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Radiation Physicist Beautifully Colorizes X-Ray Images of Nature

Hanging Begonia, Chameleon

In late October, at the TEDx event in Groningen, Netherlands, one man stood on the stage and gave a fascinating talk about how his life's work had taken him on a journey to becoming an artist. Arie van't Riet studied radiation physics at Delft University of Technology and obtained his PhD from Utrecht University. As a registered…


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Plastic Fantastic Fashion Wonderland

Did you ever think that you could make a fashion statement by adorning yourself with water bottles? New York-based photographer Tomaas proves that you can! His series of beauty shots entitled "Plastic Fantastic" feature an assortment of everyday plastics, like forks and straws, as fashion gear. He takes recycling to a whole other level!

We got in contact with Tomaas and he was… Continue

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Schoolgirl Photo Diaries

Michal Pudelka has a way of capturing beauty in the simplest of situations. The 21-year-old Czech Republic photographer creates another world for these girls, and we are fortunate enough to receive a glimpse into their lives. The softness and innocence really capture the eye. And there is that certain something that leaves you wanting more.…


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Weapon of Beauty: Dior 001

Lipgloss Component

Amsterdam-based atelier Ted Noten designed a weapon of beauty titled Dior 001. The gun is part of a larger new series entitled 7 Necessities for a Woman to Feel Like a Woman Through the Eyes of a Man.

Dior 001 discreetly hides lip-gloss, pills, an antique hairpin, a USB stick with "secret information,"… Continue

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Beauty and the Beach

With summer almost upon us, many of us are longing for the days where we can feel the warm sand between our toes and hear the peaceful lapping of the beach's waves. Lucky for us, London-born photographer Chris Craymer takes photos that make us feel as if summer is already here. Here, he photographs various fresh-faced models and actress Liv Tyler having fun at the beach. His attention to true emotion,… Continue

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Masquerade Fashion Show (9 photos)

This series by Primo Tacca Neto entitled Beauty is exactly that. Each photo features an extravagantly dressed woman who looks more like a mysterious doll than a human being. With extravagant makeup, hair and costumes, the Brazilian photographer makes us feel like we have front row seats at a masquerade fashion show...…


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As If By Magic: Shu Uemura x Aya Takano

Collaborating with Japanese artist Aya Takano, Shu Uemura has launched a magical makeup collection.

With names like "reindeer kiss xxxx" and "magical windfalls", and "dream coaster," the limited edition line of eyeshadow palettes, lip balm, and false eyelashes… Continue

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30 Interesting Male & Female Logos - The Battle of Genders

A logo design should always be shaped keeping the purpose in mind. An effective logo design is one that can portray the essence of the business in a graphically creative manner. While many businesses are associated with many consumer goods like cosmetics, sports and garments, but there has always been segregation between male and female products.…


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Seducing Beauty - Chris Nicholls (12 pics)

Canadian based photographer Chris Nicholls has a job most men would envy. As a fashion and celebrity photographer he not only shoots stars like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Molly Sims, he captures beautiful women in everything from ballgowns and wedding dresses to sexy lingerie. Yet no matter how sweet or sexy his subjects may be, there is a common theme that runs…


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Finding Beauty in the Gray - Max Ash (10 pics)


In this photo set, titled Echoes, Photographer Mike Ash, from Latvia, shows us that life isn't always experienced in black and white. In fact, life's most important decisions are made in times when things are gray. It's in these times that we reflect on our life and decide on what's important. Ultimately, we try and remember that there is beauty in the…


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Beautiful Long Exposure Photography - Patrick Smith

Point Lobos - Pinnacle Rock (0.8-second exposure)

While high-dynamic-range (HDR) photographs are generally achieved using software such as Photoshop or Photomatix, long exposure photography is more of a waiting game. It's a technique that advanced photographers use to capture light and movement. Patiently they wait, slowing down the shutter speed, trying to capture just the right…


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The Sexiest Photospread You'll See Today (8 pics)

Could a magazine photospread be sexier than this? Victoria Secret model Ana Beatriz Barros poses in ‘Wanderlust‘ for GQ UK's, August 09 issue. Photographed by Gavin Bond, Ana Beatriz Barros makes black lace in the desert seem acceptable!

This Brazilian babe is known for her work with Guess?, Bebe, Victoria's Secret, Chanel cosmetics, and Jennifer Lopez's…


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Harper’s Bazaar Sept '09: Eight Supermodels Go Au Naturel

In Harper’s Bazaar's September 2009 issue, they asked eight of our all-time favorite supermodels to go au naturel. Take away the makeup and retouching and let us see how our supermodels have aged. These group of women, who are all well into their 30s and 40s now, show us that beauty isn't about age, it's about attitude.

Helena Christensen, Shalom Harlow,…


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The Strikingly Sexy Shana Zadrick

Shana Zadrick is an American model who could easily pass off as Cindy Crawford. As a model for Guess? in the 90's, this half German and English was often seen striking a sultry pose for their campaign. In 1991, Shana had just been modeling for only four months before she was scooped up by Paul Marciano, president and creative director of GUESS?, Inc.…


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Gil Elvgren - The Classic American Pin Up Girl

Though most of the time we're featuring new digital or urban art to showcase on theMET, every so often it's nice to remember an older artist who's work is still looked upon as some of the most influential of all time.

It's often stated that Gil Elvgren was and continues to be the best pin-up artist the world has ever known. From the mid 1930's through 1972, Elvgren produced over five hundred paintings of beautiful girls and women…


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Waking Beauty - Darren Keith (10 pics)

Here's a simple photo set that I hope brightens your day. Hop on over to his site if you want to hear some nice, instrumental music.…


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The Body as Art: Miranda Kerr (7 pics)

Absolutely gorgeous photos have surfaced of Miranda Kerr nude. We've always felt that the body is the highest form of art and nowhere is this more apparent than in this photo set. She's absolutely stunning.…


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Vogue Shows Us Modern Day Romance - Agyness and Albert (5 pics)

Every so often, I've decided that I'm going to feature an old magazine spread that should be brought back to life. Magazines like Vogue, Elle, W or Vanity Fair painstakingly select the perfect clothes, photographer and setting for each shot, why not celebrate that achievement and give those gorgeous photo spreads some legs?

This one is from Vogue's February 09… Continue

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Chris Craymer's Romance: A Beautiful Look Book On Love

London born photographer Chis Craymer recently launched his new book, Romance. Craymer wanted the book to be "essentially emotional rather than intellectual or fashion led." As he states, "Romance for me was the perfect vehicle to make pictures which can covey a number of emotions...I wanted to try to make pictures which could be for example sexy, funny, joyful and also powerful and even… Continue

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Olivia Wilde is Smoking Hot in Maxim Magazine, July 2009 (4 Photos)

Move over Megan Fox! Time to share the spotlight. Though FHM so wisely chose Megan Fox as Sexiest Woman in the World for 2009, Maxim went the good girl gone bad route, crowning Olivia Wilde as their #1 pick for their 2009 Hot 100 List. Most know Olivia Wilde…


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