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Masterful Paper Cutouts

Paper cut masterpieces could only be created by artists with excellent skills and an unbelievable amount of patience. Hong Kong native Bovey Lee excels in these criteria, having earned her masters in Fine Arts from UC Berkeley. Completing her first cut paper work in 2005, Lee quickly fell in love with the style of art.

In an exclusive interview with… Continue

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Blank Butterfly Faces

Using colored pencils, Italian artist Marco Mazzoni creates surreal portraits of blank faces adorned with vibrant flowers and butterflies.

The works are a tribute to natural beauty as well as an exploration of identity. The exclusion of eyes replaced with whiteness hints at inner divinity, placing emphasis on flora and fauna. Marco states his work is inspired by “references to the Sardinian female-based societies of 15th century which conserved their culture through… Continue

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Modern Celebrities Photoshopped into Old Russian Generals

UK artist Steve Payne has created an awesome set of celebrity portraits by photoshopping their heads, quite seamlessly, onto the bodies of old Russian generals. The original paintings, by English portraits artist George Dawe, show Russian generals who had successfully fought Napoleon in the… Continue

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Cute and Quirky Conceptual Photography

Failed opportunities

Finland-based photographer Jenni Holma has a gift for creating cute and quirky scenes. The 22-year-old photography student says that her "heart lies in conceptual photography" but that she's in awe by anything that makes her feel something.

"I see things through child filtered glasses which sometimes seems to be against me and on… Continue

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Inside Out

New York-based artist Aakash Nihalani once again uses his medium of choice - tape - to create an optical illusion in Dehli, India. The piece, titled Inside Out, coincides with Nihalani's first exhibition in India, which opens today at Seven Art Limited gallery.…


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Creative Links of the Week #12

Hello and welcome to another edition of Creative Links of the Week! As always, we've rounded up some of the most creative posts from around the web that we hope will inspire you to pick up that art project or take up that hobby. We've also listed out some of the most visited posts on My Modern Met this week just in case you missed something. Have a great weekend, everyone! (P.S. Isn't that… Continue

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Real-Life Superhero Collages

Come a little closer. For the ten year anniversary of 9/11, London based artist Ben Turnbull created captivating collages comprised of fictional superheroes we can all recognize (if we look closely). They were made to commemorate real life heroes, the firemen and policemen that protect us every day.

There have been a wide array of 9/11 tributes in all mediums of art, but Turnbull's… Continue

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Wartime Molotov Cocktail Art

Have you ever used a cocktail to paint a portrait? (Don't worry, neither have we.) With the help of his production crew and a book of archived photos and documents, Russian street artist Radya can proudly claim that he has. He's created giant portraits of six World War II USSR soldiers - Guard Major Fedor Spekhov, Colonel Formichev, Guard Sergeant I.D. Serebrjakov, Guard Lieutenant V.A. Markov,… Continue

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Breaking News Gets Cross Stitched

How amazingly awesome are these? For her Masters in Graphic Design thesis project at New England School of Art and Design, Emily Roose created these cross stitch scenes taking content from breaking news stories. Calling the set Slow Breaking News, each one took her 25 hours to make. Her aim? To juxtapose the fast nature of news with the slow nature of cross stitching. "I wanted to see how this transference of medium affects the message of these stories… Continue

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Isaac Cordal's Lost Cement Sculptures

Artist Isaac Cordal recently reached out to us to tell us about his latest installation. Called Follow the Leaders, the scenes took place in a semi-abandoned space in Milan, Italy. It's a "reflection about how our leaders take us to dead ends," he says. "This is a group of… Continue

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Motivational Anamorphic Tape

Is success defined by the grades you get in school? Dominic Randolph, the headmaster of the prestigious private school, Riverdale Country School, doesn't think so. According to him, too much attention is put on grades and not enough on character. "There was this idea in America that if you worked hard and you showed real grit, that you could be successful," says Randolph.

As an… Continue

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Masterful Digital Art Sculptures

Martinakis Adam creates masterful three-dimensional environments where buildings are made in the form of giant human beings. His powerful, surrealistic works resemble large scale metal sculptures. Since 2006, the Polish artist and interior designer has been teaching digital graphics at Athens College in Greece. …


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Dante's Beach Inferno

As the two-time winner of the Food Network's Challenge: Outrageous Pumpkins, Ray Villafane is best known for his expert artistry in food carving. However, he's now recognized for more after accepting to take on a sand sculpting project in Jesolo, Italy. Despite not having any experience in creating sand sculptures, Villafane challenged himself and took part in the annual holiday project. He did such an… Continue

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Ray Caesar's New Show: A Dangerous Inclination

Mark your calendars! On October 22, 2011, Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City will present a solo exhibition by digital artist Ray Caesar. Featuring 30 exquisite pieces, it will showcase Caesar's elegant and haunting works, giving us a rare, sneak peek inside his creative process. “I look inside myself and see very difficult and wonderful memories I have forgotten; things I… Continue

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Saul Bass-Inspired Dexter Opening Sequence

You've just got to love fan-made art that's inspired by the genius work of Saul Bass. Created by graphic designer Ty Mattson, this alternate opening sequence for the show Dexter had me mesmerized from beginning to end.

"The poster series that I created for Dexter was inspired by mid-century modern design and particularly the work of Saul Bass -- who developed both… Continue

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Overcoming Double Vision Through Art

At first glance, these gorgeous images by Pakayla Rae Biehn appear to be really impressive double-exposure photographs. What may surprise you is that they're actually photo-realistic paintings!

The San Francisco-based artist started painting double exposures because of an eye condition she was born with called Strabismus. "My paintings are based on the side effects I encounter from… Continue

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Vinyl Music Icons

Alejandro de Antonio Fernández, an accomplished designer and illustrator based in Madrid, Spain, created this incredible collection of vinyl-inspired pop art for the UNCO_MA Project presented by Art Room. The idea behind this set is to create innovative style within a space with the use of unconventional materials. De Antonio was inspired by vinyl records and illustrated original portraits of legendary… Continue

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Sitting Here Casting My Shadow

UK-based artist Rook Floro created this incredibly moving sculpture that gives us a surreal, out-of-body experience.

Viewers can really sense the drama within the performance piece, which was inspired by Carl Jung’s psychological theory about the shadow.

"It represents my ‘shadow’ which involves my hidden desires to be different and become perfect in my own right," says Floro.… Continue

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Emotion-Filled Steel Wire Sculptures

Corpus Callosum

Self-taught artist, illustrator and designer Gavin Worth first became interested in wire sculpting after seeing an exhibit on Alexander Calder at the SFMoMA. Since then, he's created his own set of amazing pieces that are both beautiful and moving.

"By bending… Continue

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Creepy Superhero Fetuses

How creepy yet cool are these? French artist Alexandre Nicolas is currently showing some of his superhero fetuses at the Hey! Modern Art and Pop Culture show going on now through March 4, 2012 at Halle Saint-Pierre museum in Paris, France. Encased in blocks of synthetic crystal, these unborn babies look like they're… Continue

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