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Queens of New York

The urban landscape of New York is given a beautiful portrayal by artist Tim Okamura. Bronx Brooklyn Queens, on view at the Lyons Weir gallery in New York, gives us a subtle nod to female empowerment. His subjects are the soulful African-American women living in New York City. He describes his exhibit as a blend of "realistic portraiture, figurative work with graffiti elements… Continue

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Colorful Japanese Pop Art

Japanese artist Yumiko Kayukawa’s latest exhibition Coming Home is currently showing at the Roq La Rue gallery. The Seattle-based painter continues creating her dynamic, color saturated paintings of independent women surrounded by animal totems and Japanese traditional motifs. Love the level of detail in each piece.…


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Shot Down Plane Transforms into Giant Fish

Liqen discovered a crashed plane on Ventanilla Beach in Oaxaca, Mexico and did what any respectable street artist would do - he turned the plane's tail into a giant fish and added an indigenous spear-fisherman on the wing.

But, that's just the beginning of this fascinating story. According to… Continue

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Story Behind an Aging Superhero

What happens to superheroes when they start to age? Andreas Englund has the answer. He's the creative artist behind this hilarious series that's been "flying" through the web. The Sweden born and based artist takes us on a wild journey through the life of an everyday superhero, one most of us… Continue

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Underwater Photos that Resemble Baroque Paintings

With all of her effects created in-camera using the refraction of light and movement in different depths of water, Christy Lee Rogers creates pictures that look like Baroque paintings without the help of Photoshop. Her obsession with water as a medium coupled with her dedication to photography as an artistic medium, makes her work truly stand… Continue

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School Supplies Made of Fabric

Take one look at these embroidered pieces and tell me you don't get nostalgic for school. Megan Whitmarsh is a fine artist living and working in Los Angeles who's made replicas of some of our most classic back-to-school items. Known primarily for her idiosyncratic hand embroidery, Whitmarsh makes us smile with these wonderfully whimsical pieces.…


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Double Dragon-Inspired Wood Sculpture

If you're a fan of retro video games and you love art, you're going to get a kick out of this new sculpture by Aled Lewis. Called Double Discount, it pays tribute to the Game Boy title, Double Dragon II, and was made for the Old School Video Game Show coming on September 16 to Gallery 1988 in Venice,… Continue

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Whimsical Childhood Daydreams

To create such whimsical illustrations, one must have a rich and active imagination. London-based artist and designer Kareena Zerefos is a self-professed daydreamer with an unhealthy obsession with 2B pencils and the lust to escape into a world of make believe. Zerefos has created a set of beautifully fanciful pieces. Within each portrait lies a hint of the famous children’s book… Continue

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Spirit of Summer Wall Mural

Earlier this summer, we enjoyed an El Mac masterpiece in Vietnam. With the season slowly coming to an end, it should come as no surprise that his latest mural is called Spirit of Summer. Located in Montreal, Canada, Spirit of Summer is an interpretation of one, young Rose Phillips, which is the… Continue

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Calibrating the Telescope

Street artist Phlegm has been on overdrive the last couple of years. Here's a new, highly-detailed piece that ranks up there with some of his best work. The UK-based street artist took three days to complete the stretched-out wall, which is located on an old nuclear fallout shelter in Zagreb,… Continue

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Dazzling School of Fish Sculpture

If you were in Australia this past September, you may have checked out the 9th annual Swell Sculpture Festival, an event that brings together artists to display their unique sculptures on Currumbin Beach. This year, out of the 50 sculptures, this one caught our eye.

It's called School and it's by artist Richard Howie. "There is something wonderful in the shining,… Continue

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Modern Asian-Inspired Folk Art

Looking for some beautiful and inspiring Japanese art? If so check out the recently opened solo exhibition from Japanese artist Yoskay Yamamoto at LeBasse Projects in Culver City. Picking Up Where We Left Off is the name of the show where Yamamoto is exhibiting both paintings and sculptures that continue on the intimate statements of self-expression that began in his last series of… Continue

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Monkey Experiments

Monkeys have finally turned the tables on us; they've decided to experiment on human beings! Spanish street artist Liqen painted this thought-provoking mural in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. He calls it a "present study through the origins of our species."…


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The Human Brain Reimagined

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and perhaps the most amazing. Using cardboard boxes, artist Yaron Steinberg created this interesting installation which shows us what he imagines his own brain to look like. One peak inside and you'll instantly notice a considerable amount of detail, including lots of tiny houses that resemble the tight-fit favelas of Brazil. My favorite part… Continue

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Mystical Illustrations Made with Metallic Gel Pens

Dream Weaver

Using just metallic gel pens on the black, reverse side of an illustration board, Filipino artist John Paul "Lakan" Olivares creates incredibly detailed drawings that have a spiritual undertone. While in his earlier works, his pieces were based on the traditional, indigenous cultures of the Philippines, his later work focused more on the… Continue

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Undeniably Glamorous Fashion Illustrations

We'd seen Laura Laine's incredibly beautiful fashion illustrations before, but it surprised us that we actually never wrote a post about her work. The Helskinki-based illustrator studied fashion design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, but after her first course on fashion illustration, she decided that she had found her true calling. As she's said in a… Continue

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Creative Art Made with Polaroid Prints

If Polaroid gave you unlimited use of their instant printer, the GL10, what would you create? What pictures would you take and how would you arrange their 3" x 4" print-outs to make something unique and interesting? Tasked with this challenge, a mix of today's artists, designers, photographers, actors and musicians came together in the name of charity. All pieces will be auctioned off with… Continue

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Super Fresh Hyper-Realistic Paintings

If you thought that hyper-realistic paintings always seemed a bit dry and uninteresting, then perhaps you haven't seen these works by Jeff Ramirez. The Los Angeles-based artist keeps his subject matters fresh, making his pieces feel alive and relevant. Currently, you can see some of Ramirez's work along with those by other realist painters, like Aaron Nagel and Jennifer… Continue

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Damien Hirst Unveils Two Strange, Mythical Sculptures

If you're interested in seeing some actual Damien Hirst sculptures, you're in luck. Two new Hirst works will be shown for The Beyond Limits sculpture exhibition at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire,… Continue

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Massive Pushpin Portraits

At first glance, Eric Daigh’s artwork appears to be a low-resolution portrait, but upon closer inspection, onlookers can see each piece is made up of thousands of colored pins. Combining creativity along with hours of diligent application, the Michigan-based artist uses 25,000 to 100,000 pushpins to create each piece!

As a process artist, Daigh starts by taking a series of photographs of… Continue

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