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World's Largest Snow Flake-Shaped Ski Dome

Shaped like a six-armed snow flake, Danish architecture studio CEBRA recently unveiled a proposal to build the world's largest ski-dome. Skidome Denmark will have six indoor and two outdoor slopes on its three centrally connected arches, with three kilometers (1.9 miles) of slopes arching over a river in the Danish city of Randers.

”We have placed and designed the ski dome over the river to…


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Incredible Vertical Panoramas of New York Churches

Throughout time, some of the most magnificent architectural marvels have been in the form of churches, basilicas, or cathedrals. You may assume that these gorgeous photos were taken in Europe, where many of the world's famous churches are located, but you'd then be surprised to find out that they were taken in New York by photographer Richard Silver.

"As someone who has…


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Magnificent Indian Temple Carved from One Giant Rock

When most of us were growing up, we learned about a handful of man-made wonders of the world such as the pyramids in Egypt, the Colosseum in Rome, and the Great Wall of China. One that may have slipped right past you could have been the Kailashnath Temple in Maharashtra, India.

What's most amazing about the…


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Mumbai's Gorgeous New Namaste Tower

Mumbai, India is about to unveil a gorgeous new skyscraper to the world. Designed by Atkins Design Studio for W Hotel, the Namaste Tower aims to become a landmark structure, representing the burgeoning economic and cultural significance of India. The 62-story, 984-sq-ft tall building, which is currently under construction, will include a hotel, office and retail space.

The traditional Indian…


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Amazingly Efficient Use of Space in World's Narrowest House

It's hard to imagine anyone living in the world's most narrowest home, sandwiched like a pill between two large buildings. But this 150 sq ft home designed by Jakub Szczesny of Polish design firm Centrala is not just a concept, it is, in fact, the real deal.

The Keret House, named after Szczesny’s favorite writer and poet, measures an astounding 47 x 27 inches. With…


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Revolutionary Tornado Proof Home Hides Below Surface

In a quest to invent new ways to provide safe options for shelter in climatically unsafe environments, Ted Givens of Hong Kong-based 10 Design developed this revolutionary tornado proof home. ”Erupting Stability” assesses the forces of tornadoes and high velocity winds, and provides a protective shuttle that submerges underground when extreme weather conditions threaten the safety of the…


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Radical Glow-in-the-Dark Skatepark

Korean artist Koo Jeong-A has given skateboarders a seriously impressive reason to stay out late. Using green phosphorescent concrete, she created a glow-in-the-dark skatepark decked out with multiple bowls, a cradle, and three separate tunnels to skate through. Koo was inspired by a previous trip to the skatepark's location, Vassivière Island in France, and its "mysterious winter…


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Magnificent Wave Pier Loops Into the Ocean

Looping vertically into the ocean like a 360 degree stunt ramp, the Wave Pier by Mesh Architects provides the people of St. Petersburg, Florida an extraordinary new way to enjoy the beach.

Along with providing spectacular views of Tampa Bay and the St. Petersburg skyline, the iconic Wave Pier features a pavilion and exhibition hall that can host indoor events and performances. On the…


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China's Sleek Infinity Loop Bridge

With their complex understanding of China's coastline conditions, 10 DESIGN and Buro Happold have won an international design competition with the Infinity Loop Bridge. A signature gateway to south China’s new planned commercial hub in the Shizimen Business District of Zhuhai, the bridge provides incredible views of the Shizimen Canal and the Pearl River Delta. What appears to be a large…


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Magnificent Sports Center in Jingzhou, China

Positioned within the city's urban center, the Jingzhou Sports Center in China will not only play host to all sorts of athletic matches, it will serve as a meeting place where visitors can shop, eat, exercise, and hang out at concerts or fairs.

Chinese practice DUO and China National…


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Peru's Writhing Tower Twists and Turns Into the Skyline

Twisting and turning into the skyline, Writhing Tower by China-based architecture firm LYCS is a new residential building conceptualized for Lima, Peru. With each unit rotating 45 degrees, residents will have uninterrupted views of both the public park in front of the site, and the ocean to the rear. Additionally, each unit has blocked views to the unit above and below, creating a nice extra…


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Living Inside a Boeing 727 Located Within Oregon Forest

Bruce Campbell doesn't just love planes, he lives inside of one. After purchasing a a Boeing 727-200 for $100,000, he placed it in his backyard, otherwise known as the middle of the woods in Oregon.

Campbell's startup costs were actually quite considerable. He paid $17,000 to move the plane from an airport to a staging site, $20,000 to rent the staging site for four months, $21,600 to…


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Germany's Green Climate Fund Headquarters

In their quest to win the rights to host the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund, Germany picked Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) to represent their county and to design a proposal for a sustainable headquarters in Bonn.

With a design inspired by the beautiful setting in the Rhine valley, the three level structure will comply with the latest energy and building ecology standards,…


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Seoul's Marvelous Dancing Dragons

Chicago firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture envision a pair of magnifcent towers shooting up into the sky of Seoul, South Korea. Aptly named Dancing Dragons, the buildings feature glass scales, which are inspired by Korean mythical dragons. Gaps between its overlapping panels feature operable vents through which air can circulate, making the skin “breathable”…


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Jeju island's Modern Cocoon House

Located on South Korea's volcanic Jeju island, architecture firm Planning Korea recently completed their unique design for a luxury condominium inspired by nature. The Cocoon House features an outdoor pool overlooking the sea, kitchen and living areas, a conference zone, small library, and rooftop garden.

The most standout feature is, however, the structure's "cocoon," which is…


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Artist's Studio Perched Atop Rocky Coastline

Are you an artist who's looking looking for inspiration? Look no further. One day at the Squish Studio will get your creative juices following. Located just outside the small town of Tilting on the eastern end of Fogo Island, Squish Studio sits atop a rocky strip of coastline that could rival Italy’s western coast. The ground beneath the studio is so rocky and uneven that the southern…


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Largest Underground High-Speed Rail Station in the World

Designed by Andrew Bromberg of architecture firm Aedas, the Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus will connect Hong Kong to Beijing and is slated to become the largest underground high-speed rail station in the world when it is completed in 2015. The 4,628,481 sq ft facility is equipped with 15 tracks and is located centrally in Hong Kong, acting as a gateway to the city. Trains will reach…


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Galaga Shaped Contemporary House

When I first saw this unique shaped home in Bethesda, Maryland by David Jameson Architect, it reminded me of an alien enemy spaceship in the 8-bit video game Galaga. From there, I was pretty much sold.

Although the two-story 860 sq ft residence, named the NaCl House, is a bit too stark white for my taste, I…


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Incredible Five Star Resort Submerged Underground

Below the surface, in a former rock quarry, a five-star resort is currently being built with almost all floors below ground level. Located in the Songjiang district (close to Shanghai) in China, the InterContinental Shimao Wonderland will stand 19-stories tall, with 16 of them below ground!

Along with 380 hotel rooms, the unique building will incorporate conference facilities for up…


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Twisting Skyscraper Reshapes Downtown Vancouver

Taking inspiration from the Flatiron Building in New York City, Danish Architecture fim BIG have unveiled their proposal for a 490 ft high skyscraper in downtown Vancouver. Twisting and turning into the air, the 49 story Beach and Howe tower is not only a unique addition to the Vancouver skyline, it aims to be a dramatic gateway that speaks to the emerging creative economy in the…


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