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Banksy Art Supports #WithSyria Awareness Campaign

#WithSyria is an awareness campaign that marks the third anniversary of the ongoing civil war in Syria, which began on March 15, 2011. In over 30 countries around the world, vigils were held to mark the anniversary of the conflict and as a means of solidarity.

To support the cause, street artist…


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Infinite Light Designs Fill Interiors of Small NYC Water Towers

Chile-born, Brooklyn-based artist Iván Navarro recently introduced his project, entitledThis Land Is Your Land after the Woody Guthrie song, in which three unexpectedly small water towers sit along the sidewalks of NYC's Madison Square Park. Anyone passing by is free to walk around and investigate the…


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Artist Forms Clever Illustrations Out of Ground Coffee

According to artist Liv Buranday, aka @livscreams, coffee is for much more than just drinking! As the Philippines-based nursing student watched her father one morning, she was inspired by his love for coffee and she began experimenting with the grounds as a medium for her artwork. She says, "I’ve always known him to…


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Iconic Artists' Styles Portrayed as Architectural Structures

If you were a building, what type of building would you be? This is the question that Barcelona-based illustrator and architect Federico Babina used as inspiration to create this captivating work, entitled Archist. The series of creative architectural structures explores what many famous artists might look like in the form of a modern architectural design.

Babina draws…


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Imaginative Scenes Emerge from Monochromatic Illustrations

Italian artist EmilianoP is the skilled hand behind these beautifully dark and mysterious illustrations. Currently based in New Zealand, the artist creates figures that seem to emerge from quick ink strokes across a page, but the concepts are actually quite purposeful. He begins each piece by vividly imagining the scene in his mind. He then puts pencil to paper, layering graphite…


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Hand-Cut Organic Paper Forms Filled with Vibrant Energy

Multi-disciplinary artist Crystal Wagner's new show, Synesthesia, is filled with a vibrant array of colorfully unique shapes, details, and textures. Her collection of hand-cut paper sculptures are a combination of screen printing, cut paper, and various dollar store items set…


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Surreal Digital Art Portrays a Future Filled with Robotic People

Apparently, in Italian artist Francesco Romoli's mind, the future is filled with all kinds of strange creatures that are part human, part machine. Postcards from the Future is a playful series in which Romoli has transformed classic portraits from the early 19th century into unexpected figures and forms. The combination of old-fashioned garb and futuristic machines is…


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Artist Paints Hyperrealistic Exteriors to Camouflage Food

Japanese artist Hikaru Cho likes to play with perception in this series, entitled It's Not What It Seems. She playfully redefines how an object is perceived by painting the exterior to appear like something other than itself.

Using acrylic paints, Cho skillfully changes the outer layer of a banana into a cucumber, an egg into an eggplant, and a tomato into an orange. She…


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Gorgeous Chandelier Designed with Silkscreen Pigeon Feathers

Fine artist Lauren Charlton redefines everyday objects through interpretation and manipulation. During her 3rd year at the Manchester School of Art, the artist focused much of her attention on the theme of "connecting the human life to that of birds (homing pigeons)."

This stunning piece, entitled Flutter, was developed for her degree show project. The intricate design is composed…


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Amazing Solo Exhibitions by Artists Andrew Hem and Mel Kadel

Artists Andrew Hem and Mel Kadel both recently developed solo exhibitions that will be showing throughout March at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles, California. Andrew Hem's work, Dream but Don't Sleep, is a collection of new pieces that feature bold colors…


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A Powerful Exploration of Emotions through Surreal Photos

Fine art photographer Tina Schultz's portrait work is a powerful exploration of emotions conveyed through expressive compositions. In each piece, nothing is exactly what it seems as she digitally blends elements from multiple photographs into compelling stories filled with mystery, enchantment,…


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Delicate Seeds Arranged Into Undulating Organic Sculptures

Seedscapes is a series of meticulously arranged organic sculptures by England-born artist Gowri Savoor. To create each natural formation, Savoor attaches a variety of plant and fruit seeds—including apple, pumpkin, and sunflower—to the ends of long stem wire and arranges them in undulating curves on a solid base.

Natural patterns emerge from the very purposeful…


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Adorable Cupcakes Look Just Like Real Cactus Plants

You never have to worry about watering these cute little potted plants! The creative food art designs are actually edible cupcakes made with such impressive…


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Amazing Animal Sculptures Created with Welded Flatware

Artist Gary Hovey uses his forks, knives, and spoons much differently than the rest of us. The Ohio-based artist builds intricate sculptures by cutting, welding, and shaping the stainless steel materials together into animal forms.

Upon first glance, the many wildlife figures, like birds, fish, and bears, have realistic shapes. It is only upon closer inspection that the…


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Beautiful Bird Drawings by Brazilian Street Artist L7m

Brazilian street artist Luis Seven Martins, aka L7m, continues to produce amazing illustrations that blur the lines between abstraction and nature. Rather than taking to the streets, this time L7m turned his spray paint and acrylics to a number of canvases. His expressive collection features stunning…


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Charming Animal Illustrations Paired with Clever Phrases

London-based artist Mister Peebles creates adorable drawings where animals, sometimes wearing human clothing, exude playful personalities. He begins with a pencil drawing and then fills in the form with colorful watercolor pencils and ink until the final creature has emerged on the page.

He uses a neutral color palette to develop all kinds of animals from…


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Complex Illustrations Formed with Tangles of Colorful Wires

Greece-based artist Charis Tsevis is fascinated with the wired world we live in. No matter how wireless technology continues to develop, we still find ourselves dependent upon outlets for data transfer and power, and, if we look around, it's standard to be surrounded by a handful of…


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Adorable 4-Year-Old Girl Creates Fashionable Paper Dresses

The world's next big designer may just be this four-year-old girl whose love for fashion goes way beyond the average kid. The young girl, lovingly called Mayhem by mom Angie (@2sisters_angie), was not satisfied with playing dress-up in store-bought princess dresses or in her mom's clothes. She began wrapping…


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Colorful Silhouette Collages Reveal Layers of Reality

Disappear is a collage project by French artist Slip, where forms, colors, and landscapes intersect in visually exciting combinations. In the series, the artist introduces new realities where mundane black and white backgrounds are interrupted by beautifully intriguing silhouette figures.

By layering different elements together, Slip creatively explores techniques that break the standard…


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Unbelievable Stacks of Balanced Stones Seem to Defy Gravity

Artist Michael Grab of Gravity Glue is incredibly skilled at achieving beautiful harmony in the most surprising rock formations. His delicately assembled stacks, entitled Balancing Rocks, seem to defy gravity. However, he says that gravity is the only "glue" that holds his structures together.

The creative stone…


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