Madrid, Spain, Manu Pombrol is a 35-year-old artist and photographer whose self-portraits are nothing short of extraordinary. Pombrol first started down a creative path when, at a very young age, he painted pictures or portraits in pastels. Then, as computers started making their way into the mainstream, he worked in graphic design. He bought his first camera only about… Continue

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Sneak Peek into the Surreal Pop Art Show of the Year

Yosuke Ueno

If you're looking for one art show to attend this year, I'd like to suggest Thinkspace's upcoming 5 Year Anniversary blow out. Established in 2005, Thinkspace is one of the few galleries who doesn't follow trends, they start them. They've been a part of the contemporary art movement for years now, showcasing groundbreaking… Continue

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22 Sweet and Surreal Illustrations

Italian illustrator Alessandro Gottardo's beautiful, open and inviting illustrations have been featured in major newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, The Economist and Newsweek among others. He's won numerous awards including the gold medal from The Society of Illustrators New…


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Surreal Monsters by Dan May (7 total)

Jacksonville, Florida-based artist Dan May recently updated his online shop with a variety of new prints and originals. His paintings are best described as delightful yet haunting and you'll find it really easy to get caught up in his dreamlike world. His monsters are mysterious and… Continue

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The Sweetest Surreal Photography (18 photos)

The phrase, "Every picture tells a story," sounds like a cliché until you see the work of Alastair Magnaldo. His photos are for the ones who see stories all around them, the ones who dream of "lying on fluffy clouds or frolicking among the stars," and the ones who won't let their imaginations flicker out like a dying flame. They show us the power of dreams and imagination at… Continue

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Surreal World (25 photos)

Spanish photographer Chema Madoz creates twisted, mind-bending images using everyday, ordinary objects. Placing the objects into surreal scenes, he fools our minds by changing the context of everything we know, and creates an alternate universe which he convinces us to be real.

"Not everything is what it seems to be," says Mexican artist Fernando Castro of… Continue

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