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Floating Hotels Designed in Preparation for Qatar's World Cup

Sigge Architects has designed and proposed a series of floating hotels and luxury apartments that will form a completely new island off the coast of Doha, as a preemptive measure to accommodate the predicted influx of over 25,000 soccer enthusiasts during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Although they will be connected to the mainland by boats and new transit lines, Oryx Island will exist…


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Nature-Inspired Resort Offers Treehouse Accommodations

It may not be a replacement for never having a treehouse as a child, but this unique resort is still pretty fun. Located just 30 minutes outside of Seattle, Washington, Treehouse Point is a sustainable bed and breakfast that offers a unique opportunity for adults to vacation in rooms built amongst the trees.

Developed by Pete and Judy Nelson, the concept strives to "connect people…


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Modern Californian Home Features a Rooftop Garage

Built just outside of Los Angeles, the Car Park House by Anonymous Architects takes a traditional home layout and literally flips it upside down. While many homes across the country feature garages adjacent or below the main structure of a residence, parking spots for occupants of this house are found above it all, on the roof.

Since local building codes require two…


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Beautifully Designed Movie Theaters in Golden California

The Fox Theater I, Oakland

New York-based French photographer Franck Bohbot traveled to California to spotlight the most amazing movie theaters, big and small, as an homage to the history of film in his series titled Cinema. He captures the grandiose scale of some exquisitely designed theaters as well as the compact, intimate setting of a few indie film…


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Black Desert House Contrasts Nicely in the Mojave Desert

The Black Desert House is a minimalist getaway designed by creative director Marc Atlan in collaboration with architecture firm Oller & Pejic and interior design company Moderne…


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Vertical Glass House Features Transparent Floors & Ceilings

Vertical Glass House, a four-story building in Shanghai, China, proves that architecture has the ability to be both inconspicuous and provocative. Designed by architect Yung Ho Chang of the firm Atelier FCJZ, the outside of this house has a very simple, unassuming concrete facade that’s broken only by a few small slits that emit light. By contrast, the roof is…


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Glass Pavilions Celebrate Korea’s Traditional Tea Culture

South Korean studio Mass Studies designed a series of spectacular new buildings for the O'Sulloc Tea Museum, an exhibition center dedicated to the history of Korea’s traditional tea culture. Located at the Seogwang Dawon tea plantation on Jeju Island, the pavilions have large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide an incredible view of the surrounding green tea fields.



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Rock Climbing Building Blends in Naturally with Environment

Sensing the potential for a climbing community in Polur, Iran, New Wave Architecture designed this new rock climbing hall that mimics the surrounding, rocky landscape of Mazadaran. Equipped with a dynamic climbing hall, temporary accommodation zone, fitness gym and maintenance areas, the building's design is meant to invite nature and landscape into the building. The large windows allow…


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Spain's "Exploding" House Inspired by the Big Bang

Casa Faustino is a unique home designed by Portuguese architect Didier Faustino that is meant to reference the energetic image of an explosion, specifically the Big Bang. Located in Spain, the unique residence offers multiple viewpoints. Large windows face out in all directions, allowing anyone indoors to get a scenic view of the natural surroundings.

By separating the space…


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Old Shipping Crate Converted Into Sustainable Guest House

Old shipping containers can be an eyesore but not when they are transformed into contemporary, functional living spaces. Texas-based firm Poteet Architects, a company that strives to continue a sustainable revitalization of downtown San Antonio, recently developed this Container Guest House using an old blue storage container and some innovative design ideas.



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Designer Constructs Micro 96-Square-Foot Cabin to Forego Building Permits

Hoping to have a personal space to escape to for much needed relaxation, Finnish designer Robin Falck set out to build his own little getaway. Rather than being held up by government red-tape, he decided to avoid the need for a building permit by constructing a live-in structure that's under 96 square feet. After conceiving the design and getting approval from an architect, Falck began to make his own…


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Europe's Longest Pedestrian Bridge is Beautifully Illuminated

Sölvesborgsbron, or Sölvesborg Bridge, is Europe's longest pedestrian bridge, spanning over 2,480 feet. Located in Sweden, the bridge connects the small town of Sölvesborg with a new modern housing district across the bay. Wanting to further enhance the already impressive design, Swedish design firm Ljusarkitektur in collaboration with lighting company…


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China's Blossoming Skyscraper Inspired by a Rosebud

Chinese architectural firm UA studio 7 has designed a 1,000-foot-tall contemporary skyscraper known as New City Flower at the intersection of Fushun and Shenyang in China in an effort to reinvigorate the local area. Inspired by the shape of a rosebud, the tower features six "petals" that rise from the building's base and wrap around the cylindrical structure, subtly overlapping each…


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Faces Pop Off the Walls Inside Germany's Incredible Ice Hotel

IgluLodge is an ice hotel located on the Nebelhorn, a high mountain in the Allgäu Alps near Oberstdorf, Germany. The venue offers a unique experience for visitors looking for a wintry getaway with eye-catching design featuring the sculptural and architectural work of local artists. Owner Matthias Lenz insists, "The interior design makes our guests speechless over and over…


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Modern Tree Snake Houses Stand on Stilts in Portugal

Architects Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade have recently designed and built two new additions, known as Tree Snake Houses, to the Pedras Salgadas Eco Resort in Portugal. These single-room cabins, prefabricated and assembled on site in order to minimize the impact on the nature park,…


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Austria's Beautiful Mountainside Thermal Retreat

Located in Oberlängenfeld, Austria, the Aqua Dome is an impressive contemporary spa and retreat found at the foothills of the area's scenic mountains. Using the rocky backdrop for inspiration, many of the structures featured at the lodge reflect the shapes and forms found within the surrounding landscape. This includes the spiked roof of the observation tower and the conical structure that connects to…


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Gravity-Defying Upside Down House in Russia

In Moscow, visitors to the All-Russia Exhibition Centre are welcome to explore inside this unique, inverted house, where the ceiling is on the floor and vice versa. Everything within the home, whose name is roughly translated as Shifted House, is completely ordinary… if you're standing upside down. Ultimately, the cleverly crafted piece of architecture is an impeccably designed space…


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Innovative Disappearing Bed Design Expands Living Space

For anyone looking to maximize on a small amount of living space, this innovative bed design is the perfect solution! Architects Julie Nabucet and Marc Baillargeon teamed up to convert a tiny 130-square-foot space into a functional apartment for a student living in Paris. They used every bit of space in the room—formerly a master bathroom of a larger…


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Parisian Cityscape Carved in Ice for One of a Kind Hotel Room

Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison of Paris-based Les Ateliers de Germaine designed this one of a kind room for Icehotel to represent "a postcard from France." Specifically, the room is based on the Montmartre neighborhood, one of Paris' most famous and recognizable areas.

At the head of the bed, the two artists carved a series of rooftops with illuminated dormer windows…


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The Most Exquisite Rooms Inside the Beautiful Louvre

As one of the world's most visited museums, it's rare to see the Louvre's array of lovely rooms completely empty. Through a project that began as a commission by Le Musée du Louvre, New York-based photographer Franck Bohbot gives us a rare glimpse of the colorfully ornate spaces throughout the museum. Each room is simply presented as a long empty hallway filled with strong lines, intricate textures, bold colors, and spectacular works of art.

By eliminating any human presence, Bohbot…


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