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Faces in the Sky

After stops in Los Angeles, Italy and Germany, Os Gêmeos participated in the Back2Black Festival in Rio de Janeiro. As usual, they went big. When visitors looked up, a sea of balloon faces stared straight down at them. The identical twins joined many other artists who showcased their influences of African culture in… Continue

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Perspective Illusion Cartoon Sculptures

British artist James Hopkins makes us, simultaneously, smile and scratch our heads with his seemingly ordinary cartoon sculptures. His acrylic plastic characters, called Perspective Sculptures, are all part of a crazy illusion that unveils itself when the works are viewed from a different perspective.

It's all part of Hopkins' plan or the way his art works. "The majority of my practice is concerned with the role of judgment in connection to the… Continue

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The Incredible Slate Sculptor

We've all seen metal sculptures that are unbelievably cool. UK sculptor Stephen Kettle’s 1.5 ton slate sculpture of Alan Turing located at Bletchy Park in Britain stands as a testament to the time it takes to create such amazing works of art. The… Continue

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Miniature Origami Animals

Anyone who has attempted to create origami knows just how difficult it is. Now, imagine the skill level required to create these astonishingly miniature sculptures! Artist Anja Markiewicz uses sheets of paper smaller than an inch in width. Check out the vast array of animals she's handcrafted in her collection...…


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Looking Down the Rabbit Hole

If you stare long enough at Hans Kotter's bright and colorful sculptures, you'll know how Alice in Wonderland felt when she stared down the rabbit hole.

To hypnotize his audience, the German artist uses color-changing LED lights that are strategically positioned inside Plexiglas. The lights are controlled with a remote control and the walls are mirrored inside. When viewed at the… Continue

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See No Evil Street Art Show

Bristol is the home city to two of today's biggest artists, both Damien Hirst and Banksy, which makes it known for its odd and artsy scene. These past few days, the city has welcomed 70 graffiti artists from around the globe. They've all come for the See No Evil art show, which claims to be the UK’s largest permanent street art project. In particular, Nelson Street has received quite the… Continue

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Chlorophyll Printing Leaf Art

With the growing fascination in unconventional canvas choices, it comes as no surprise that we're seeing leaves used in a number of interesting ways. In July we featured Lorenzo Duran, a talented artist who's able to cut away leaves to produce beautiful images.

Vietnamese-born photographer and… Continue

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Everyday Truths and Lies

When was the last time you didn't tell the truth? This particular poster series by Justin Barber, called Truth and Lies, depicts the common lies we tell ourselves and others alongside the brutal and hilarious truth. As the site says, “This is what you say, but this is what you mean, and we all know it.”

Relevant and fun!…


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Intricate Hobo Nickel Sculptures

Combining his skill as a master goldsmith and his love for drawing, artist John Schipp has made a creative set of coins under the title Grandma Schipp's Family Album. They're an ongoing collection of fictional characters all created on actual coins.

The Hobo Nickel is a sculptural art form involving the creative modification of small-denomination… Continue

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Gorgeous Wooden Portraits

Within every human being lies strength, vulnerability, sexuality and love. Artist Mandy Tsung paints surreal portraits that embody these inherent qualities. On her website she shares that “Her work is about capturing the complexity of emotion, and is greatly inspired by editorial fashion photography as well as nature."

The Canada-native draws from her multicultural heritage which blends… Continue

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Butterflies Come Alive with Whole New Patterns

Using butterflies as a canvas? Well, that’s something you don’t see every day! French artist Sarah Garzoni used the beautiful insects for her recent project Mimesis. She painted directly on the butterfly wings using, what else, but an inkjet printer! Just like Ian Davie, who paints on… Continue

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Post-it Note Wars

What a fun way to declare war across office buildings! Post'it War is a new Tumblr by French agency Gustibus Coloribus that brings some of the most creative post-it note creations all together in one place. Want to see how bad it's getting in France? Take a look at this recent article in the… Continue

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Plastic Breakdancers by Kidrobot

Forget those little green army men, who wants some plastic breakdancers? Sure this series, called All City Breakers, was inspired by those hardworking soldiers but aren't they so much cooler? These flexible dancers celebrate the best of dance style by showing us actual breakdancing moves from Power to Flex. They come in four neon colors: pink, green, orange and blue.…


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Gunpowder Portraits Pay Tribute to Ukrainian Miners

New York-based artist Cai Guo-Qiang brought his trademark gunpowder paintings to the industrial city of Donetsk, Ukraine. His solo show, titled 1040M Underground, is inspired by the artist's experience of the coal and salt mines of Ukraine's industrial Donbas region. During his visit,… Continue

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Made in Polaroid Exhibit

Ready for a Polaroid-inspired art show? Polaroid is honoring its founder Dr. Edwin Land’s passion for the arts with the launch of the Made in Polaroid exhibit. The show will feature more than 50 pieces created by a mix of artists, designers, photographers, actors and musicians who are united in their passion for creativity, all pieces will be auctioned with proceeds benefitting Free Arts NYC, a… Continue

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Returning Art to the Unclean

Last time we saw Brian M. Viveros, we were given a sneak peek inside his workspace. With the upcoming show, Returning Art to the Unclean, Viveros has expanded his signature style to create dark and delicious works of art. His subject matters remain the same; they are… Continue

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Revolutionary Art on Stacks of Paper

Talk about unique. Aleksandra Domanovic created an installation using three stacks of paper, each made up of 7,500 individual sheets. On each stack, there is a beautiful inkjet printing that covers a section of the pages. Each piece is so delicate and mesmerizing you can’t help but stare at the detail.…


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Fantastically Funny Illustrations

Trail Mix Tragedy

If your sense of humor leans more towards things that are silly and slightly disturbing, then check out these illustrations by Aaron Jay (or otherwise known as Randyotter). The 23-year-old illustrator has a knack for finding humor in the mundane, and for making us see a world filled with everyday objects that have surreptitiously come alive.… Continue

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Joyful New Bicycle Print

Thomas Yang just sent us word about his new limited edition print called Joy Ride. "This time, I've base it on a family theme," he tells us. "To represent family happiness in riding, I thought of a carousel, replacing bikes for horses." Whimsical and fun!…


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Lobster Shell Motorcycles

After cooking up a delicious lobster dinner, some might say it's wasteful to throw away the tail. After all, the crustacean's bright orange shell makes the perfect body for a motorcycle sculpture.

Taiwanese chef and food carving expert Huang Mingbo created these bizarre masterpieces while giving a lecture at a cooking seminar inside the Fuzhou Hotel in China. The magnificent detail of… Continue

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