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Sexy and Seductive Faces

Belgium-born artist Anja Van Herle is the person behind sexy and seductive paintings. Currently based in Los Angeles, the artist has the ability to bring her European sense of high fashion together with an American sense of wonder to create beautiful works that explore issues like identity, emotion and human relationships.

"My work is an attempt to capture the complexity of emotions that… Continue

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Ping Pong Balls Dance Choreography

Choreographer Jonah Bokaer and Snarkitecture combine talents to create Why Patterns, a dance inspired from the musical composition by Morton Feldman of the same name. It starts off with a black stage and a singular ping-pong ball. Soon it transforms into a… Continue

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New Works Inside Audrey Kawasaki's Studio

My Modern Met favorite Audrey Kawasaki is back with array of beautiful new work. This weekend, she will be exhibiting her new pieces at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles. Talented artists… Continue

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The Disconnect Between Humans and Nature

In a world driven by modern technology, how disconnected has our society become from nature? German-born director Hanna Maria Heidrich believes the answer is way too much. In this beautifully filmed short entitled "We Miss You," Heidrich gives us a powerful and poignant reminder of where we all came from, suggesting that we get back in touch with our roots. The… Continue

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Here's Where I Live...Lived

You know that print or piece of art you wish you had bought? Well, for me, this is one of them. Kevin Tong created two posters for the Crazy for Cult 5 show at 1988 Gallery in Los Angeles, both of which have sold out. One was inspired by the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the other for Being… Continue

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Astounding Anatomical Sculptures

These bizarre sculptures could only be the work of Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre. His talent resides in his ability to carve human or animal body parts like the skeleton of the human head, the spine or teeth directly into common wooden objects.

According to his website, his sculptures explore the “unexpected potential of the everyday and its associated structures of authority, class and… Continue

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Modern Japanese Woodblock Paintings

30-year-old Japanese artist Mao Nakada is known for his modern twist on traditional Japanese woodblock printing.

The traditional technique starts when the artist draws on a washi, a thin paper used to transfer the material, which is then glued onto a plank. Using a small instrument, the washi is then pressed against the paper, which transfers the image. Nakada…

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Artist Creates Tools Forged with Coins

Most people use coins to purchase tools at the hardware store. Not Stacey Webber. The Indiana-based artist forges coins to create sculptures that resemble everyday tools. The visually stunning results speak for themselves.

After seeing her works, I knew I had to get in touch with Stacey to ask her what inspired her to create these pieces and to find out how she goes about making them.… Continue

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Suspended Wildlife at National Museum of Scotland

Tomorrow, July 29, the redesigned National Museum of Scotland will open and with it, at least 8,000 objects of which 80% will go on display for the first time in generations. Visitors will be able to experience 16 new galleries as they take in everything from a life-sized skeleton cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex to specimens collected by Charles Darwin.

Dr Gordon Rintoul, National… Continue

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Alcohol Milk Cartons

Now here’s something I thought I’d never see: alcohol served in milk cartons! Artist Jorn made beverage cartons for popular alcohol brands, like Absolut Vodka and Jack Daniel's, and the result is quite funny. With the name Ecohols, this series shows us that packaging is quite important. Though the point is to bring to light the importance of brands, I can't help but think of an alternate… Continue

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The Happy Pear Project


Next time you need a little pick me up, may we suggest you look to Yeoh Gh's illustrations of a one, Mr. Pear? Started about a year ago as one of many fruit character illustration for one of his clients, Gh ended up loving his pear character so much that he carries it on to this day as a personal project.

"I want to bring joy and happiness to people in this… Continue

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Minimalist Fairy Tale Posters

We'll always have a soft spot for minimalist movie posters. (See here, here and here.) But…


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Ferocious Tire Sculptures of Wild Animals


Korean sculptor Yong Ho Ji has mastered a medium most artists wouldn't even dare think about The exquisite level of anatomical detail he can achieve by gluing and screwing all types of tires onto his resin-cast skeletons is, in and of itself, a true feat of engineering. Every muscle and facial expression you see on these animals was… Continue

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Saul Bass Meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Many of today's artists and designers have and will always be inspired by the one and only Saul Bass, an American graphic designer and filmmaker who was best known for designing innovative title sequences and posters for movies like North by Northwest, Vertigo, and Psycho.

Nathan Boyd is one of Bass' admirers. "Saul Bass just blows my mind!," he tells us.… Continue

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Living in Another Dimension

MossGallery in Melbourne, Australia launched the exhibition Photocrash on July 22 which features the work of up-and-coming artist and Australia native Marco Eychenne. His pieces are rich in color and full of power, capturing your gaze with its imaginative and inspiring mix of realism and surrealism. Several layers are at play, each one… Continue

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Stop Motion Video Featuring 350,000 Post-it Notes

The Melissa Gallery (Galeria Melissa) in São Paulo, Brazil gives love notes a new twist! Casa Darwin created a stop motion video promotion for their shoe collection Melissa Power of Love, which uses more than 350,000 post-it notes. (On top of 30,000 of them were love letters written by spectators.) The images were created by 25… Continue

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Cirque du Soleil Art

Travis Louie

Contemporary pop artist Ron English joins Travis Louie and… Continue

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Oil Paintings that Resemble Woven Yarn

What do you think you're looking at? Crochet art? Not quite. Toronto-based artist Caroline Larsen creates oil paintings that perfectly resemble woven yarn! I could not believe my eyes because, at first glance, her paintings tricked my eyes into believing I was looking at something entirely different!

Larsen's work explores the perception of space, paint and surface texture,… Continue

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Beautiful Face Created Through Destruction

Portuguese-born street artist Vhils recently arrived in Los Angeles and literally hammered (and drilled) out another stunning piece. The new work coincides with the upcoming "European Bailout Show,” which is set to take place at the Post No Bills gallery on Thursday, July 28. No matter how… Continue

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Charlotte by Audrey Kawasaki

My Modern Met favorite Audrey Kawasaki was signing her newest piece Charlotte when Arrested Motion stopped by her workplace. Charlotte was originally showcased at the Suggestivism show back in February 2011. Just like some of… Continue

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