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22-Year-Old's Incredibly Artistic Self-Portraits


Though Budapest, Hungary-based photographer Noell S. Oszvald currently has only 22 total photos on her Flickr page, they're all so incredibly powerful, you could spend hours looking at each one. The 22-year-old started taking photos a little over a year ago, though you wouldn't know that she was so new to photography by looking at her stunning…


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Photorealistic Flesh Drawings by Cath Riley (11 pics)

After being completely blown away by the amount of time and detail that goes into creating Paul Lung's amazing pencil art, I went looking for others that could match his artistry. I immediately found Cath Riley, an artist who's drawings of skin is like nothing I've ever seen. The…


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Artistic Wedding Photography (15 photos)

One of the greatest trends to come about in these modern times is artistic wedding photography. Rather than flip through countless photos of stiff people with fake smiles, couples are choosing to change it up. Whether they're utilizing personalized props or are posing in front of meaningful backgrounds, couples are giving us a rare glimpse into their lives. These…


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12 Gorgeous Modern Wedding Details

Japanese Umbrella

Easily one of the happiest days of my life was my wedding day. Sam and I were lucky enough to work with the best wedding planner ever, Jeannie Savage from Details Details. Not only did Jeannie understand our design taste, she introduced us to Sunny Ravanbach of… Continue

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China's National Day in Timelapse (Incredible!)

Since most of us only got to see pictures of China's elaborate parade (thanks, Boston Globe!), here's a very cool timelapse video from Dan Chung that will make us feel like we were right in Tiananmen Square. Dan Chung worked his magic for us, giving us a beautiful, amazing and artistic look at this incredible event.

Slow motion shot on a 7D at… Continue

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22 of the Coolest Sculptures You'll Ever See

Today, we've compiled an extensive list of 22 modern day sculptures that are as cool as they are freaky. These three-dimensional pieces of art are mind-blowing not just because of the materials that have been used but because they leave an indelible mark on our memory. From the hyper-realistic sculptures from Ron Mueck and Duane Hanson to the magically moving…


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10 Awesome Experiences, Inspired By Rainbows

If art is to be experienced, nothing could bring me more joy than seeing art installations that are inspired by rainbows. Using a whole spectrum of colors, these artistic expressions prove that we don't have to wait for Mother Nature to create just the right conditions. Instead, we can create rainbows ourselves. Whether that's through the colorful smoke of the Red Arrows… Continue

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A Lost Generation - A Surprise Twist

Simple, clever, to-the-point. Gotta love creative videos like this.

"Using only narration and text, this inspiring video uses a clever trick to make its point about being alive in this… Continue

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Artistic Underwater Photos - Sarah Lee (8 Photos)

Photographer Sarah Lee is one of those young women who's creativity started peaking at an early age. Currently 18, she's attending Chapman University in Orange, California as a freshman. In this set of photos, she creates an underwater world that's spectacularly colorful and frighteningly bleak. Her way of stirring an emotion in us speaks volumes about her work and has us believing that no…


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SUPERSCHOOL: Amy Sol and Other New Contemporary Masters

The Gossamer Tide

This weekend, if you're around Santa Monica, stop by the Copro Nason Gallery at the Bergamont Station to see this new work by Amy Sol along with some fresh art by our favorites; Gary Baseman… Continue

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