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Hurricane Irene's Wrath - The Big Picture

A father comforts his daughter on the steps where their cottage once stood. August 28, 2011, Nags Head, North Carolina (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Although some have claimed that the media over-hyped it, Hurricane Irene still wound up to be one of the top ten most destructive and deadly hurricanes to hit the United States since 1980. The storm killed at least 27… Continue

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The City Limits

My Modern Met is a place where art enthusiasts and trendspotters connect over creative ideas. It's the big city where everyone knows your name.

Dominic Boudreault created this impressive time-lapse video which reminds me of our home. The video took over a year to make and was shot in Manhattan, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, and Chicago from late 2010 to early 2011. "The City Limits” is complete with dramatic music from Hans Zimmer.

"I am… Continue

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The Beauty Hunter

Milan-based photographer Settimio Benedusi is a self-professed "beauty hunter." That's precisely why Sports Illustrated magazine hired him to take these stunning shots of their gorgeous models.

Ever since Benedusi got his first camera at the age of 12, he's been fixated on taking the perfect picture. He seeks to capture raw beauty and emotion in every shot. "I look at the subject and… Continue

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2010 in Photos - The Big Picture

As 2010 comes to a close, we take a close-up look at the action-packed year in review. In this three-part series by The Big Picture , each photo tells its own tale, weaving together an incredible story...…


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Modern Architecture: The Upside Dome (12 photos)

If buildings had feelings, the St. Michiel Church in Belgian would be depressed because all its neighbors have big, elaborate domes. Luckily for this church, two artists have come to its rescue...

Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh created the "Upside Dome," a real-size scale model comprised of hundreds of meters of chain. The installation is… Continue

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The Conversation Prism - Version 3.0

The Conversation Prism gives us a complete view of the social media universe, categorized and organized by how people use each network. Recently updated, Version 3.0 introduces new groups and networks and also removes those networks no longer in play. See the large version,… Continue

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Pic of the Day: The Moment Before Impact

Over the weekend, Tiger Woods hit a ball directly at photographer Mark Pain's camera at the Ryder Cup. Pain took this shot right before impact.

The photographer from The Mail didn't flinch, however, and captured this extraordinary picture just before the ball hit his camera, bounced onto his chest and came to rest at his feet.

"Woods was… Continue

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Living Walls: The City Speaks (5 pics)

Peruvian street artist M. Sueño created this incredible wheat paste mural on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. It appears as though Sueño really poured his heart and soul into the piece, as the central theme is his rich Peruvian culture.

Earlier this month, the city was transformed into an all-out open air gallery for more than 50 graffiti artists, hailing… Continue

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Boryeong Mud Festival - The Frame

Summer is here, and what better activity to partake in than playing in the mud? The Boryeong Mud Festival is an annual festival which takes place in Boryeong, South Korea.

The first Mud Festival was staged in 1998. By 2007, the festival attracted 2.2 million visitors. The mineral-rich mud is dug up near Boryeong, trucked to the Daecheon beach area, and dumped… Continue

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The Extraordinary Life of Nails (15 pics)

Who knew nails could be so dramatic? Using very ordinary objects from his toolbox, photographer Andrei Nikolaev of Russia manipulates nails to create highly imaginative scenes.

Nikolaev's pieces remind us of Czech photographer Vlad Artazov's work which we featured, here at theMET, about a…


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The Education Crisis in Two Minutes

TakePart and Buck made this infovid to provide some context (and buzz) for Waiting for "Superman", the upcoming documentary on America's education… Continue

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Glastonbury Festival 2010 - The Big Picture

Last weekend in Glastonbury, England, on a site covering 1,000 acres, the 40th annual Glastonbury Festival was held at Worthy Farm. Started by a dairy farmer, Michael Evis in 1970 it has grown into the largest music festival in Europe. This year's headline acts on the main stage included Muse, Gorillaz and Stevie Wonder. Thousands of attendees were treated to a sunny… Continue

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Locked Up Abroad: The Real Midnight Express - National Geographic

In our ongoing partnership with National Geographic, we present Locked Up Abroad: The Real Midnight Express. Make sure to watch the trailer above, it's really captivating!

The Oscar-winning 1978 film “Midnight Express” told the story of 23-year-old college student Billy Hayes ― his imprisonment for drug smuggling and his escape from a prison in Istanbul, Turkey. But for legal reasons, neither the film nor the book, authored by Hayes, was… Continue

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The Theatre (7 photos)

"The Theater" is a cool little photo shoot production by Jan Von Holleben. Created for the Spleen Youth Theatre Festival in Graz, Austria, Von Holleben worked with a bunch of young local actors to complete the festival’s campaign.

"For the project we discussed and developed some fundamental themes which traditionally appear in the world of theatre: Love, Hate,…


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Urban Street Art: The Kiss - C215 (2 pics)

Over the past year, Christian Guémy aka C215 has become one of my favorite street artists. This piece was spotted in Rome and features a couple in a passionate embrace.

via unurth,… Continue

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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - The Frame

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is an ongoing massive disaster. "Worst case scenarios almost never happen," said Professor Robert Thomas, of New Orleans' Loyola University. "In this case, almost everyone I have known with technical knowledge of oil spills – people who have worked in the industry 30, 40 years – say it is upon us. Others talk of a "Gulf Coast Chernobyl".… Continue

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Shanghai's Expo Nearly Ready - The Big Picture

U.K. Pavilion, known as the "Seed Cathedral."

Yesterday, we saw a a preview of the Shanghai 2010 Expo from The Frame. Today, we take a look at a magnificent collection by The Big Picture, which shows the last-minute preparations taking place in Shanghai as… Continue

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Shanghai World Expo Set to Open - The Frame

Shanghai's World Expo, which runs May 1-Oct. 31, showcases the latest in concepts for "Better City, Better Life" in pavilions from practically every country and many international organizations, cities and big corporations. Some 70 million people are expected to visit, and organizers have said they will limit the number entering the park on any single day to 600,000.… Continue

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The Hubble Telescope's Greatest Hits - TIME

The legendary space telescope celebrates its 20th year in orbit. TIME is on the scene.

Antennae Galaxies (above) - Approximately 500 years ago, two galaxies collided together to form the Antennae galaxies in the constellation Corvus. They are the nearest and… Continue

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Earth Day - The Big Picture

Northern Lights above Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano, April 22, 2010

Yesterday was Earth Day. Since 1970, it's been a day set aside to remember and appreciate the Earth's environment and all of our roles within it. As a way to help appreciate and observe our environment,… Continue

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