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NYC Skyscraper Concept Mimics Photosynthesis

In elementary school, I was completely captivated by the concept of photosynthesis. I did my science fair project on this study of how plants convert carbon dioxide into energy—I mean come on, nature is fascinating! So when I saw this conceptual building idea, I was immediately hooked.

Developed by IAMZ Design Studio and architect Ahmed Elseyofi, World of…


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Innovative Transparent Bubble Tents

How cool are these individual bubble rooms? French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas has put a new spin on camping outdoors with his series of tent-like chambers shaped like igloos, under the name Bubbletree. Each bubble suite is fit to be fully furnished with enough space for a bed and resting chairs. They come in two forms—transparent and half-opaque—for different…


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Taking a Reading Vacation in a Book Igloo

Could this be the perfect reading hideaway for all the bookworms out there? Colombian artist Miler Lagos constructed this self-sustained dome made entirely of books, titled Home, for an installation exhibit late last year at MagnanMetz Gallery in New York. Remarkably, there is nothing holding the novels together…


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Skyscraping Hotel Pods Suspended in Mid-Air

A stay in a hotel should be a relaxing and exhilarating experience that offers something different from everyday life. What better way to experience a city with skyscraping towers than to live in between them? Architecture firm HKS Architects has come up with an innovative and futuristic design for hotel pods that float high above, in between buildings.

The spherical chambers in this…


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Massive Theater Converted Into Magnificent Bookstore

Book lovers and theatergoers alike, consider planning your next vacation to Argentina to check out this spectacular, one-of-a-kind bookstore built within the old Grand Splendid Theater in Buenos Aires. Located in the neighborhood of Recoleta, the structure originally opened as a theater in May 1919 with all kinds of performances gracing the stage, and then served as a…


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Monumental Building Honors Titanic's 100-Year Anniversary

As the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic quickly approaches, various memorials and tributes have been planned. One notable project that has been in the works since 2009, and just opened to the public, is the Titanic Belfast. The monumental site is considered the iconic centerpiece of a bigger regeneration project and is a collaborative effort by Todd…


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9-Year-Old's Playroom Transports to Narnia

Tree houses are a thing of the past, so where do kids today go for playtime? One lucky 9-year-old steps through her wardrobe, straight into Narnia — no lion or witch necessary. Redditor kelseypolo shares a few pictures and the story of her friends who were building their new new house when…


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NYC Theater with Incredibly Unique Platform

Rome-based architects David Vecchi and Emanuela Ortolani are proposing a new design for a New York City theater. The idea behind this project is to reignite the theatrical spirit that "Broadway" encapsulates. The inventive design places the playhouse high above on a sort of stage, ironically. The concept design present the structure with its own spotlights, appearing like a tiny…


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Thailand's High-Wire Treetop Restaurant

Set high amongst the tree tops at Soneva Kiri resort in Thailand, guests have the chance to dine in their very own nest. Adventurous diners fasten a leather seatbelt and get hoisted 16 feet into the native massang trees, where there are spectacular aerial views of the surrounding beaches. "Flying servers" get around around taking a much more acrobatic approach, as they zipline down to…


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New Jersey's Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial

Empty Sky is New Jersey's 9/11 memorial, dedicated to the 746 New Jersey lives lost on that day. The memorial is located right next to the Hudson River in Liberty State Park, where many people first witnessed the tragic events. The park was used as a place to organize collaborative efforts within the community, and the placement of the memorial draws a clear line to the Manhattan skyline, right to…


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Creating Music on Coca-Cola's Beatbox Pavilion

With the London 2012 Olympics fast-approaching, innovative designs for the gargantuan spectacle are slowly being unveiled. One architectural highlight of the massive event is The Coca-Cola Beatbox, an interactive stage. Designed by Pernilla & Asif, the joint effort of emerging London architects…


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Dick Clark's Real-Life Flintstones House

Legendary TV host Dick Clark and his wife are selling their home in Malibu for $3.5 million. Normally, a celebrity selling a piece of real estate in California is nothing to write about, but, in this case, it's nearly impossible not to share images of the media tycoon's Flintstones-inspired house. Based on the classic 60's…


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White Room Bursts to Life with Dreamy Flower Patterns

Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki transforms an ordinary room into a flowery dream. Using pigments, felt, nonflammable cloth, fluorescent lights, and acrylic cases, Ohmaki incorporates traditional flower patterns to otherwise empty spaces. The vibrant spectrum of colors create a fun and welcoming environment.

The floor and wall installation, which has been shown several times over in…


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Crumbling Staircase Made of Salt

Earlier this month, we were awestruck by Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto's incredibly detailed salt maze floor installations and continue to be mesmerized by the art he creates with his medium of choice. As Alice first explained, "Salt has a special place in the death rituals of Japan, and…


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Old Church Converted into a Modern Bookstore

We've seen some breathtaking libraries in the past and this bookstore is no exception when it comes to innovative design. One branch of the popular Dutch bookstore chain Selexyz can be found right…


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Stepping into a 3D Blueprint

This room will make you feel like you've stepped into the Matrix. Hong Kong-based UK artist Simon Birch is probably best known for his striking paintings, but the multimedia creative has been trying…


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Revolutionary Himalaya Water Tower

During this year’s 2012 Skyscraper competition, hosted by Evolo, the first place award was presented to designers Zhi Zheng, Hongchuan Zhao, and Dongbai Song for their revolutionary water tower concept. Their proposed idea, the Himalaya Water Tower, involves a skyscraper that sits high in the Himalaya Mountain range, surrounded by 40% of the world’s…


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Spectacular Bicycle Park Oasis

Architecture and design firm JDS is calling its proposed Chongming Bicycle Park an “urban oasis.” The competition proposed park, which consists of a museum, a visitor center, and a multi-purpose hall, is meant to “characterize the relationship between sport, technology, social awareness, recreation, and the evolution of biking.”

Visitors can enjoy a car-free, bicycle-friendly…


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Spectacular Vintage Car Bookshelf

At My Modern Met, we love creative designs that rework the functionality of objects. Dutch design studio Denieuwegeneratie thought to convert a car into a tall bookshelf for the interior of their newly-built Dutch Mountain underground villa. By…


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ICEHOTEL's Diamond Genesis Room

Next time you travel to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, pack your long-johns and stay the night at this giant ice and snow hotel! Sitting alongside the Torne river, ICEHOTEL is the world's largest hotel—about 5,500 square meters—made out of ice and snow and has an indoor temperature of -5ºC. The hotel is constructed each year to serve as both creative accommodations as well as a…


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