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Architecture Now: Dazzling Buildings of the 21st Century

Book publisher Taschen and author Philip Jodidio have just come out with the latest book in their Architecture Now series and it's sure to delight any architecture lover. From magnificent buildings by famous architects like Zaha Hadid to a lesser known but equally dazzling structure by Brazilian Carla Juaçaba, the 480-page hardcover book, called Architecture Now!…


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Surreal Photos of Singapore's Solar-Powered Supertrees

Is it just us or do these trees look like something out of a sci-fi movie or, the very least, digital paintings? Sure, there's a bit of post processing done to these images but, for the most part, these are actual photos of Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Back in 2009, we posted on…


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Breathtaking Reflections of Paris

While on a vacation to Paris, most of us end up taking the same pictures of its most famous landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe. Having lived in Paris for the last four years, art historian Joanna Lemanska sees the city in a whole new light. Though she still frequents those highly photographed sites, she's able to show them in a fresh and unique way.…


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Mind-bending Mirrored Entranceway in Japan

Officially opened this past April, Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku is a shopping complex that has one of the most mind-bending entrances we've ever seen! Ride the escalator up (or down) and you'll be enveloped into a kaleidoscope of mirrors that's sure to throw you off balance. The mirrors don't just reflect all…


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Louvre's New Floating, Iridescent Roof

On September 22, a new art gallery space will be unveiled at France's famous Louvre museum that has an incredibly striking feature. The permanent home to the museum’s extensive collection of Islamic art, the new Department of Islamic Arts will be covered with a "Golden Cloud" which will seem like it's floating. The undulating, iridescent roof is meant to be a "gentle and non-violent…


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Modern Architecture That Revolutionizes Everyday Life

in partnership with smartwater. smartwater, simplicity is delicious. click…


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Charles Jencks' Mind-Bending Landscape Architecture

A concrete staircase that looks like a waterfall and represents the universe, why not? Charles Jencks is the American landscape architect and designer behind this incredible flight of stairs. Called The Universe Cascade, it has 25 landings that mark the important shifts in cosmic history. Starting at the top, in the present day, and descending down, visitors are moving…


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Melbourne's Secret Cloud House

Head to a small suburb in Melbourne, Australia called Fitzroy North and try and figure out which house has a secret. Though not apparent from the street, an Edwardian-style house has a cloud-shaped addition in the back that's as pretty as can be. McBride Charles Ryan Architect created an extruded undulating wall that, in cross-section, resembles the shape of a cloud.…


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Expo Korea's Magnificent Touch-Sensitive LED Field

At Expo Korea, going on from May to August in Yeosu, South Korea, a Korean oil company called GS Caltrex worked with German design firms Atelier Brückner and Tamschick Media+Space to come up with a fantastic space. 350 colored blades, 18 meters high, sway like grass in the wind, symbolizing the "never-ending flow of energy in nature." One can actually touch the individual blades to…


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The Art of Surrealist Architecture

While we here at My Modern Met are always coming across the latest and greatest in modern architecture, we've never seen anything quite so outlandish as this. While at first glance these buildings may seem grounded in some sort of reality, they're actually the imaginative work of Xavier Delory to study how European cities have undergone a drastic change. This intriguing, on-going…


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Architecture Surrounding the Sky

While we've all experienced photography that makes us feel dizzy, it's usually when the subjects' feet aren't firmly planted on the ground. Precariously dangling on the edge of buildings or outside helicopters, these daredevils show us just how far they're willing to go to get that…


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Graphic Designer's Hamburg, Germany

Here at My Modern Met, we love seeing big cities in a whole new way. Remember Eric Rocco's real Tokyo, Philipp Klinger's fantastic Paris or…


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Gorgeous Design and Architectural Photography

If you've ever flipped through Architectural Digest and sat back in awe at its beautiful and inspiring pictures, then you may already be familiar with Scott Frances. A frequent contributor to magazines like Vanity Fair, New York Times Magazine, Departures and, of course, Architectural Digest, New York-based Frances has worked with everyone from the world's top architects and designers to A-list… Continue

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Incredible Inception-Style City (3 pics)

From the architect who showed us the beautiful, undulating bridge comes a mind-bending architecture proposal that looks like it was inspired by the movie Inception. As a submission to Solar Park South, the first “Zero Emission” international competition, Ja Studio came up with… Continue

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The Live-Work-Play House

I don't think I'd ever leave my house if I lived in something like this! The Beaver Street Reprise in San Francisco, California is a modern home consisting of four stories that all have their own distinct roles - park-live-work-play. Love the rooftop deck with fireplace...after a hard day's work, wouldn't it be nice to go right upstairs and enjoy a glass of wine or beer up… Continue

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8 Gorgeous Modern Home Designs

Today I thought I'd look back at some of the most gorgeous modern houses we've ever featured here on the Met. What each of the designers or architects did so well was plan for an intelligent use of space. Not only do these homes look equally comfortable as they do gorgeous, they provide the homeowner with an amazing experience. They've created an inside/outside… Continue

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What do you think of the Perforated House? (8 pics)

Forget everything you ever thought about how the outside of a house should look like and then check out the Perforated House, designed by Kavellaris Urban Design. Completed in 2008, this modern house sits in artsy Melbourne, Australia. What did the designer have in mind when they created this unusual house?

"We wanted the house to be more than just a façade.…


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A Lovely, Modern Dollhouse

This house was recently chosen as one of Sunset's 11 Winning Home Designs. It's a two-story rear addition to a 1950s house that includes a master suite over a printing studio. Just like a modern dollhouse, we love how you can look into each bright and… Continue

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The Floating Glass House - Near Krakow, Poland (7 pics)

If you lived in this "floating" glass house, where would you spend most of your time? In the bathtub, reading a book and every so often peaking into the beautiful forest? In front of the piano, channeling your inner Beethoven and composing a masterpiece? Doing the backstroke in your indoor swimming pool? Or how about in the dining room, enjoying a delicious…


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Inside a Modern Miami Beach Mansion (14 pics)

If you've ever wondered what a 9 Bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 20,000 sq foot Miami Beach house located on a private island looked like, you'll love this post. Touzet Studio designed the recently completed Okto Villa that overlooks the Biscayne Bay. Now being offered for sale through David Solomon, a…


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