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Massive Street Murals by M-E-S-A

Street art is expanding to include even more talented artists. M-E-S-A impresses passersby with his fine art skills. His murals are not only massive, they're exceptionally detailed and well done. M-E-S-A has a tendency to use large human heads and crows in his work, which is reminiscent of art by JR and ROA.…


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Polish City Embraces Street Art

Aryz (Spain)

The Polish city of Lodz is making huge waves in the street art world. Under the patronage of Mayor Hanna Zdanowska and the Ambassador of Spain in Poland, the city is co-financing a monumental, permanent exhibition called Urban Forms Gallery.

Some of the best street artists around the world joined Poland's… Continue

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Intimate Photorealistic Paintings

It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish what medium of art I'm looking at anymore! Marta Penter, a psychologist-turned-painter based in Brazil, is playing mind games with her photorealistic paintings. Her series "Shared Intimacy" features visuals that you'd swear were candid photographs from a personal collection.

Penter paints with watercolors and oils on canvas. She… Continue

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Hidden Foam Figures

Austria-born artist Mario D. Fischer has created an intriguing set of work, called Temporal Mimesis, using rigid foam, resin and patina. The beautiful twists and turns suddenly give way to hidden human forms.

"I was always fascinated by the interference of volume, shape and time with regard to its sculptural possibilities," Fischer tells us, when we asked him why he chose to work with… Continue

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Cloud Cities Inspired by Soap Bubbles and Spider Webs

Head on over to Berlin's Hamburger Bahnhof (a former railway station) from now till January 15, 2012, and get ready to feel like you've stepped into a strange and surreal dream. Artist Tomás Saraceno has created a massive installation consisting of 20 large balloons, some of which you can actually enter. Bounce on the transparent floors and then look through the spheres… Continue

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Awesome LEGO Harry Potter Scenes

Love Harry Potter? Can't get enough of LEGOs? For a video game print ad campaign, Albert Co created these amazing Harry Potter images! "I accompanied the 3D final renderings with early concepts sketched in Photoshop," he says. Just magical.

via [… Continue

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Psychedelic Three-Dimensional Paper Sculptures

Beginning September 30th and closing on October 3rd, PULSE Contemporary Art Fair will exhibit colorfully rich creations by Jen Stark. Located in Los Angeles, the show contains Stark’s signature… Continue

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Giant Net Sculptures Color the Sky

With her colorful net sculptures, Janet Echelman is the artist responsible for beautifying skies around the world. These are not your average sculptures. Their near-weightlessness and vivid colors allow for them to interact with nature, swaying in the wind and shining in the sunlight.

Echelman started as a contemporary painter but after the paints she ordered (while on a… Continue

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Hyper-Realistic Paintings of the Female Form

If the artist himself wasn't in the shot, I wouldn't have guessed that these were oil paintings. Omar Ortiz is the man with the magic hands behind these exquisite works of art.

What separates this Mexico-based artist from other hyper-realistic painters… Continue

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Geometric Tape Art Invades India

New York-based tape artist Aakash Nihalani is on a tear around India, adding a few more amusing pieces to his portfolio. His fluorescent colored illusions, combined with India's rich culture, makes for some truly eye-catching work. Nihalani's exhibit, entitled Aalign, is currently running… Continue

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Impressive Wooden Sculptures

Prosthetic Suit for Stephen Hawking

If you head to the Power of Making exhibit inside the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, you'll get a chance to see some exquisitely crafted objects including Michael T. Rea's Prosthetic Suit for Stephen Hawking. (The… Continue

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Trippy Ceiling to Floor Installation Coming to Guggenheim

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York just released some sketches of an exciting new installation coming there on October 11. Brooklyn-based artist Nicola López's Landscape X will be a sculptural collage environment in the museum's Frank Lloyd Wright–designed rotunda. López will utilize three levels of the rotunda using everything from… Continue

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The Magnificent Coin Engraver

Andrew Gonzales, is a highly talented artist who admits to "not (having) any formal training in the engraving field but diligently studied the work of many skilled artists." For having no formal training, Gonzales yields beautifully engraved coins. His work incorporates not only coins but also rings, bracelets, guitar picks and more. After having to quit his day job due to medical reasons, he… Continue

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Planet of the Hanksy

The ever-elusive Banksy impersonator, Hanksy, makes his mark again in the Lower East Side. Instead of the Wilson cameo, this time the street artist remakes Banksy’s piece, below, using the same line: Laugh now, but one day we'll be in charge. Foreboding, even with Tom Hank's enlarged head.… Continue

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Artist Rudi Mantofani's Awesome Mutant Guitars

Here's something you don't see every day. Indonesia born and based artist Rudi Mantofani has created a set of mutant guitars that are entirely hand-crafted, as in not transformed from ready-made guitars. These unique pieces were shown in the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art at the…


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Captivating Mural on L.A.'s Streets

Artist Dave Kinsey just finished his newest mural right outside the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, California. An intricate black and white scene, the mural is just the kick-off for his upcoming show at Joshua Linear Gallery with Kris Kuksi and Greg Lamarche, as part of the PULSE contemporary art fair in Los Angeles.…


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Sitting on a Giant Red Dress

That's one big dress! Aamu Song designed REDDRESS, a towering red gown that fills in its performance space. It is an interactive installation designed to be worn by one performer within the bodice of the gargantuan garment. Each performer climbs a concealed staircase to fit into the body. The dress also allows the average spectator to sit within the 238 pockets of the dress surrounding the entertainer.… Continue

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Masterful Paper Cutouts

Paper cut masterpieces could only be created by artists with excellent skills and an unbelievable amount of patience. Hong Kong native Bovey Lee excels in these criteria, having earned her masters in Fine Arts from UC Berkeley. Completing her first cut paper work in 2005, Lee quickly fell in love with the style of art.

In an exclusive interview with… Continue

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Blank Butterfly Faces

Using colored pencils, Italian artist Marco Mazzoni creates surreal portraits of blank faces adorned with vibrant flowers and butterflies.

The works are a tribute to natural beauty as well as an exploration of identity. The exclusion of eyes replaced with whiteness hints at inner divinity, placing emphasis on flora and fauna. Marco states his work is inspired by “references to the Sardinian female-based societies of 15th century which conserved their culture through… Continue

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Modern Celebrities Photoshopped into Old Russian Generals

UK artist Steve Payne has created an awesome set of celebrity portraits by photoshopping their heads, quite seamlessly, onto the bodies of old Russian generals. The original paintings, by English portraits artist George Dawe, show Russian generals who had successfully fought Napoleon in the… Continue

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