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Awesome Advertisements for a Retro Arcade

What 30-something+ year old doesn't remember lifting up their sofa cushions in hopes of finding some spare quarters to spend at the local arcade? These awesome posters were designed by Michael Arney for the Rusty Quarters Retro Arcade & Museum located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Using just quarters, he places them in very specific locations and then arranges them like pixels to…


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Hilarious Movie Clichés, Part II

After our self-titled post Hilarious Movie Clichés was spread around the web, the Art Director/Creative Director behind it, Alvaro Naddeo, took notice. Last year, his agency, Wing in New York, came up with this creative ad campaign for the New York International Latino Film Festival with posters…


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Two Eras Meet in Creative Newspaper Ads

In these beautiful new ads for the British daily national newspaper The Times, Queen Elizabeth II is seen walking with a younger Prince Philip, shaking hands with a dapper Winston Churchill and walking next to an excited crowd of children waving flags. Of course, what makes it all so magical is that the photos are taken from two different eras and have been masterfully merged together. They're a set of creative ads with the perfect accompanying tagline, "The Life.…


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Famous Artists are Dissected

They're instantly recognizable artists - Dali, Van Gogh and Picasso - and now their likeness is the inspiration for a new ad campaign for MASP Art School. Like that unfortunate frog you dissected in high school Biology class, these dead artists have been pinned down and are ready for inspection. Look closely and you'll see their insides, only their organs are different than the average person's.…


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Jonathan Mak's Clever Coke Swirl

Jonathan Mak, the now 20-year-old Hong Kong student who created that simply beautiful tribute to Steve Jobs right after his passing, is back with another fresh design. This time he's created it for one of the biggest brands in the world, Coke. It's of two hands in the…


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Find the Hidden Storybook Characters

Snow White and Sherlock Holmes

With a tagline "Come with a story and leave with another," Colsubsidio worked with Lowe/SSP3, an ad agency in Bogota, Columbia to come up with these clever advertisements that will make you do a double-take. They are meant to illustrate a service Colsubsidio's libraries provide, namely a book exchange. By taking classic storybook…


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Elevator Illusion Shocks Unsuspecting London Shoppers

At your local mall, imagine going about your normal shopping routine, when you step into an elevator and see a giant hole cut out of the bottom! Would you even get in? This awesome 3D illusion, created by artist Andrew Walker, recently shocked unsuspecting shoppers at Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth, London.

It's some pretty creative guerrilla…


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Creative Ads Show Life's Twists and Turns

How does a large life insurance company show that they offer policies for life's most unexpected surprises? They work with a few ad agencies to come up with some creative ads like this. Called Life's Turns In a Sentence, these six scenarios merge two completely different scenarios together, making you stop and think. Their tagline? "For all life's twists and turns: Flexible…


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Mercedes Motion-Blur Illusion

If you love clever illusions that mess with your mind, then you're going to get a kick out of this new guerrilla advertising for Mercedes-Benz. To launch their new 2012 C-Class Coupe, they worked with BBDO Toronto, Canada to come up with this creative idea. A Benz was parked in front of a motion blurred wall, sidewalk, and billboard that read: “Looks fast. Even in park. The 450hp 2012…


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Contortionist Illusions in Xbox Kinect Ads

Don't we just love simple, clever and creative ads like this? From far away, it seems as though we're looking at video game controllers. Look a little closer and you'll soon find out that they're in fact bodies! As we all known, Kinect launched in November 2010 as a a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console. It enables the user to control and… Continue

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Clever Red Cross Ads

Don't you just love it when advertising is as clever yet effective as this? Red Cross worked with agency ONIRIA/TBWA in Paraguay to create these meaningful ads. What do our donations go towards? How about a roof or a helping hand? Great use of illustrations mixed with photography. Ace.

Advertising Agency: ONIRIA / TBWA, Paraguay

Creative Director: Camilo… Continue

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Pole Position Street Illusion

What a trip! MINI worked with ad agency DraftFCB in Zurich to create a guerilla poster that made you feel as though you were about to embark on a race. Set during the morning rush hour, the illusion gave the message: Speed yourself up! By asking drivers to go from zero to the maximum legal speed in no time, the ad challenges you to find adventure in the mundane. The picture montage was… Continue

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Clever Shadow Art on Beer Billboard

Though we can't help but think that Kumi Yamashita's shadow art was the inspiration behind this billboard for Newcastle Brown Ale, we must give the artists, Ellis Gallagher and Pablo Power, credit for a wonderful execution.

Using about 3,000 Newcastle bottle caps and a single… Continue

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Awesome Sci-Fi Inspired Orchestra Ads

Wow, just how brilliant are these ads for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s concert series Space Classics? They've incorporated references to some of the most well-known space movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, and 2001: A Space Odyssey in ways… Continue

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Clever Ads on Outsmarting Your Opponent

If you're a little orange multivitamin that claims it can help people perform better throughout their day, what better way to relay that message than with some clever advertising? Berocca presents three high pressure situations including a soccer penalty kick and an intense interrogation and then shows, in metaphors, ways we can outsmart our opponent. For instance, hypnotize the snake… Continue

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Brilliant Ads Inspired by The Birds

Now this is brilliant! What immediately comes to mind when you see these ads by France 24, the French international news channel? If you said Alfred Hitchock's thriller The Birds then you hit the nail on the head. The 1963 suspense and psychological film was based on the 1952 book of the same name by Daphne du Maurier. It's been said that in the movie, the unexplainable bird attacks… Continue

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Creative Blender Ads


Creating classic art with fruits and vegetables, Magimix blender gets two thumbs up for its witty advertising! With a slogan that states, "Only the Exceptional Last," they make us believe not only in their durable product, but also in something bigger - that creative advertising has the power to make us stop, think and smile. Nice job!…


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Find Your Book

Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) reading LSD by Timothy Leary.

How would the stories in classic fairytales and works of fiction have turned out if the protagonist read one of these suggested books? Would Alice have actually enjoyed staying in Wonderland? Would Little Red Riding Hood have empathized with the… Continue

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Creative Bookstore Ads

Don't you just love it when an advertiser executes on an idea as well as this? Bookstore Mint Vinetu worked with Love Agency in Lithuania to come up with this brilliant series. Sure it reminds us of the whole "sleeveface" idea but with a catchy tagline, it just works. “Become someone else. Pick your hero at Mint Vinetu.”…


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Surprisingly Cute Easter Eggs

Now here's some advertising that's not only relevant but well-executed. The Kolner Zoo worked with ad agency Preuss und Preuss in Berlin, Germany to come up with a set of ads that sweetly wish you a "Happy Easter!" How wonderfully whimsical!

Advertising Agency: Preuss und Preuss, Berlin, Germany

Creative Director: Michael Preuss

Art… Continue

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