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Undeniably Glamorous Fashion Illustrations

We'd seen Laura Laine's incredibly beautiful fashion illustrations before, but it surprised us that we actually never wrote a post about her work. The Helskinki-based illustrator studied fashion design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, but after her first course on fashion illustration, she decided that she had found her true calling. As she's said in a… Continue

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Creative Art Made with Polaroid Prints

If Polaroid gave you unlimited use of their instant printer, the GL10, what would you create? What pictures would you take and how would you arrange their 3" x 4" print-outs to make something unique and interesting? Tasked with this challenge, a mix of today's artists, designers, photographers, actors and musicians came together in the name of charity. All pieces will be auctioned off with… Continue

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Super Fresh Hyper-Realistic Paintings

If you thought that hyper-realistic paintings always seemed a bit dry and uninteresting, then perhaps you haven't seen these works by Jeff Ramirez. The Los Angeles-based artist keeps his subject matters fresh, making his pieces feel alive and relevant. Currently, you can see some of Ramirez's work along with those by other realist painters, like Aaron Nagel and Jennifer… Continue

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Damien Hirst Unveils Two Strange, Mythical Sculptures

If you're interested in seeing some actual Damien Hirst sculptures, you're in luck. Two new Hirst works will be shown for The Beyond Limits sculpture exhibition at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire,… Continue

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Massive Pushpin Portraits

At first glance, Eric Daigh’s artwork appears to be a low-resolution portrait, but upon closer inspection, onlookers can see each piece is made up of thousands of colored pins. Combining creativity along with hours of diligent application, the Michigan-based artist uses 25,000 to 100,000 pushpins to create each piece!

As a process artist, Daigh starts by taking a series of photographs of… Continue

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Color-Bursting Digital Art

Karol Kolodzinski is an extremely talented digital artist, illustrator and art director based out of Warsaw, Poland. He's worked on some very impressive clients such as Avatar the Game, Nike, Bacardi and more. His work is also wide ranging from ads and websites to illustrations and motion capture movies.…


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Japan's Wild Aquarium Art

Art Aquarium took place in Tokyo, Japan to showcase uniquely wild aquariums. They are so colorful and unique that the fish become a part of the whole art experience!

Photos by Franck Robichon / EPA

via […

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Peeling Back the Layers

All is not what it seems. That's the takeaway lesson from this intriguing series called Layers by Miha Artnak. The artist and designer of visual communications warps our sense of reality in a simple but well-executed way.

Of course, this leads to larger questions like - What would we find if we looked a little deeper? Who's to tell us what's real and what's… Continue

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Everyday Items Made from Old Paper


You may want to think twice before you throw away your old Thomas Guides, vintage postcards, children's books and pattern packets. Perhaps you can turn them into works of art! That's what Jennifer Collier does - she takes these old, discarded paper products and turns them into incredible replicas of everyday items like typewriters, cameras,… Continue

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Pop Culture Matches


Who knew you could have so much fun with matches? After finding our post on pop culture cash, New Jersey-born and raised artist Mike Bell reached out to us to tell us about a similar project he'd thought we'd enjoy.

Bell memorializes some of our most well-known celebrities or… Continue

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Emotion-Packed Drawings and Illustrations

Inadequate Child

If art can do anything, it can tug at our heart strings and make us remember feelings and emotions we thought we had buried. 24-year-old illustrator Berk Ozturk likes working with dark and melancholic themes like lost love and death. His favorite artists are Tim Burton, Edward Gorey, Alex Pardee and Todd McFarlane among… Continue

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Paint Splattered Superheroes


Sure, we've all seen our share of superhero art but Arian Noveir kicks it up a notch with these (almost) abstract paintings! The France-based web designer creates digital art pieces that we'd love to hang on our walls. See if you can figure out who each character is before you read their names. …


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Hyper-Realistic Black and White Oil Paintings

Matteo Mezzetta’s area of expertise lies in hyperrealistic oil painting. His artwork is so incredible that it tricks the mind into thinking that we're seeing photos of people instead of actual paintings. His black and white portrayal of real life situations are breathtaking beyond compare. Love his shadows....…


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Charcoal Skull Illusions

Newcastle artist Tom French has a skill for figurative drawing. Carefully, he combines photorealism and surrealism to create beautiful charcoal drawings...of skulls! His profile on Flickr shares, “French’s work often treads the fine line between the beautiful and unsettling, combining technically tight, classical charcoal drawings… Continue

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Faces in the Sky

After stops in Los Angeles, Italy and Germany, Os Gêmeos participated in the Back2Black Festival in Rio de Janeiro. As usual, they went big. When visitors looked up, a sea of balloon faces stared straight down at them. The identical twins joined many other artists who showcased their influences of African culture in… Continue

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Perspective Illusion Cartoon Sculptures

British artist James Hopkins makes us, simultaneously, smile and scratch our heads with his seemingly ordinary cartoon sculptures. His acrylic plastic characters, called Perspective Sculptures, are all part of a crazy illusion that unveils itself when the works are viewed from a different perspective.

It's all part of Hopkins' plan or the way his art works. "The majority of my practice is concerned with the role of judgment in connection to the… Continue

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The Incredible Slate Sculptor

We've all seen metal sculptures that are unbelievably cool. UK sculptor Stephen Kettle’s 1.5 ton slate sculpture of Alan Turing located at Bletchy Park in Britain stands as a testament to the time it takes to create such amazing works of art. The… Continue

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Miniature Origami Animals

Anyone who has attempted to create origami knows just how difficult it is. Now, imagine the skill level required to create these astonishingly miniature sculptures! Artist Anja Markiewicz uses sheets of paper smaller than an inch in width. Check out the vast array of animals she's handcrafted in her collection...…


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Looking Down the Rabbit Hole

If you stare long enough at Hans Kotter's bright and colorful sculptures, you'll know how Alice in Wonderland felt when she stared down the rabbit hole.

To hypnotize his audience, the German artist uses color-changing LED lights that are strategically positioned inside Plexiglas. The lights are controlled with a remote control and the walls are mirrored inside. When viewed at the… Continue

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See No Evil Street Art Show

Bristol is the home city to two of today's biggest artists, both Damien Hirst and Banksy, which makes it known for its odd and artsy scene. These past few days, the city has welcomed 70 graffiti artists from around the globe. They've all come for the See No Evil art show, which claims to be the UK’s largest permanent street art project. In particular, Nelson Street has received quite the… Continue

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