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A brand new venture is in the works that I'm excited to be a part of - it's called At launch, 50 tastemakers will be debuting their own curated shop, working with the makers of the world in selling their products. That's where you come in. If you're a maker - an artist, a photographer, or a…


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Champagne Ruinart's Cutting-Edge Collaboration with Artist Georgia Russell

Ruinart, the world's oldest champagne house that's been producing champagne since 1729, has collaborated with artist Georgia Russell to create two cutting-edge, contemporary works, a gorgeous white ornament wrap and a grandiose sculpture made of cut paper. The…


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6 Groundbreaking Artists Who Look at the World from a Unique Perspective

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As we've seen in photography, it takes a good…


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7 Magical Examples of Artists Creating Illusions

Since the beginning of time, artists have been using illusions to make us believe we’re looking at one thing when we’re actually looking at something completely different. In these modern times, we’ve seen illusions pop up in everything from street art to sculptures, and with the rise of the Internet, we’ve witnessed stunning illusions all around the world. Today, we’ve brought…


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6 Talented Artists Creating Magnificent Miniature Worlds

Throughout the years, we've seen tons of artists who create whimsical adventures in a miniature-sized world. Using everyday materials as well as toy props, these artists transport us into another world, sometimes even making us questions what is real and what is fake. Today, we've rounded up six of the most talented artists who are equally skilled at setting up…


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10 Cutting-Edge Artists of the 21st Century

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7 Most Useful Tools for Modern Artists and Photographers

In these modern times, creative professionals have at their disposable a near endless amount of tools. From the gear they create on, such as a laptop or a camera, to the social networking sites they share on, it’s now more important than ever to cut through all the clamor and find out which tools you really need. For today’s post, we went straight to four reliable…


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Gorgeous New Oil and Gold Leaf Painting by Brad Kunkle

New York City-based Brad Kunkle, the artist who deftly combines oil and actual gold leaves into his paintings, recently showed two new works at the Los Angeles Art Show. One of them, called Over the Ocean, will simply take your breath away. Made of oil and gold leaf on linen, it features a beautiful woman being magically lifted into the…


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Top 10 Breakthrough Artists in 2012

Exactly a year ago today, we went through our archives and pulled out our Top 10 Breakthrough Artists in 2011. From Paige Bradley and her magnificently cracked sculpture to Brian Dettmer and his masterfully carved books, these artists blew us away not just with…


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Stunning 3D Popsicle Stick Portrait and Anamorphic Heart

Artist Michael Murphy, who's best known for his incredible multi-layered sculptures - has created a very cool portrait of American artist Chuck Close with a…


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Top 10 Breakthrough Artists in 2011

The dictionary defines a breakthrough as any significant or sudden advance, development, achievement, or increase. (Yes, that sounds about right.) In listing this year's top breakthrough artists of the year, we not thought about their incredibly creative artistic achievements, we turned to our reports to see which posts all of you loved or appreciated the most. From…


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Top 10 Sites to Find New and Exciting Artists

Where do you go to find artists you connect with? We've rounded up 10 sites that do a spectacular job at featuring some of the most exciting artists today. This time we've even included ourselves in the bunch! Find that list over at Intel's… Continue

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Jessica Joslin: Sculpture

Born in 1971 in Boston, MA, Jessica Joslin grew up collecting flies off the windowsill to look at under her microscope. Ever since, she has been enchanted with collecting a magpie’s array of remnants from the natural world. The collection gradually grew to include obsolete bits of antique mechanical mechanisms, hardware and other oddball artifacts. In 1992, she began building the first beasts of this menagerie, using objects sent in a care… Continue

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Stacey Rozich - Illustration

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Stacey Rozich studied Illustration at California College of Arts in San Francisco. Her work varies from bold folk art in watercolor and gouache, to simple pen and ink line drawings that is pattern and textile inspired. Featured in her work are tribal animal masks, witch doctors, optical designs and delicately brushed beasts. To see more visit my blog -… Continue

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Catching Some Waves

One of our very favorite artists, James Jean, has just released this beautiful art print called Waves II. Quite lovely, isn't it?

Via… Continue

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10 Outstandingly Clever Artists

Though we feature a lot of artists here on theMET, there are only a few who we believe are unbelievably clever and witty. From Terry Border, who makes everyday objects come alive, to Vincent Bousserez, who photographs the secret lives of little people, these artists create worlds we never knew existed. Through thought-provoking scenes and pop-culture references, these… Continue

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From Political to Pop, Cache's Chickens Rock! (15 total)

Flava Flave!

Can chickens be cute and still carry a political message? Check out the work of Cache and you might think so. Street artist Cache painted his first chicken in 2003, near downtown LA. "The chicken thing started as a joke," he says, "but once I started reading and exploring the socioeconomic spiral, I figured there's a way to open people's minds. Carlos Castaneda wrote…


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Win a Chance to Showcase Your Art in Times Square, NYC

Our friends over at Babelgum Metropolis just told us about a cool contest they're putting on. They're looking for the globe’s best and edgiest artists for the world’s biggest art show. Winners will have their work shown on giant advertising screens in Times Square and will win cash prizes.

The grand prize winner will receive $20,000, a dedicated artist… Continue

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10 Photographers With the Craziest Sets and Costumes

Photo by Simon Procter

Step into the world of one of these photographers and you may never want to return (well, everyone but Ruvan Afanador and Eugenio Recuenco). What each of these photographers possess is a talent so deep that they can whip together a whimsical wonderland most of us could never imagine. Bordering on theatrical, these photos have everything from… Continue

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Said Why Eggs? - 26 Alphabets by 26 Artists

Said Why Eggs? Alphabet

These pieces were part of an exhibition titled Said Why Eggs? at the East End Arts Club in London. It showcases 26 alphabets by 26 different artists. Check out the prints here.


Said Why Eggs? Alphabet

Said Why Eggs? Alphabet

Said Why Eggs? Alphabet

Said Why Eggs? Alphabet


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