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Reality Show in Bird Feeder Cafe Live Streams in Norway

Move over Kardashians, because there’s a new reality show on air that’s finally worth watching. Piipshow is delightful live stream of a bird feeder in Norway that’s modeled to look like a trendy coffee shop. This miniature cafe is outfitted with adorable, tiny bar stools and serves up nuts and seeds instead of overpriced lattes. The rotating avian clientele includes vibrant personalities like a…


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Beautiful Street Art Illusion in Brooklyn by Aakash and Know Hope

New York-based Aakash Nihalani, whose known for his stellar tape art, recently teamed up with fellow street artist Know Hope in creating this beautiful illusion. On a bright blue wall near Aakash's studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the two made it look…


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Incredible Timelapse Videos Illustrate Birds in Motion

Through amazing digital editing techniques, American artist and professor Dennis Hlynsky turns an average video of flying birds into a surreal experience of shapes forming overhead. The Rhode Island-based artist first films the movements of various animals that swim, crawl, and fly in spectacular formations. He then selectively stacks frames together to visually…


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Soaring Above the World from a Bird's Perspective

Proud Wanderer is a creative series by nature and animal photographer Howard Lau, aka HOWLD, that captures the exquisite motion of birds in mid-flight. In the series, Lau creates sensations that viewers are soaring high up in the sky alongside each bird. He provides us with a rare opportunity to see an…


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Funny Portraits of Birds with Luscious Heads of Hair

Coiffure le Bird is an interesting collaboration between photographer Rene Mesman and the creative postproduction specialists at Souverein Weesp that features a series of portraits of birds, each with its own luscious head of hair. Each feathery fowl—a trio consisting of an owl, a crow, and a falcon—boasts a voluminous mane, the kind meant for shampoo and…


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Incredibly Realistic 3D Papercraft Birds

Are these not some of the most realistic-looking birds you've ever laid eyes on? Netherlands-based artist Johan Scherft has mastered the art of papercraft. At the young age of 14, he discovered the art form by accident when he started making paper bird models which were hand-colored using only colored pencils. "It appealed to me because it combines so many different techniques…


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Amazing Paper Bird Sculptures Reveal Their Internal Anatomy

We've seen our fair share of paper bird…


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Incredible Photography by the Invisible Wildlife Photographer

They say the the most difficult subjects to photograph are children and animals. Perhaps it can be a bit of a struggle to wrangle kids and household pets down for a picture, but capturing a stunning moment of an animal in its natural habitat is in its own league of difficulty. Somehow, 27-year-old Hungarian photographer Bence Máté has mastered this time-consuming art of wildlife…


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4000 Ceramic Birds Snatched From a Museum

How much fun would it be to see thousands of birds scattered around one of your favorite museums? If you were at Victoria and Albert Museum for one particular day back in 2006, you could have experienced this yourself. Trophy was a temporary installation by artist Clare Twomey which was comprised of 4,000 blue clay birds. Perched all over the ground and…


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Creative Ad: Be Natural

This is a very clever commercial!

Robinson's are known for their Orange Barley Water drinks and their presence at Wimbledon as a refreshing drink for the Ball Boys/Girls, Umpires and even the Players.

This new commercial for their new Be Natural range is a fantastically clever piece of work. The idea behind it is to get people to provide birdhouses in their gardens in preperation for the arrival of birds… Continue

Added by James Lynch on February 26, 2010 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

Three Baby Birdies Need a Home

If you're looking to buy your lady (or man) a bunch of flowers why not put them into these beautifully simple bird vases from catherinereece? All of her pieces are high fired for durability, lead free, microwave, dishwasher and food safe. So instead of heading to the… Continue

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Modern Wall Decals: Baby Birds Will Light Up Your Life

I just love these two little chubby birdies! Removable sticker adhesives make it perfect for those that are commitment phobic. Birds came in a wide array of colors.

If they look familiar, you may be thinking of those funny little birds from the Pixar short. Makes me want to buy a bunch and line them up! Too… Continue

Added by alice on February 3, 2009 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment

Cute Baby Birdies With Personalities to Boot! (10 Pics)

Just about the cutest thing I've seen all day are these photos from Lauren Alane. Lauren lives in Winter Park, Florida with her photographer husband Joey. In her own unique way, she needle felts these birds, even sprinkling them with adorable personalities at the end! Each picture has its own sweet… Continue

Added by alice on January 26, 2009 at 4:30pm — 4 Comments

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