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Zoofari LEGO Exhibit

What could be better than LEGO animals? Sign me up for this adventure! The Bronx Zoo brought out the famous toys for their "Great Summer Zoofari: A LEGO Wildlife Expedition" on display through September 2011. LEGO Master Builders built these life-like animals to appear right at home in their respective environments.

It took about a month to construct all the animals at LEGO's U.S.… Continue

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Pencil Shaving Portraits

It's always fun to see artists thinking outside-the-box, creating artwork using unconventional mediums. UK-based Kyle Bean made these awesome portraits out of, what else, but pencil shavings. Time to take out that #2!

Kyle Bean's… Continue

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Fine Art Wax Sculptures

Beautiful sculptures made out of what? Wax! Artist Urs Fischer’s installment of wax figures will be at the Arsenale Complex for this year’s Venice Art Biennale. His work includes a melting man standing and gazing upon a statue: Giovanni Bologna’s 16th Century “The Rape of the Sabine Women.” Throughout the duration of the show, the wax figures slowly fall apart...limb by limb.…


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Giant Squid Canal Boat

Wait. Is that a giant squid? This time, UK street artist and comic extraordinaire Phlegm leaves his mark not on city walls, but on a canal boat! His work is, quite literally, going places. The boat is still in operation and floats around England, showcasing Phlegm’s nicely illustrated giant squid. Whimsical and… Continue

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Disney Princesses in Historically Accurate Costumes


Inspired by her childhood memories of Disneyland and a practical knowledge of period costuming, artist Claire Hummel created a series of illustrations featuring historically accurate versions of Disney’s princess costumes.

Hummel was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and is currently working… Continue

Added by Kevin Chung on July 17, 2011 at 9:29am — 2 Comments

Creative Solutions Come from New Connections

At 23-years-old, Sam Wolfe Connelly doesn't just have an incredible amount of talent, he seems wise beyond his years. The Alexandria, Virginia-born illustrator made this for 1200 Posters. On the 12th of every month for a year, 1200 Posters releases a new limited-edition art print based on a line from Margaret Wheatley’s book… Continue

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Gorgeous Illustrations of the Female Form

Argentina native and freelance illustrator Diego Fernandez really knows how to create some gorgeous women. It's easy to focus on his work because he offers no distractions. It's all about women in strong, as well as, beautifully vulnerable states.…


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Surreal Childhood Fantasies

Germany-native Jeannette Woitzik is an artist with a fantastic imagination. Her artwork is filled with sweet and blissful scenes. As the artist states, "Most of my images contain a surrealistic atmosphere and sometimes this serves to express my feelings." She has a talent for taking away our harsh realities, replacing them with soft and lovely dreams.…


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Horses Enter Another Dimension

What defines great advertising? How about when it jumps out at you, capturing your attention, making you stop and stare. Agency FOAM recently worked with a new band Dry the River to help them promote their next single “No Rest.” FOAM’s intern… Continue

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Icy Cold Paintings

The Culver City, California location of LeBasse Projects will soon be home to an exciting new exhibition. On July 16th, Andrew Hem will present Cold Water, a collection that will be filled with some of his most impressive paintings to date!


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Magical Digital Art

DeviantArt member Susan Justice is a digital artist who is able bring to life fairies, mermaids, dragons, elves and everything in between. She certainly has that magical touch. This self-taught artist uses Photoshop CS, Poser, Photographs, custom brushes, and her Wacom Tablet to create these fantasy scenes which are a combination of digital painting, photographs and 3D.

Her advice to aspiring… Continue

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Unraveling Wire Sculptures

The best part about art? It will never cease to amaze us! These unraveling wire sculptures are the work of artist Tomohiro Inaba. What makes them so cool is that they come off as three-dimensional manifestation of a mad illustrator. Each piece begins as a normal sculpture but, as it ascends, it all falls apart. …


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Cut-Away Leaf Art

Doesn't that first image look like an oil painting? Artists are becoming more and more inventive with their choice of canvas. Lorenzo Duran's picks the perfect leaf and then washes, dries, molds and gently cuts away at it until he makes beautiful art. It's an interesting technique based on paper-cutting in China, Japan, Germany and Switzerland.



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Magical Scenes Made on the Ground

The Wizards

Forget everything you ever knew about creative kids photography (except for anything by Jason Lee) and then take a look at this. Jan von Holleben, the talented photographer who made a name for himself with… Continue

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Hilarious Celebrity Finger Puppets

Will and Kate

What could be cuter or funnier than this? Melanie Howard should be called a finger puppet master. She creates hilarious finger puppets of, who else, but our favorite celebrities! “Pop culture, in general, can feel like a puppet show,” she shares. “Working in puppets also brings a certain amount of giggles, which are always… Continue

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Shagadelic Artwork

Looking to experience some culture on your day off? Look no further than this art show. Well-known artist Shag, or Josh Agle, has a new exhibition at the Grand Central Arts Center in Santa Ana,…

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Tiny World in a Bottle

Good things really do come in small packages! While most of us spend our free time watching tv or lounging around on the couch, Japan native and architect Akinobu is busy; hard at work in creating an alternate universe. His art? Tiny worlds in a bottle. Look through the glass to see everything from dinosaur and tropical islands to couples kissing in the park! …


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Artists Pay Tribute to Harry Potter

Harry Potter by Michelle Romo

What better way to pay tribute to J.K. Rowling's epic fantasy series than by throwing an art show? Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition opened just two days ago at Gallery Nucleus. (That's the same gallery that put on the…

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Magnificent Large Scale Sand Artworks

Drawing on sand is always a challenge because it’s a race against time. When the waves come in, there's no stopping them. That's why the creator of these gargantuan sand drawings definitely had his work cut out for him! Jamie Wardley left his eye-catching artwork at beaches all over the north of England and Scotland. “Time is a big challenge when you’re working on a beach,” said the 32 year-old… Continue

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Searching for the Path to Enlightenment

There's so much depth to Nick Pedersen's digital artworks; not only are they aesthetically stunning, there's also extremely captivating, like individuals stories being told in every single scene.

I reached out to Nick to see if he would explain the plot behind the series, entitled Sumeru. Nick kindly obliged. You can catch the entire interview, below.…


Added by Eugene on July 8, 2011 at 3:00pm — 5 Comments

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