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Creative Ad: One Life

"Each time you sleep with someone, you also sleep with his past. Get tested for HIV." Interesting, somewhat sexy and really disturbing all at the same time. Yeah..I'd say this ad's pretty effective.

Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge, Montréal, Canada

Creative Director: Dominique Trudeau

Art Director: Sébastien Deland

Copywriter: Guillaume… Continue

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CREATIVE ADS: Lego - The Shadow Knows

Though this is an older ad campaign, it's one that I absolutely had to share. From the agency Blattner Brunner, it asks you to imagine what these simple block formations mean. Using shadows, they tell us that it's simply our imagination that makes these blocks come alive and, that through our experience, we can see anything through them. Did you notice that the…


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Corrado Mattresses

these workes creative in Happycentro studio .

All the prints were produced without using a computer and they used tools and instrument well as well

i like it.

in this work they illustration and didnt used computer object.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi, Milan, italy

Creative… Continue

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Nikon D700: The Interactive Ad That Makes You the Star!

We absolutely love this Nikon D700 ad! A huge interactive light box was mounted in Seoul Sindorim Subway Station, the entrance way to a multiplex electronics shopping mall where various brands compete. Over 500,000 commuters use the station daily, making it the perfect place for an ad like this.

Huddled together as if at a premiere, the paparazzi appear to… Continue

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Truth in Advertising

With all this talk of kids these days, I thought this ad was appropriate. Via

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Creative Ad: Digits - Figure This, Imagine That

Digits: A middle school program opening minds to math and science. Figure this. Image that.

Great campaign that shows how hard skills can be coupled with creativity. Awesome.

Advertising Agency: Arnold

Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat

Associate Creative Directors: James Adamé, Lisa Taylor

Art Director: Jess… Continue

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Love Distance - The Sweetest Condom Ad You'll Ever See

Out of Japan comes Love Distance, a story about a a man from Fukuoka and a woman from Tokyo who live 1,000 km apart. They share a long distance relationship and one day decide that to prove their love, they must run to each other and meet. Simple, sweet and funny.

I just read a quote about advertising that I'd like to share.

That the best ads are "entertaining and amusing; they are visual rather than verbal; and they say something important and… Continue

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Levi's Awesome New Ad Campaign for Kids: Little Toughies (4 Total)

Three Little Pigs

I just love it when ad campaigns take old, familiar stories and make them modern. Levi's new ad campaign for kids is called "Little Toughies." Taking old fairy tale stories, they've created an awesome new ending. It's as if these little fellas learned from their parents and overcame their fears. Kudos to Levi's for making advertising fun again for kids and…


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Oxfam Cannes Ad Festival Video

Check this video made for the Oxfam Cannes Ad… Continue

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New MoMa Ad Tries to Connect With a Younger Audience

In MoMa's latest ad, by TAXI chairman and co-founder Paul Lavoie and director Azazel Jacobs, MoMa tries to connect to a younger audience by finding a story that they could relate to.

As Lavoie states, "So the idea I was exploring when I wrote it was to not think about the actual painting or piece of art itself, but to look at what really inspires artists, and that's life. And life is the intrinsic common denominator between an artist and the younger… Continue

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Do You See The Simpsons or The Flinstones?

"Without Directv High Definition your LCD TV is in the past."

Is that the Flinstones or the Simpsons hanging out on that couch? Well, that depends.

Sweet ad, Directv.

Media: Print

Advertising Agency: La Facultad, Quito-Ecuador

Executive Creative Directors: Diego Jarrín, Germán Andrade

Creative Team: Sebastián Villagómez,… Continue

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Money Porn?!: Bontrust's Increase In Currency

Oh the art! Oh the creativity? What the...

In this new ad for Bontrust, a German Finance Company, stresses the importance of "tapping" into global markets. The goal was to create a world completely made out of banknotes and explicit characters. Who knew Lincoln could be so lewd!

Has a Finance company gone too far? What are your… Continue

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13,499 People + Pink Sing Hey Jude at Trafalgar Square, London

Don't know exactly why a large gathering of people singing in unison touches just does. Here, 13,500 gather in Trafalgar Square for some karaoke fun all put together by T-Mobile. Don't make fun of me but I almost teared up. (Almost.)

Did anyone notice Pink in the crowd? She was in on the act!…


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Mercedes-Benz Uses Typography, Cleverly

Check out this video (in HD):

Interesting new ad campaign for Mercedes-Benz's new Brake Assist System, an electronic system which interprets the braking behavior of the driver and initiates the full braking effect when it identifies an emergency situation. This reduces the braking distance substantially.

"Most drivers, under normal braking conditions as well as under emergency conditions, start out with little brake pressure and whenever necessary they… Continue

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Love, Peace, and Grease: Tiger, Jeter and Federer are Extra Greasy in New Gillette Commercial

Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and Roger Federer strut their greasy stuff to the Bee Gee's "Staying Alive" in Gillette's "Walk of Gillette" commercial. The TV ad launched on the same day the new Yankee Stadium opened.

Watching the ad left me with the same feeling as when I accidentally ate five pieces of Popeye's fried chicken the other day - oily and a little bit disgusted.

I don't care how many combined kajillions they're worth. They need to close… Continue

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The New Mini Cabrio Ads: Always Open

Funny new spots from the Mini. In the first one, two guys drive through history - from the Roman ages through the Middle Ages and then to the present. The second Ninja one's not as great (in my opinion) but since they have ninjas it's pretty cool.…


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A sentimental trip through the last 122 years of British history

Hovis, Go On Lad TV spot from MCBD

This commercial for Hovis titled Go on Lad just won Best Television Commercial of the Year from the British Television Advertising Awards. It takes you through 122 years of British history and is an example of nostalgic advertising that's been sweeping the airwaves.

{Via Creative… Continue

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A Perfect Sky Blue

One of the coolest advertisements we've seen lately is for Berger Paints. In a billboard for their campaign titled, Natural Colours, a live painter appeared to be painting the blue of the sky onto the billboard. It was achieved by cutting out strips that are the actual shape and size of the roller strokes. This is stop-in-your-tracks advertising. Love it!

Client:… Continue

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United by Individuality: Scion xD Ad (video)

"Express yourself," asked the Toyota-owned Scion brand of its youthful customers. "Create your own brand." And boy did they. Since launching in 2003, Scion has become one of the auto industry's most successful marketing stories.

The new "United By Individuality “ad for the Scion xD, produced by San Francisco agency Attik, is an awesome Bibimbap blending together after market customization and a mix of hip-hop, rock, and… Continue

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A Couture Ad Targeted at Boys? Lanvin "Pacman/Lego" Campaign.

Lanvin print campaign inspired by Pacman and Lego, photographed by Hartland Villa.


Added by PANDA JU on February 10, 2009 at 9:56pm — 2 Comments

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