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Top 7 DIY YouTube Channels to Perfect Your Skills

In an age of mass media and the rapid emergence of the internet, we thrive on information at a heightened pace. Everyone is looking to be a bigger and better version of themselves by absorbing as much as they can. Some of the best resources for improving yourself, swelling your proficiency, and expanding your skill set can be found on YouTube, an excellent…


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Disney AppMATes: Toys Spring to Life On Your iPad

If you just love it when new technology makes life more fun and enjoyable, then you'll get a kick out of this. Disney AppMATes is a a new line of toys that comes to life digitally when used with an Apple iPad. (This is mostly for kids but don't we all have a kid still living inside of us?)

Your iPad can now be turned into a virtual play mat! First up is Disney/Pixar's Cars 2. Each vehicle has sensors that are recognized as a unique footprint by the app which… Continue

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Wedding Photography Inspired by Paintings and Film Noir

Call it daring, dark, dramatic and even haunting. Just don't call it unoriginal. This is the work of Rocco Ancora.

Popular Photography just released its list of their Top 10 Wedding Photographers of 2011 and it included the talented Melbourne, Australia-based photographer. Pop…

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Mind Your Step

We've seen optical illusions painted on the street before, usually through photographs. But this video takes the experience to a whole new level. When viewed at a certain angle,… Continue

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Met Exclusive: Trey Ratcliff's 9 HDR Tips

With the #1 travel photography blog (called Stuck in Customs) on the internet, Trey Ratcliff is known as one of the biggest and brightest stars in modern-day photography. His career really took off when he was honored with having the first HDR photo ever to hang in the Smithsonian. He's been called a “pioneer of HDR photography” by… Continue

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Infographic: What Does Your State Do Best?

The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district. At 3.79 million square miles (9.83 million km2) and with over 310 million people, the U.S. is the third largest country by total area, and the third largest by population. So, what does each state do best? Check out this infographic for those answers... (… Continue

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Top 10 Sites to Help Develop Your Creative Side

If you're a professional looking to find fulfillment outside of the daily grind, you now have a whole host of websites to help you develop your creative side. These ten sites will not only inspire you with their visually intoxicating imagery, they'll often provide real-world tips on how you can actually execute on ideas. See all ten at… Continue

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iPod Nano Watch (6 pics + video)

Finally...a reason to get the new iPod Nano! The idea of turning the Nano into a watch is one thing, but actually making it look and feel right is completely another. Enter Scott Wilson, formerly the global creative director for Nike Watches. He's the man behind TikTok and LunaTik, well-designed, engineered and manufactured watch kits that snuggly and beautifully… Continue

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Top 10 Photo Apps to Make Your Pictures Pop!

In our next list of useful tech tips, we bring you Top 10 Apps to Make Your Photos Pop! After careful consideration, these 10 were chosen because we felt that they were the best apps to help you take your pictures to the next level.… Continue

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10 Apps to Enhance Your Offline Experience

Happy Friday to you all! Just wanted to share an exciting piece of news. Recently, we were asked by Intel to give people useful tips on ways to improve their lives with technology. In the first of four posts, we present… Continue

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Struggling to Find Her Identity (7 photos)

If you've ever struggled with who you are, you'll find this editorial incredibly fascinating. Featured in the Art issue of WestEast Magazine, Identity is a series of photos that have been digitally altered to show the transformation of a person’s self. With concept and direction by Jeffrey Wang and photographed by Liang Su, it demonstrates how a human being can be… Continue

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Jackie Evancho is Your Next Susan Boyle

We've all been waiting for the next breakout star...and ladies and gentleman, here she is. Jackie Evancho is a 10-year old opera singer who was discovered by viewers on YouTube. In America's Got Talent, she's competing alongside 16 others semifinalists for the $1 million prize and the title of the most talented act in America. This girl will go all the… Continue

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Infographic: Your Lack of Privacy on the Internet

Privacy has always been a concern on the internet. Here are some facts that may make you a bit nervous. See the larger version,… Continue

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Flipboard iPad App: Your Social Magazine

If you enjoy flipping through magazines and you find your Facebook and Twitter friends interesting, this iPad app is for you. Flipboard takes popular news sources you choose as well as your Facebook and Twitter feeds and uses the information to create an interactive magazine or "your personal magazine--that includes not just status updates, but links, photos, videos, and whatever else your friends have shared. So it's not a static list of tweets, but rather an amalgam… Continue

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Dress Your Car in Couture

French/British Car & Fashion publication Intersection magazine always create some great productions and editorial. The following are car covers, each designed to fit an Alfa Romeo Brera and were commissioned by and created exclusively for the Magazine. Participating in the project were Maison Martin Margiela, Bless, Richard James, Adam Kimmel, Visvim and Ksubi. Each design is both reflective of the…


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Get Your Work in the Guggenheim

Nothing gets me more excited than seeing creative ideas rise to the top and get the recognition it deserves. The Guggenheim Museum and YouTube must love this too because they've partnered up to discover new talent.

"The project, called YouTube Play and conceived as a biennial event, is intended to discover innovative work from unexpected sources. It is open even to entrants who don’t consider themselves artists, and actively encourages the participation of… Continue

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Creative Ads: Take Your Day Everywhere (3 pics)

To promote the 6 LED headlight, ad agency DDB Argentina came up with this creative light graffiti campaign for Energizer, which features a mechanic, jogger, and fisherman. The tagline: Take your day everywhere.

Advertising Agency: DDB Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Executive Creative Directors: Hernán Jauregui, Pablo Battle

Creative… Continue

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If Your Television Could Talk

If you're TV could talk, what would it say? Would it be as crazy and neurotic as this? Inspired by Todd Alcott's poem called Television, Beth Fulton created this video that makes us think twice about our television watching habits.

Other Typography Videos:

A Poem Comes to Life Through Type - Taylor Mali…


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Olympus Launches Pen Your Story Challenge

I just received a nice email asking me to spread the word about Olympus' new contest, Pen Your Story. You'll get the ability to win their new PEN E-PL1 and $5,000 to make the creative project you always dreamed of. All you have to do is submit a video proposal to the… Continue

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Seeing Your Spirit - Leandro Erlich (8 pics)

Born in Buenos Aires, Leandro Erlich is a contemporary artist who's engaging work invites the viewer to be a part of the experience. He's the mastermind behind the Swimming Pool, an extraordinary installation where he constructed a full-size pool made of acrylic. By suspending water above it, he created an amazing…


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