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The Beauty of a Second

How much beauty can be found in one second? That's the challenge Montblanc laid out for everyone, including professionals, amateurs, video fans as well as cell-phone camera enthusiasts. Working with Leo Burnett Milan, Montblanc wants to pay homage to the chronograph, and promote their own, with a creative short film challenge. The Beauty of a Second is a contest that asks you to submit a second…


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Incredible E-Waste Sculptures

"Ever wondered what happens to obsolete walkmans and out-of date video tapes? To blunt saw blades and to dead cell phones. To ancient floppy discs and fused light bulbs? What happens to what we generally call ‘scrap’? Just because they have out-lived their use, do they deserve to be forgotten away in attics, thrown into bins? Or, just piled up in one corner of a scrap yard?" - Haribaabu… Continue

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Disney AppMATes: Toys Spring to Life On Your iPad

If you just love it when new technology makes life more fun and enjoyable, then you'll get a kick out of this. Disney AppMATes is a a new line of toys that comes to life digitally when used with an Apple iPad. (This is mostly for kids but don't we all have a kid still living inside of us?)

Your iPad can now be turned into a virtual play mat! First up is Disney/Pixar's Cars 2. Each vehicle has sensors that are recognized as a unique footprint by the app which… Continue

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Illustrating a Strange and Wacky World

Though we've all seen photography mixed with illustrations (see Ben Heine's Pencil vs Camera), we can't help but want to share more of it when we see it done well. Two teenagers from Belgium, Maxim Piessen, 16, and Ben Goovaerts, 17, have even made up their own word for what they do -… Continue

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Behind the Scenes of a Smartphone Music Video

If you ever thought about making a music video but stopped short because you thought you needed tons of money for all that equipment (lighting, cameras, etc), then let us show you something. More and more, we're starting to see really high-quality videos shot entirely on that little gadget we all hold near and dear to our hearts...our smartphones. (Really, how great was… Continue

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Deep Inside a Bolivian Mine

What would life be like inside a Bolivian mine? Photojournalist Jason Lang (who you may remember from here) gives us a taste of a miner's life through his incredible photos and startling story. (This was originally for a story/photo pitch to National Geographic.)

The Cerro Rico… Continue

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Creative Business Card for a Pilates Studio

If you're a big fan of creative business cards, do we have a great one for you. Next time a company like Mais Pilates Studio wants to quickly show their potential clients the benefits of taking up pilates, all they have to do is whip out one of these sweet cards. Funny, simple and straight to the… Continue

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Pic of the Day: The President was a Pirate

Today, the New York Times has a great article and some fantastic photos of President Barack Obama and his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. One of the most wonderful photos is of Barack Obama dressed up as a pirate in Hawaii (standing next to his mother). Also really love… Continue

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Top 6 Sites to Make You a Better Photographer

When one of your main tasks is to find and write about beautiful photography, you can't help but be inspired by all the incredible talent out there. Just like anyone who's viewing our posts (hello out there!), we're compelled to sharpen our own skills, to really understand what it takes to get that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Intel asked us to put together 5… Continue

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Anatomy of a Cupcake

Tell me this doesn't make you smile? Anatomy of a Cupcake is a fun poster from Allen Hemberger and Sarah Wilson. It was created as a birthday present for a girl named Lesleigh. Watch the making of video to see how they pieced it together.

At $50, It is available for sale. For more information,… Continue

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3D Projection Mapping a Hot Wheels Race

If you're a fan of Hot Wheels and you love projection mapping, you're going to be thoroughly entertained with this new video. Brought to life by digital advertising agency Muse Amsterdam (who we was behind the Samsung and H&M projection mapping projects), this Hot… Continue

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Literary Classics as Works of Art (5 total)

The Great Gatsby

You've heard the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" but have you ever seen anything that took it so seriously? Alex and Matt of NovelPoster recently reached out to me to tell about their fantastic art project where they've taken full novels and turned them into…


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Thousands of Screws Make a 3D Portrait (15 pics)

"Most people are drawn to the portraits because they have something different about them (from a distance especially). Seeing them in person is a whole different feel than seeing the photograph. They have a sense of depth that the photo can't capture." - Andrew Myers

Meet Andrew Myers, one of the most patient modern-day sculptors around. This Laguna Beach, California-based… Continue

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Color-Bursting Illustrations (12 total)

Los Angeles, California-based Patrick Hruby creates bright and colorful illustrations that make us feel like a kid again! Not only are they playful and whimsical, they have that retro but completely modern feel to a Michael Bublé song or like sunshine on your skin. …


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Pic of the Day: Sunset in Bali

Check out those colors! A sunset shot doesn't get much more beautiful than this. Taken on Seminyak Beach in South Bail by photo hobbyist Helminadia.

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New York is a White Wonderland (10 photos)

Brooklyn-based photographer Joseph O. Holmes captures the magic of New York in this set he calls The Urban Wilderness. Set in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, the photos show a smattering of people enjoying a cold Winter's day. With blankets of snow covering the park's green grass, you could hardly tell that these photos were taken in a city.

I love the photographer's statement:… Continue

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Beautiful Self-Portraits by a 17-Year-Old (20 photos)

If you watched Chris Anderson's TED talk, you'll remember this phrase - "crowd accelerated innovation." Chris explains that you need three things to advance innovation: a crowd, light and desire. "The bigger the crowd, the more innovators there are.” By light, he means “you need clear, open visibility… Continue

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Stunning Self-Portraits by a 17-Year-Old (18 photos)

Like Valerie Chiang or Kalie Garrett, Alex Stoddard is one of those talented teenage photographers who knows how to express themselves. His self-portraits are all incredibly unique and after viewing them… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Reflection in a Snow Storm

Photo-magician Caleb Charland just sent us this new image he titled Reflection in a Snow Storm. "It was made on December 26th, the night the blizzard swept through Maine," he says. "I canceled plans to hang out with friends that night so I could take advantage of the white out conditions. I grabbed my equipment and headed to my brother's house in rural Maine. He has an old farm house… Continue

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Living a Teenage Dream (15 photos)

Though Raleigh, North Carolina-based Valerie Chiang is not a professional photographer (rather, she is a student at Oberlin Conservatory studying piano performance), her photos certainly speak volumes. Like Flickr photographer Lucy Nuzum, Chiang is able bring to life the intangible, capturing our…


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