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Top 6 Sites for the Modern Architecture Enthusiast

In this latest "tips" post, we're highlighting six excellent websites that you should visit if you're a modern architecture enthusiast. Even if you're not, check these out to learn more about how architects are redesigning our world. Not only will you be exposed to some highly fascinating projects, you'll be inspired by all of the out-of-the-box ideas popping…


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Top 10 Tumblr Blogs to Creatively Inspire You

Ready for some more awesome sites to bookmark? In our next post for Intel's My Life Scoop we take a look at some amazing Tumblr blogs.

Founded in 2007, Tumblr is a quickly growing blogging service that attracts over 72 million visitors a… Continue

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Top 6 Sites that Celebrate Street Art

In today's tips for a connected lifestyle, we bring you the top six sites that celebrate a type of art we've all grown to love. Though street art has been around for ages, it's only been within the past decade or so that it's been thought of as a highly regarded form of art. British street artist Banky released Exit Through the Gift Shop which scored an Oscar… Continue

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Top 6 iPad Apps for Quick News Reading

How do you get the most out of your iPad, especially when it comes to reading the news? In our last "tip" article for Intel's My Life Scoop we bring you the top 6 iPad apps for quick news reading. Check them out.…


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Top 6 Bookmarking Sites for Visual Inspiration

If you've ever come across amazing images that made you stop and stare, you've probably tried to find ways to save them. Bookmarking sites are not only a great place to collect these images, they're also places to find visual inspiration - which can be of enormous help, specifically, to artists and designers.

Today, we've collected six excellent sites that… Continue

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Top 6 Sites to Score Deals on Modern Design

Ready to live a more simple yet stylish life? In our latest post for Intel's My Life Scoop, we're taking you shopping! Check out these six sites where you can score some sweet deals on modern design items for your everyday life.

Find them all at… Continue

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Top 10 Products for the Perfect Office

If you could put together the perfect office, which products would you choose? Tasked with that question, we came up with 10 awesome items that we think you're going to love. From digital wireless speakers with dynamic bass and sound to a desk that slides to fit your body (no more hunching!), these products were carefully selected with you, the modern professional, in… Continue

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Top 10 Places to Buy Affordable Art

If you come to My Modern Met, you're probably an art or photography enthusiast. (I don't know how many times we've been asked, "Where can I get that print?") Today, we round up 10 places, online, where you can scoop up some affordable art. From sites you may have heard of like 20x200 and Society6 to smaller, more niche shops like Poster Cabaret or Eye Buy Art, we know you'll… Continue

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Top 6 Sites to Find Cool Gadgets and Gear

After you made our Top 6 Sites that Inspire and Educate Intel's My Life Scoop #1 post of all time with a whopping 374K views, we were asked to provide even more tips to you, the early adopter/trendspotter/working… Continue

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Top of the World Photography by Paul Zizka

Get ready to feel as though your problems are small and insignificant (in a good way, of course). There's nothing like an incredible view to give you a new perspective on life.

Banff-based photographer Paul Zizka will guide us not only around his home turf, the Canadian Rockies, but also to remote locations around the world. By specializing in adventure, travel and…


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Top 6 Sites to Make You a Better Photographer

When one of your main tasks is to find and write about beautiful photography, you can't help but be inspired by all the incredible talent out there. Just like anyone who's viewing our posts (hello out there!), we're compelled to sharpen our own skills, to really understand what it takes to get that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Intel asked us to put together 5… Continue

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Top 10 Posts in March

What a March! Now that we have some time to stop and catch our breath, we wanted to take a much needed look back on the most viral content on My Modern Met in March. Can you believe we had the most visitors to our site ever in one month with 2 million coming in to check out everything from a magic mud man to an Up-inspired floating house? Take a look back with us, if you will, to experience for the… Continue

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Top 10 Posts in February

What a month! This past February, we discovered a new appreciation for Mongolian pop art, we were amazed by the amount of work and patience that went into Andrew Myers screw portraits and we all fell in love with a sweet-looking girl who just happens to levitate. To the creative people behind these amazing photos and works of art, we salute you. Thank you for making our world a wonderfully… Continue

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Top 6 Sites that Break Modern Design Trends

A few weeks ago, we put together our top website picks for the art enthusiast and this week we're all about the trendspotter. Which sites do we personally follow to see all that's new and exciting in the modern design world? Check out that… Continue

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Top 6 Sites to Stay Current on Art and Culture

As we come up on our 3rd year anniversary, you could say that we've learned a lot of lessons and gotten to know some wonderful people along the way. Not only have we developed some great relationships with amazing artists, designers and photographers, we've also had… Continue

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Top 10 Most Popular Posts in 2010

To wrap up 2010, we've put together our list of the 10 most popular posts on My Modern Met this year. We had over 9 million unique visitors to our site who came in to see some of the most incredibly creative art, design and photography on the internet. A big thanks to photographers like Jason Lee and Sacha Goldberger for not only sharing their creative photos with us but for inspiring us with… Continue

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Top 10 Sites to Help Develop Your Creative Side

If you're a professional looking to find fulfillment outside of the daily grind, you now have a whole host of websites to help you develop your creative side. These ten sites will not only inspire you with their visually intoxicating imagery, they'll often provide real-world tips on how you can actually execute on ideas. See all ten at… Continue

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Top Tech Tools to Save You Time and Money

Intel asked us to present to you some of our top tech tools that can save you time and money. Though we're all about art, design and photography here, we're also all about anything that gives us more time to do the things we love. Check it out at… Continue

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Top 10 Photo Apps to Make Your Pictures Pop!

In our next list of useful tech tips, we bring you Top 10 Apps to Make Your Photos Pop! After careful consideration, these 10 were chosen because we felt that they were the best apps to help you take your pictures to the next level.… Continue

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My Modern Met's Top 10 in October

What an October! Thank you, everyone, for making it one of the coolest months yet. 1.3 million of you came in to check out everything from an amazing dead tree to the cutest kids possibly ever to have existed. Here's a wrap-up of our top ten most visited posts in October for anyone who missed out on all the action. (Click the pictures to read the inspiring… Continue

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