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Adjustable Winter Home Nestled in the Quebec Forest

Nestled deep in the Quebec forest, La Luge is a vacation home that allows visitors to live directly amid the wonders of nature. Created by yh2 architects, the home was constructed out of cedar, oak, and walnut, with the darker and lighter woods separated into different sections to create very distinct spaces.

The house concept was designed to be flexible in order to accommodate a…


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7 Million Pound, 112-Year-Old Temple Appears to Float Effortlessly in Mid-Air

It's not every day that you see an almost 7 million pound building suspended in mid-air. But that's the case with this Tabernacle located in Provo, Utah. The Provo Tabernacle, originally constructed from 1883-1898, suffered extreme fire damage in 2010. However, the 112-year-old exterior continued to stand strong and, in 2011, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS)…


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Post-World War II Garage Repurposed into Modern Space

Once overlooked and unused, this abandoned garage has since been transformed into a gorgeous, functioning space that serves as a retreat, a meditation space, a lounge, an artist studio, and accommodations for an overnight stay. The bright, eco-friendly design was developed by Graypants, Inc, a firm based in both Seattle and Amsterdam who strive to produce thoughtful projects that tell a good…


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South Korea's Award-Winning Endangered Species Research Center

Seoul, Korea-based Samoo Architects & Engineers (SAMOO) recently proposed a design for the National Research Center for Endangered Species that will be constructed in Yeongyang-gun, one of the cleanest environmental areas in Korea. In the winning design, the firm proposed a three-part structure that will blend harmoniously within the surrounding environment while…


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Nature-Inspired Resort Offers Treehouse Accommodations

It may not be a replacement for never having a treehouse as a child, but this unique resort is still pretty fun. Located just 30 minutes outside of Seattle, Washington, Treehouse Point is a sustainable bed and breakfast that offers a unique opportunity for adults to vacation in rooms built amongst the trees.

Developed by Pete and Judy Nelson, the concept strives to "connect people…


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Old Shipping Crate Converted Into Sustainable Guest House

Old shipping containers can be an eyesore but not when they are transformed into contemporary, functional living spaces. Texas-based firm Poteet Architects, a company that strives to continue a sustainable revitalization of downtown San Antonio, recently developed this Container Guest House using an old blue storage container and some innovative design ideas.



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Innovative Disappearing Bed Design Expands Living Space

For anyone looking to maximize on a small amount of living space, this innovative bed design is the perfect solution! Architects Julie Nabucet and Marc Baillargeon teamed up to convert a tiny 130-square-foot space into a functional apartment for a student living in Paris. They used every bit of space in the room—formerly a master bathroom of a larger…


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The Most Exquisite Rooms Inside the Beautiful Louvre

As one of the world's most visited museums, it's rare to see the Louvre's array of lovely rooms completely empty. Through a project that began as a commission by Le Musée du Louvre, New York-based photographer Franck Bohbot gives us a rare glimpse of the colorfully ornate spaces throughout the museum. Each room is simply presented as a long empty hallway filled with strong lines, intricate textures, bold colors, and spectacular works of art.

By eliminating any human presence, Bohbot…


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Proposed Bike System in London Will Offer Elevated Routes

SkyCycle is a futuristic concept that will radically change how people bike in London. Created through a collaboration between Exterior Architecture, Foster + Partners, and Space Syntax, the elevated bike network was developed as a way to provide safe bicycle routes throughout the city.

According to the project statement, "[London's] transport network is at capacity and faces the challenge…


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Former Museum in Rotterdam Transformed Into Luxury Home

Rotterdam-based studio Peña Architecture recently completed the transformation of the former Kralings Museum at the Hoflaan into a luxury apartment building called Casa K. The space features a shared entryway, an elevator, and three spacious apartments designed with a contemporary, open layout and bright sunlight streaming throughout.

Architect Gabriel Peña's main challenge was to create a…


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Chile's Stargazing Hotel Marvels at 300 Nights of Clear Skies

Elqui Domos is a hotel strategically located in the heart of the Elqui Valley in central Chile. Surrounded by the Andes Mountains, the unique destination provides visitors with a spectacular stargazing experience in an area best known for its 300 nights of incredibly clear skies per year.

The hotel was designed by Rodrigo Duque Motta Architects, and consists of a lobby, restaurant,…


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Contemporary Home Strategically Fragmented Around Trees

Rather than clearing out nature and altering the landscape, architect Keisuke Kawaguchi + K2 Design developed this contemporary home that works in harmony with the trees. Located near Yonago City, Japan, Residence in Daisen is a seemingly fragmented home placed around, next to, and throughout the existing forest.

The interior is connected with short…


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Twitter's Global Headquarters Encourages Creativity

If you are lucky enough to find the right place to work, gone are the days of stark white walls and stuffy office cubicles! More and more, large companies, including Google and now, Twitter, are providing their employees with a dynamic work environment…


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Luxury Lodge Set in 12,000 Acres of African Wilderness

Set within 12,000 acres of African wilderness, Leobo Private Reserve in South Africa is the epitome of secluded luxury. Located in the Limpop Province, the massive, exclusive villa was designed by award-winning architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens. Up to 26 guests at one time are greeted by a full staff, including private chef, who assist in providing a wonderfully luxurious…


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Swedish University Students Design Modern Solar-Powered Home

Team Sweden, consisting of 25 students from Chalmers University, recently developed this environmentally-friendly group house that is powered entirely by the sun. Halo is a sustainable living concept that began as a rough sketch and eventually emerged into a full-scale, functioning building.

The 645-square-foot circular design was intended to foster group living by…


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Rounded Forest Design Plans Revealed for NYC's the High Line

The High Line in New York City has rapidly developed over the years, becoming quite the spot for tourists and locals alike. Just recently, developers announced the final phase of construction for the 1-mile elevated park, which is built on a historic piece of New York railroad. The plans consist of a nature-filled, rounded structure that will consume a wide area, dubbed the Spur, that extends…


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3,000 Slats of Wood Form Maze-Like Fence in Copenhagen

This unique, temporary wooden pavilion seems like the perfect place to wander through and get lost in a daydream. Designed by Amsterdam-based firm FABRIC, Trylletromler is a freestanding fence structure that creates an illusion of motion throughout the King's Garden in Copenhagen.

The title of the piece, Trylletromler, is based off of the Danish word for the zoetrope, a 19th…


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Reflective Mirrored House Symbolizes America's Resilience

In light of the tough housing market throughout the past few years, London-based design firm Two Islands designed this large structure as a universal symbol of the thousands of homes lost to foreclosure. Developed by architect William Villalobos with colleagues Cesc Massanas and Tomas Selva, Mark's House was a 28-foot-tall Tudor-style home that sat high upon a pedestal in a…


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Round House Design Offers a Unique Architectural Experience

This beautiful Round House is a unique home design concept where soft curves replace the dusty corners of a typical four-sided home. Developed by L.A.-based architecture firm Johnston Marklee, the completely open interior space is enclosed by floor to ceiling windows, allowing light to radiate throughout the space from all around. For more privacy, sliding…


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Massive 80-Room Tree House Stands Almost 100-Feet-Tall

Anyone who ever wanted to have a small tree house in their backyard will be totally amazed by this massive construction, The World's Biggest Tree House, located in Crossville, Tennessee. Designed by Minister Horace Burgess, the structure relies on six oak trees as the base to support all five stories, which collectively stand 97-feet-high.

According to Burgess,…


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