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Hilariously Honest Slogans for Popular Brands

Honest Slogans is a clever blog featuring well-known brand logos with hilariously honest slogans that realistically reflect the advertised product/service. Rather than offering idealistic mottos, these Photoshopped images say it like it is from the consumer's perspective. So, instead of the fun, energetic drink that Kool-Aid tends to sell itself as, the blog simply adds the phrase "Sugar-Water" to…


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Staged Prank of an Irate Customer Using Telekinesis

Several customers at the New York City coffee shop 'sNice got a supernatural scare as a team of experts set up an elaborate prank to make it seem as though a woman loses control and deflects her her rage through telekinesis. Using a fake wall designed with a pulley system to hoist a stuntman up into the air, numerous…


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The Smurfs Invade Rome for Global Smurfs Day

Over the weekend, on June 22nd, people from all around the world took part in festivities to celebrate the lovable little blue characters known as Smurfs in a worldwide event being called Global Smurfs Day. In Rome, Italy, over 4,000 sculptures of the curious blue characters were scattered throughout the city, around famous landmarks and tourist hotspots like the Colosseum, Piazza Navona,…


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What If Companies Had Realistic Slogans?

BuzzFeed's copyranter, a former ad man himself, has compiled a list of hilariously honest slogans (extracted from a Reddit thread) and paired them with real company logos.…


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Exotic Bug Instruments Redefine Design Norms

Denmark-based design agency Scandinavian DesignLab took on the task of creating a branding scheme for Copenhagen-based fashion store PARISTEXAS with a most unusual series of designs that merge bugs with musical instruments. The clothing retailer esteems itself on its distinct and distinguished outlook on fashion, deeming itself a trendsetter rather than a follower. Thus, the creatives at…


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Brandalism Criticizes Advertising and Reclaims Billboards in the UK

The London 2012 Olympics are less than two weeks away with the promise of crowds of people filing into the nation, taking in the games, as well as the UK's celebratory decoration and giant billboards, of which there are over 100,000. Artist collective Brandalism has taken it upon itself to reclaim these massive advertising platforms, replacing them with their own artistic…


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Peeling the Earth from the Ground

The days of using the big, bulky Yellow Pages books are behind us now that there are countless digital sources like Yelp and search engines like Google for finding anything from a restaurant to a repairman. It can be difficult to keep the idea of business lookups fresh, but Batelco, a Bahrain telecommunications company, sought to do just that…


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Seeing a New Side to Popular Movie Posters

The São Paulo, Brazil branch of ad agency Y&R has come up with a fantastically creative promotion for LG's Home Theater 3D sound system. The three ads each feature a popular film poster (Kill Bill,…


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Burger King Billboard Made of Hot Sauce

Are you brave enough to try Burger King's new hot sauce? How about taking a taste off this billboard in Turkey? International advertising agency Young & Rubicam's Istanbul branch unveiled its latest ad campaign called Hot Sauce for Burger King on the streets of Istanbul. While commercials in the States are running rampant with celebrities and even…


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Anti-Smoking Ads Made of Thousands of Cigarettes

In an effort to encourage heavy smokers to quit their self-inflicting addiction, Netherlands-based organization Stivoro has released three anti-smoking ads that each reflect on the things you could be spending your money on instead of a pack of smokes. In Amsterdam, the What Are You Giving Up? ad campaign created by international marketing and advertising agency Iris…


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Sleeping Karate Kids

Have you ever dreamt that you could do karate? If Ninseikan Karate School's ad campaigns ring true, you'll be karate chopping in your sleep! Tokyo-based ad agency GREY produced these hilarious ads for the children's karate school in Japan, suggesting that the precious tots will receive such acclaimed training that they'll continue practicing, with their newly gained…


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Recognizing Brands Without Names

Can you identify a brand without a visible name or fully formed logo? Dutch designer Hendrik-Jan Grievink created a board game, aptly titled Brand Memory Game, that tests people's ability to distinguish brands through visual association, in which the names are muted from the image. It's surprising to realize how influential marketing tactics are, based on how easy it…


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Brilliant Culinary Photo Manipulations

Belgium-based photographer Jean Francois De Witte is a skilled digital artist when it comes to manipulating images. His advertising work with food items is especially creative. These culinary creations combine two uniquely different elements but De Witte somehow makes them work seamlessly together.

His photographic illusions work in such unison that their dichotomous… Continue

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